Tune in to NBC's Crossing Jordan for the conclusion of Pandora's Trunk on Monday May 5th. Check your local listings for show times.


05-05-2003 10:00PM

BACK ON THE HUNT, JORDAN INVESTIGATES NEW LEADS IN HER MOTHER'S MURDER IN SEASON FINALE WITH GUEST STAR MICHAEL T. WEISS -- In the conclusion of the season-ending two-parter, Jordan's (Jill Hennessy) quest for her mother's killer leads her to the trunk of an abandoned Ford and the 23-year-old skeleton of a murdered Boston detective. When the firestorm created by this discovery prompts Garret (Miguel Ferrer) to remove the vigilant M.E. from the case, she pushes forward on her own in the search for answers --and discovers more of her father's (Ken Howard) demons in the process. Meanwhile, Woody (Jerry O'Connell) takes over the search for the cop-killer and gains an unlikely partner in the chief of police (guest star Edward Hermann "The Emperor's Club"). Michael T. Weiss ("The Pretender") also guest stars as Jordan's brother. Kathryn Hahn, Steve Valentine, Ravi Kapoor and Ivan Sergei also star..



According to, Dawson's Creek's Katie Holmes has officially signed on to star in First Daughter. The original screen play for the movie was written by Jerry O'Connell. Here are the details from

The First Daughter Showdown: It’s Katie Holmes vs. Mandy Moore
Written 04-23-2003 by ChrisFaile has learned that Katie Holmes ("Dawson's Creek," WB's "Phone Booth") has officially signed onto 20th Century Fox’s “First Daughter,” playing the 18-year-old daughter of the President of the United States. This sets up a showdown between this production and Warner Bros.’ title of the same name, starring Mandy Moore…which also focuses on the President’s daughter.

In the 20th Century Fox film, Holmes plays first daughter Samantha Mackenzie, whose life in the spotlight begins to take its toll. Excited about her first year away at the University of Virginia, she demands to be allowed to go to college without having to be followed by a fleet of omnipresent secret service agents.

She is elated when her father reluctantly agrees, and the chance to finally be on her own. But, without her knowing, her father assigns one of the youngest Secret Service agents to follow her around on campus disguised as a student anyway. Delighted with her boy-crazy, fun-loving, in-your-face roommate, Mia, Samantha is discovering the joys of college when she falls fast and hard for her gorgeous R.A., James Lansome. However, she feels betrayed when she learns James is none other than a Secret Service agent, put in place by her well-meaning, but overly protective dad.

According to casting details, Samantha is described as “the all-American teenager, spirited, bright, beautiful, engaging and well-liked.”

Producers are still looking to cast the roles of Mia Von Getz (the roommate), Lansome, President MacKenzie and Liz Pappas—although sources indicate producers are close to inking actors for the latter three parts.

Further descriptions of the four roles are:

Mia Von Getz: Also 18 years old, she is Samantha’s college roommate. Described as a “fun-loving whirlwind,” Von Getz is a middle-class girl, the youngest child of divorced psychotherapists, who is slightly offbeat. The casting notes describe her as “overweight or not traditionally beautiful.” Wanting the typical college experience of parties and boys, she has a passion for just about everything in life. Mia does not suffer the presence of the Secret Service easily, convinced her social future may be mortally contaminated if she hangs out with Sam too much. Used to being the center of attention, Mia is beginning to resent the fact that Sam garners attention simply because of her father. As she says in the script, “ “I’m someone people like hanging out with. And who are you, Sam? You have genetic limelight.” In the end, though, Mia is more than appropriately dazzled when Samantha flies her to the White House in Air Force One.

James Lansome: A gorgeous young man in his mid-twenties, he is described as being intelligent, caring, and articulate. Clearly smitten with Samantha, he is a Secret Service agent posing as the dorm R.A. As much as he’d liked to pursue a relationship with Samantha, he knows the idea is an impossibility. Utterly charming, with a winning and warm personality, he quickly captures Samantha’s heart. Crushed when he must inadvertently reveal the truth to Samantha, he is soon transferred to a post in Idaho. Given some time to think, the love-struck James grapples with the question of whether there are things in life more important than his career.

President MacKenzie: Aged 40 to 45, he is the President of the United States and Samantha’s dad. His job as leader of the free world has to take a back seat to being the father of a headstrong teenager at times. Caught up in the rigors of an election year, he’s not exactly thrilled by Samantha’s antics at college, but remains admirably composed and supportive.

