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Bournemouth 2003: Jerry: Darling..I'd really like to get to know you better; Geri: this
Sep 30 2003
By Fiona Cummins Ms Showbiz

YOU'RE dating one of the best-known women on the planet - but do you REALLY know her?

No problem for Geri Halliwell's latest flame, actor Jerry O'Connell - he's reading a copy of her autobiography to make sure he's up to speed with her exciting life. Now he can find out all about Geri's time with the Spice Girls, developing bulimia and losing her virginity to "an ex-public schoolboy with a toffy accent".

Jerry, star of the movie Kangaroo Jack, was spotted with the dog-eared copy of If Only as the couple left London to fly to Los Angeles. An onlooker said: "I couldn't believe it when I saw he was carrying her book. He doesn't need to read about her life, he could get a first-hand account. But they were both grinning from ear to ear so it obviously hasn't put him off."

Geri has published two autobiographies, the latest called Just For The Record.

Jerry, who has been dating 31-year-old Geri since they met on the set of Fat Slags a few weeks ago, clearly decided to start at the beginning. Maybe he's hoping he'll still be there at the end.

(Special thanks to Megan for the heads up on the People article)



It seems that the British press started to do their homework and have discovered Jerry's recent relationship with Giuliana DePandi. The last reported sighting of Jerry and Giuliana together was July 27th 2003 (see the star sighting at This short blurb appeared at

Wednesday September 24 2003 01:14 IST
Is Jerry two-timing Geri?


LONDON: Will Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell ever find true love? If reports are to be believed, then the former Spice Girl's latest squeeze, US actor Jerry O'Connell, is two- timing her.

Apparently Jerry, who is currently in the UK to begin work on a flick alongside Ginger, has a girlfriend back home - E! TV presenter Guiliana DePandi, who is said to be devastated by the burgeoning romance.

According to a report in PeopleNews, Geri and her new beau have been out on a string of dates.

"I don't know who this Guiliana woman is. She may have dated Mr O'Connell in June, but that's a long time ago," said her spokesman.

This report appeared in the Sunday Mirror:

Fury of his 'engaged' lover in US
Tuesday 23 September 2003

WHEN it comes to men, Geri Halliwell has always acted on impulse. The former Spice Girl, who has been notoriously unlucky in love, has been showing off her new man - American actor Jerry O'Connell - at every available opportunity.

But while the 29-year-old has been enjoying her hot new romance another woman - on the other side of the Atlantic - still believes she's set to marry him.

E! TV presenter Guiliana DePandi and her family are said to be devastated after learning of the new woman in O'Connell's life. A pal said: "Guliana is very upset. He was the man she was going to marry as far as she was concerned. "She even took him home to meet her folks. Her father Eduardo is very protective over his daughter. "He's fuming that Jerry is now parading another woman on his arm. Even if it is Geri Halliwell."

Guliana has not seen O'Connell since he jetted into London earlier this month to star alongside Ms Halliwell in the movie Fat Slags, based on the Viz magazine comic strip.

And the pair have been inseparable since. Pint-sized Geri couldn't keep her hands off her 6ft 3in giant when she took him out for a drunken night on the tiles after watching the Rat Pack play at London's Whitehall Theatre on Friday night.

They enjoyed a romantic dinner at Annabel's restaurant and then headed to a karaoke bar in Soho where Geri serenaded her man with Spice Girls songs.

After a few too many drinks, Ms Halliwell needed a helping hand from O'Connell to make it to the car in one piece.

Not good news for Guiliana. Her man, who appeared in Jerry Maguire and Scream 2 and has previously dated Sarah Michelle Gellar, has been been getting on so well with Geri that he was more than happy to be snapped introducing her to his folks at Knightsbridge's San Lorenzo restaurant earlier this week. A sign that things are definitely getting serious.

Geri's new healthy shape seems to have done wonders for her love life. She's had a nightmare track record in her quest to find Mr Right.

Geri's spokesman said: "I don't know who this Guiliana woman is. She may have dated Mr O'Connell in June, but that's a long time ago."

Another report appeared at


GERI Halliwell's latest squeeze is already ENGAGED, I can reveal.

The 31-year-old former Spice Girl was pictured last week walking hand in hand with her Fat Slags co-star JERRY O'CONNELL after a meal at romantic London restaurant San Lorenzo.