Liz Pappas: The 40-ish Deputy Press Secretary, Liz is a terrific lady. She’s sharp, no-nonsense, efficient and Samantha’s best pal in the White House. Clearly sad to see Samantha leave for college, she tells the First Daughter, “Without you in Washington, it’s just a job. It’s going to suck.” Later, when Sam gets into some scrapes, Liz is there to act as mediator between Samantha and a very upset President. This is a supporting part, appearning in only 5 scenes.

Production for the 20th Century Fox project begins in Los Angeles on June 2. Forest Whitaker (a well-reknowned actor who also has been beind the camera for “Hope Floats” and “Waiting to Exhale”) directs from a script written by Jerry O'Connell. Quoting O'Connell, Anderson Jones of E! Online reported that Holmes was a top contender for the lead role earlier this week.

Bearing a strong resemblance in concept, the Warner Bros. project focuses on the 18-year-old daughter (Moore) of the president of the United States. Tired of being followed around every moment of every day (sound familiar?), she ditches her Secret Service handlers and sets out on a romantic road trip through Europe with her boyfriend.

At press time, both projects are targeting a January 2004 release.

“First Daughter” (20th Century Fox) Scorecard
Producer: John Davis
Director: Forest Whitaker
Casting Director: Denise Chamian
Start Date: June 2, 2003
Location: Los Angeles
Production Company: New Regency Productions



If you happened to miss Jerry's appearance on "Last Call with Carson Daly" on March 25th, his Oakland A's training camp footage will re-air on the evening of Monday April 28th (Early Tuesday Morning) on NBC. Check your local listings for show time.

Jerry's episode of Night Visions titled "Rest Stop" will air on the Sci-fi channel on Wednesday April 30th.

Night Visions
Rest Stop; Afterlife

60 min.
Strange things happen when skiers fail to stay together at a roadside rest-stop; a funeral is interrupted by the deceased (Randy Quaid), who's unhappy about being returned to life. Andy: Jerry O'Connell. Sarah: Amy Jo Johnson. Kaitlin: Meghan Black. Natalie: Susan Gibney. Chuck: David Kopp. Vicki: Katharine Isabelle. Tim: Mark Hildreth. (VCR Plus+ 3175585)



An interview with Jerry from NW magazine's April 21st 2003 issue has been added to the interviews section of the web site.

Jerry O'Connell Australian Sun-Herald


Jerry O'Connell Australia April 2003




1) This photo was obtained from April 10th, 2003.

2) This photo appeared in the April 13th 2003 edition of the Sun-Herald Sunday Metro (Australia).


4/27/03 is conducting the following poll:

In light of the recently announced Battlestar Galactica game, which of these other sci-fi shows should get a new game?

  • Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
  • Doctor Who
  • Alien Nation
  • Space: 1999
  • Sliders
  • Quantum Leap
  • Automan
  • seaQuest DSV

If you'd like to cast your vote for a new Sliders video game, you can find the poll in the bottom right hand column of the home page. (Sliders is currently in 3rd place with 17% of the votes) Thanks to Temporal Flux for sharing the link.



This sighting appeared in Ted Casablanca's The Awful Truth at E! Online. Perhaps the blonde Jerry was spotted with is E! News Live's Giuliana? She did mention taking a red-eye flight out to New York last Friday evening during E! News Live's April 23rd telecast. Humm...

The Awful Truth
April 24th, 2003

Much slower on the main frame was...
Jerry O'Connell , walking arm-in-arm with a hot blonde through Union Square. InWhySee. The maybe Superman (what, no Joe Millionaire?) was clad in jeans and a blue-and-white rugby shirt, while his curvelicious honey sported a long beige coat and had her Barbie-esque locks in a ponytail. He really must have to beat them off, I declare. A few fans recognized J.O.'s pretty puss, and he happily stopped to chat and shake their hands. What a guy.



Jerry appeared on E! News Live on April 21st to promote his new Crossing Jordan Spin-off "Sunset Division." During the interview, Jerry said he is about to sign a deal to star in a sequel to Kangaroo Jack. Apparently the story would revolve around the Kangaroo, Jackie Legs, who's been captured by a circus. Here's a transcript of the interview with Jason Feinberg, Melissa Rivers, and Giuliana. (It's interesting to note that Jerry and Giuliana have been photographed together at quite a few events in Los Angeles. Are they dating or just friends?)

4-21-03 E! News Live

Jason Feinberg - What can I say? I love Jerry O'Connell.
Giuliana - I know
Jason - Yeah, Everybody does.
Giuliana - OK (Laughs)
Jason - On tonight's Crossing Jordan, Jerry O'Connell's asking the questions.
Giuliana - But right now we're gonna give him the third degree. He's live in our E! Studio in New York. Hey Jerry!
Jason - Look, he's blushing
Jerry - Giuliana, Mr. Feinberg, how are you. You're looking great today Mr. Feinberg.
Jason - Thank you
Jerry - You have a court date or something?
Jason - Melissa told me to wear the jacket - so I'm wearing the jacket.
Melissa Rivers - And I stayed to talk to you.
Jerry - Melissa Hi! How are you?
Melissa - Hi, how are you?
Jerry - Good, good, good.
Giuliana - You were just reading about her today weren't you?
Jerry - Yes Melissa you were actually on page six saying you were going to get a hefty sum to do a spread in - Good House Keeping?
Giuliana - I think it was Playboy
Jerry - It was another periodical
Giuliana - Playboy, Playboy.
Jason - At least Jerry's just reading the articles
Melissa - Yeah, it's that and your Martha Stewart Magazine
Giuliana - Yeah
Jerry - Ha ha - it was for a cool half a mil and Melissa if you don't do it, tell them I'll do it bottomless for like fifteen dollars.
Melissa - We can run with that. I can see - it can be a calendar.
Giuliana - All right. Jerry, let's talk about your new show tonight, that's on after Crossing Jordan. You're on Crossing Jordan tonight and then you have a new show called Sunset Division right? (she's being sarcastic)
Jerry - (Plays along) Actually Giuliana, I'm going to correct you. It's actually - it IS Crossing Jordan but it's my sort of spin-off episode.
Giuliana - OK
Jerry - This is like me going solo. This is like - remember Justin Timberlake was in *Nsync? And then he went solo and became JT? This is like me going Beyonce or Kelly Roland from Destiny's Child. This is what we call in the business a spin-off. Remember Mrs. Garrett was in Diff'rent Strokes and then Mrs. Garrett became the head mistress at (sings the theme song) 'The Facts of Life, The Facts of Life.' This is sort of like that. Remember Frasier used to sit next to Norm at the bar and then he got his own TV show? This is me going solo. This is me going JT or JC Chasez.
Giuliana - So what's Sunset Division about Jerry?
Jerry - Sunset Division, it's basically like Miami Vice for 2003 except, uh, I don't wear like, linen pastel outfits and I wear socks throughout most of the show. And I don't have like, funky highlights and I don't drive around in a boat. No, I'm kidding. Sunsest Division, it's kind of like we're cool cops in L.A. My Character Detective Woody Hoyt goes from Boston in the Crossing Jordan setting - I follow a murder out to Los Angeles and I get hooked up with the Sunset Division which is like an elite branch of the LAPD. And the wackiness ensues. As you can see there are a lot of cool club scenes and you know it's very hip. A lot of skin Mr. Feinberg.
Jason - Well, I was gonna say it doesn't look like you're doing a whole lot of work right there (shows a clip of Sunset Division with Woody in a night club). You're just partying. That's a good show though.
Melissa - I have a question for you though because Giuliana always asks this question and finally I am on set with a cute boy and I can ask this question. Come on, there's a lot of girls running around that set. You live in L.A. You're like this hot young guy, you're on a series. You have a "spin-off." Come on, are girls throwing themselves at you? What's the deal? (Giuliana and Melissa laugh)
Jerry - I used to be crazy like that Melissa. I'm sort of slowing down in my ways, you know.
Melissa - Really
Jerry - Yeah, I'm taking on a lot more responsibility and I'm just not feeling like I should be a stallion running around with all the other stallions. I'm sort of gonna dedicate myself to work and sort of slow down a little bit.
Giuliana - (laughs) Good question! Jeez Louise. OK, now let's ask you this. Kangaroo Jack 2, for some reason it's very hush hush. Are you guys gonna do this movie or not? Because Kangaroo Jack I was extremely, extremely successful.
Jerry - Uh, should I give you guys one of those E! News exclusives?
Giuliana and Melissa - Yeah! (cheering and clapping)
Jerry - You like that stuff right? See, I know all the terms! I just saw Jody Ross in the hallway. I was so excited. I 'm like 'Jody Ross!' and she was all 'Who are you?' I was all, 'I watch you. I love you!' I'm gonna give you guys an E! news exclusive. I'm very close to closing my deal for KJ2, Jack is Back. We're gonna do it.
Giuliana - Do we know where he's going to be next time?
Jerry - Well, I'm going to give you another E! News exclusive. Here we go people another E! News exclusive (Trumpet fan fair plays in the background) Well, it's not that exciting, you don't have to play the horns. But I think the Kangaroo's gonna get caught in like the circus and then I'm gonna find him in Vegas and he steals money. Is that worthy of an E! News exclusive? The Kangaroo's gonna talk and all the kids are gonna see it. But most importantly I've got the spin-off happening on NBC tonight at 10PM.
Giuliana - Very good reviews - we all have to watch that. Now one more question, I've got the InStyle magazine with Renee Zelweger on the cover and there you are on the inside with your mom, Linda. You're very close huh?
Jerry - It was very exciting. It's kind of like having a family portrait done except everyone gets to see it because it's on magazine stands. It's a lot of fun and you know they dressed my mom up. She loved it - you know - went through makeup and stuff. I didn't actually wear makeup, so my mom was very excited about that.
Giuliana - Do you go around with her in New York? Does she follow you around, I mean, do you guys hang out together?
Jerry - Well when I come to New York I, you know, one would think I'd stay in a plush hotel room. Maybe the Ritz or maybe the Plaza…
Giuliana - You stay with your mom.
Jerry - I'm from New York so I have to stay at home. Yeah. I once attempted to stay at a hotel but my mom sat in the lobby and went (mimics his mother's New Jersey accent) "I can't believe you, how dare you not come home. You've turned into a monster. L.A.'s changed you. Come home right now, I wanna do your laundry."
Giuliana - We're gonna do a Quick E! with you, Ready? This is our little quiz.
Jason - Original or Extra Crispy?
Jerry - Extra Crispy
Giuliana- Mercedes or Cadillac?
Jerry - Cadillac
Jason - Playboy or Maxim?
Jerry - (hesitates) Playboy
Jason - nice
Giuliana - Disgusting. New York or Los Angeles?
Jerry - I gotta tell you, I don't know if you guys can see my tan - L.A.
Jason - Buffy the Vampire Slayer or E! News Live. Why's that?
Jerry - E! News Live. E! News Live.
Giuliana - Very nice. Michael Essany or Anna Nicole Smith.
Jerry - (imitates Anna Nicole) 'Fish are gonna eat me, them fish are gonna eat me…' Uh, I gotta go with Michael Essany. He's a good kid, hard worker.
Jason - I'm skipping that one and I'm going right to the next one. Fake or real?
Jerry - Very much real.
Giuliana - American Idol or the Bachelor?
Jerry - Um, that's a toss up. I gotta tell you I'm a Seacrest fan. But that bachelor, he's pretty cool this year. That's a toss up. Tie, dead heat. Tie.
Giuliana - Pick One Jerry! Just pick one! Pick the Bachelor!
Jerry - The bachelor. Especially when he's bull riding. I saw that E! News exclusive.
Giuliana - That's it. You passed! Very good Jerry.
Jerry - Can I get the horns again, I like that.