But I've got bad news for the flame-haired singer - 6,000 miles away in Los Angeles Jerry has got a fiancee who is furious over his cosy dinner date.

Hunky American actor Jerry, 29 has been dating TV presenter GUILIANA DEPANDI for a year and they got engaged three months ago.

And Guiliana's father EDUARDO has told me that Geri, 31, is playing with fire if she tries to muscle in on Jerry.

Speaking from his home in America, he said: "Jerry and my daughter are still together and they are engaged.

"They are supposed to be getting married, but men can do this sort of thing, it is their nature, it is what they do.

"Guiliana will be upset by this, but I don't need to worry about my girl.

"She is a strong woman and she won't stand for it."

Jerry - whose CV includes "starring" as the fat kid in Stand By Me and romping naked in soft porn flick Body Shots - has been filming with Geri for several months on the London set of Fat Slags, a movie version of the Viz comic strip.

Insiders have said they have become extremely close and have been spending more and more time together out of work. Geri has even been introduced to his parents when they visited London last week. Rumours of their relationship were fuelled by pictures of them tenderly holding hands as they left the restaurant.

They make an odd sight together - Geri is 5ft 2ins and Jerry towers above her at 6ft 3ins.

Jerry once dated Buffy star SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR, while Geri has been unlucky in love since she became famous seven years ago.

She has been single for the past year since she split with Demian Warner, who she met in a rehab clinic.

She has previously dated CHRIS EVANS and ROBBIE WILLIAMS but neither relationship lasted.

And neither will this one if Jerry's fiancee has anything to do with it.

This report appeared at

Thursday, 18 Sep 2003
Former Spice Girl singer Geri Halliwell's dreams of conquering Hollywood may be poised to come true - she's been snapped cozying up to movie hunk Jerry O'Connell . The popular actor - whose last film Kangaroo Jack topped the American box office earlier this year - left a glitzy London restaurant on Tuesday with a broad smile and an arm around Halliwell. The pair met on the set of upcoming film Fat Slags - O'Connell plays a rich bachelor while the Wannabe star has taken on the role of his assistant. And the romance is evidently in full swing - she's already met the actor's parents.

Finally, this report of Jerry and Geir's most recent date to see the play Rat Pack Confidential on Friday Sept 19th appeared in

Nice to see the pair of them out again
Sunday 21, 2003

By Lee Harpin

GERI Halliwell reveals a glorious, touching moment on a night out—and the new man in her life Jerry O'Connell is delighted to be there to see it.

This is the first time Geri has given her reborn cleavage an airing after covering up her boobs with a tight sweater.

She and actor Jerry, 29, who met earlier this month on the set of their new film The Fat Slags, are pictured after a visit to the stage play Rat Pack Confidential at London's Whitehall Theatre on Friday night.

A fan who spotted them said: "She was wearing this short black dress that looked tailor-made to show off just how well-proportioned she is these days."

Geri, 31, is reckoned to have returned to the voluptuous 32E figure she had at the height of her Spice Girls fame before plunging to a 32C during her eating disorders and super-slimming days.

Her fan added: "She looked extremely happy with her bloke.

" And good for her—she deserves all the luck in the world."



The following report on Geri Halliwell and Jerry O'Connell's date appeared in Mega Star. Surprisingly, this web site has been quoted. Unfortunately the quote was taken out of context. As regular readers of this web site know, Jerry has been dating and was reportedly engaged to E! News Live correspondent Giuliana DePandi. In early September Giuliana went on vacation to England - presumably to see Jerry. If Geri Halliwell has truly " found new love," Giuliana might have something to say about it.

Here's the article from Mega Star:

Geri 4 Jerry
Fri, Sep 19, 2003
Julie Goodhand

It's new norks, new man for pint-size yoga poppet Geri. She's ditched the diet, upped her cups and is, as they said in the 1920s, stepping out with a new beau. Tuneless Geri was spotted leaving swanky look-at-me restaurant San Lorenzo in Knightsbridge arm in arm with actor Jerry O'Connell. The pair met this month on the set of the Viz cartoon strip film Fat Slags. How romantic. Think we’re going to cry.

For those of you interested in Jerry's credentials, he's 6ft3" - more than a foot taller than the vertical-challenged Geri - and has appeared in films such as Jerry Maguire and Scream 2. No we don't remember him either.

It looks like we'll be seeing a bit more of giant-sized Jerry though. A source close to Geri's lauded bosom on the Fat Slags set said: “They got on well and decided to pursue their friendship with several dinners."

The PR plant, sorry, close friend then went on to deliver the usual 'it's early days' nonsense. "It is very early days but there is an obvious attraction there. Jerry introduced her to his parents, which is a sign that he intends to keep her in his life.”

Bit assumptive if you ask us. Maybe Jerry's dad just wanted Ginger to sign his copy of the SpiceWorld DVD.

Bitter jealous fans on the Jerry O'Connell website tend to agree: "Jerry is often known to befriend his co-stars, " they whimper. "So perhaps the infamous British press is reading more into this than is really there." The British press making stuff up? Never!

If Jerry is looking for long-term commitment, here's a few words of warning from the carrot-topped mouthy-one herself: “Relationships haven’t been one of my strong points and I appreciate that there’s an awful lot of baggage to take on board.”

And we suspect she isn't talking about her funbags.



Jerry and his "Flat Slags" co-star Geri Halliwell (Spice Girls) were spotted on a 'date' in Knightsbridge, West London. Jerry is often known to befriend his co-stars - so perhaps the infamous British press is reading more into this than is really there (After all, Jerry's girlfriend Giuliana DePandi returned from a vacation in England only a few short weeks ago. Could the relationship already be over?). Time will tell.

Here is the gossip from the Daily Record

GERI AND JERRY Sep 18 2003
Spice Girl seen with latest flame
By Fiona Cummins

GERI Halliwell has found new love -- with an actor named Jerry. The ex­Spice Girl has been spotted out on a date with her co­star in a new Brit flick. She even met US hunk Jerry O'Connell's parents at a swish London restaurant. Last night, an onlooker said: ``She was leaning into him very closely and holding his hand.
``They looked really comfortable in each other's company.''

Geri has had a string of relationships since leaping to fame in the girl power group. But none of them has had any staying power. The 31­year­old has been linked to Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, Robbie Williams and Chris Evans. She also had a failed relation­ ship with American millionaire Demian Warner. The singer has made no secret of the fact she is looking for Mr Right.

She met Scream 2 star Jerry, 29, on the set of Fat Slags, which is based on the Viz comic strip. Geri flew in from Los Angeles to film her cameo role as Paige, a pal of the girls. New Yorker Jerry -- who also starred in Kangaroo Jack -- plays her boss, Sean Cooley.

A film insider said yesterday: ``They are good friends and enjoy spending time together. They are both lovely, chatty people.''

Geri is busy recording her new album and is due to jet back to LA next week.

Child actor Jerry appeared in coming­of­age pic Stand By Me with the late River Phoenix, playing chubby and gullible Vern Tessio. He also had a role in Tom Cruise hit Jerry Maguire.

Here is another story from the Evening Standard:

Geri's big romance
18 September 2003

When she achieved the almost boyish figure she had dreamed of she was miserable and manless. Now Geri Halliwell is in more healthy shape and it seems to have done wonders for her love life. The 31-year- old singer was seen arm in arm at Knightsbridge restaurant San Lorenzo with American actor Jerry O'Connell - who at 6ft 3in is a full 13 inches taller than the former Spice Girl.

They met this month while acting in the movie Fat Slags, based on the Viz magazine comic strip. 'They got on well and decided to pursue their friendship with several dinners,' said a source close to Miss Halliwell. 'It is very early days but there is an obvious attraction there. Jerry introduced her to his parents, which is a sign that he intends to keep her in his life.'

Miss Halliwell has been notoriously unlucky in love. Past boyfriends include Robbie Williams and Chris Evans.

O'Connell, 29, who appeared in Jerry Maguire and Scream 2, was engaged to his most recent girlfriend, a TV presenter, and has dated Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar.

This article appeared in the Mirror:

Kept him a bit quiet haven't you Geri?
Sep 18 2003

By Fiona Cummins, Ms Showbiz

IT looks like Geri Halliwell may have been bitten by the love bug.
The former Spice Girl was beaming with joy as she left a restaurant hand-in-hand with actor Jerry O'Connell.

One onlooker said: "She was leaning into him very closely and holding his hand. They looked really comfortable in each other's company."

Mind you, they couldn't get too romantic - Jerry's parents joined the couple for a meal at San Lorenzo in Knightsbridge, West London.

Geri, 31, and the 29-year-old met while filming the movie Fat Slags, based on the popular Viz cartoon strip. She plays Paige, a personal assistant to the girls. Jerry is her boss Sean Cooley. A film insider said yesterday: "They are good friends and enjoy spending time together. They are both lovely."

New Yorker Jerry has also starred in Stand By Me, Kangaroo Jack, Scream 2 and Jerry Maguire.

Geri, who is recording a new album, has made no secret of the fact she is looking for Mr Right.

Judging by how happy she looks with Jerry, maybe she's found him.



Jerry is currently in the UK filming the movie "Fat Slags". The movie is based on comic strip characters from an adult themed comic book called Viz. Directed by Red Dwarf veteran, Ed Bye, the film stars Fiona Allen and Sophie Thompson as the corpulent couple who scour the land for unwitting men to force themselves upon.

According to an insider who was recently on the set, Jerry plays the love interest of one of the slags and he "looks hotter than usual." had this additional information from Nikki, "Unfortunately I don't know his full name, only that he is from Los Angeles, he is called Gerry [Jerry], I met him on a plane to the UK, and he plays an American media mogul (Sean Cooley) who meets the fat slags and falls in love with them both! Apart from that, I don't know very much. Sorry! Other than he is filming in London for the next 2 months." According to this Anthony Head web site, "Tony plays Jerry O'Connell's unpleasant sidekick, Victor." Jerry will most likely be in the UK until October and the movie will tentatively premiere in May of 2004. Photos of Fiona Allen and Sophie Thompson dressed up as the Fat Slags can be seen at

News of Jerry's role in "Fat Slags" leaves questions regarding Jerry's reported involvement in the TV movie "The Winning Season." Filming for the Winning Season was supposed to start in late August, but it seems that Jerry went to England around August 12th. (Not so coincidentally, E! News live's Giuliana recently came home from a short vacation England). Perhaps the report at on Jerry's role in the TNN TV movie was incorrect, or Jerry isn't needed for filming until later in the year?



It appears that the masked man sporting E! Online's Awful Truth Boxers is none other than Jerry O'Connell (wonder if girlfriend Giuliana put him up to it?). Here are the blurbs from the August 28th and September 4th editions of Ted's Awful Truth.

The Awful Truth
August 28th 2003

Probably about as soon as you could get this movie star to show us his puss while his pants are down. Let's call this one a Hind Vice, shall we?

Mr. Pelvic Pusher likes his women blonde, his drinks stiff and his underwear loose. That is, with room for expansion, as he's reportedly a member of those organizations to which, I hear, Jason Priestley and David Adelson belong--and I'm not talkin' AFTRA.

P2 also enjoys a bit o' the bad rep he has so innocently attained, as panting legend has it P.P. has bedded hordes, legions, continents of cuties, he insists on wearing boxers from yours truly's line of undies. If the smut fits, I suppose, or something to that effect...

Wonder who it is? Hint: His name appears in this column.


Dear Ted:
Britney and Jared? This is so PR-related, you can smell it a mile away.
Angela Young
Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Angela:
You mean like Demi Moore's babysitting stint? Or Sharon Stone's sudden romantic remembrance of Governor Gray Davis? Jerry O'Connell's killer-abs quest? Oy, better stop now, baby doll. The point is, what the hell else do you think people do in this town? Publicité is their raison d'être.

The Awful Truth
September 4th 2003

Dear Ted:
We were disappointed to read that the Blind trimmer is not the star of an upcoming reality farm show. Do you think Paris Hilton will ever win an Oscar? We think it's Geena Davis! And are you sure that Mr. Pelvic Pusher in the Hind Vice isn't a certain flamboyant online columnist? Or maybe Jerry O'Connell?
Jaime Quigley and Alissa McLean
Amherst, Massachusetts

Dear Jaime and Alissa:
Uh, in order of inanity, I'd say, (a) No; (b) again, no, too young, though the many different hairdos is on the right super-salon track; (c) yes, I wish I had those abs; and (d) who's that?


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