Here are a few new articles regarding the Crossing Jordan Spin-off "Sunset Division". - The hit show as launch pad

April 22, 2003

The hit show as launch pad

Three successful series are nurturing potential spinoffs. It's an old strategy that can pay off -- or miss entirely.

By Greg Braxton, Times Staff Writer

As the television networks get ready to unveil their fall lineups next month, producers behind some of the aspiring series are giving those projects a boost by teaching old shows some new tricks.

Using a time-honored strategy that has had significant success -- but also more than a few misses -- the creators of "JAG," "Crossing Jordan" and "The Gilmore Girls" are using sweeps episodes as launch pads for "planted spinoffs." These are shows that are hatched, not always effortlessly, from existing hits. So rather than building a spinoff from scratch, these episodes use familiar characters and premises as springboards to introduce new concepts.

Monday's episode of NBC's "Crossing Jordan," which stars Jill Hennessy as tough medical examiner Jordan Cavanaugh, focused on Jerry O'Connell as Det. Woody Hoyt, a recurring character who is one of Cavanaugh's colleagues.

Tim Kring, creator of "Crossing Jordan" as well the O'Connell spinoff, said the tactic has advantages and drawbacks.

"We can use the 12 million viewers we have to sample our show," Kring said. "The majority of pilots that are produced never see the light of day. This pilot will. We can sell advertising, and it will be profitable, where most pilots can't pay for themselves."

But he added that the strategy might not give him an edge over other pilots.

"I'm not so sure what the deciding factor is, but my guess is that we're on an equal playing field" with other pilots, he said. "The problem is we can't promote the episode as a spinoff. We can only promote it as an episode of 'Crossing Jordan.' "

While making a link with the established show is important, the producers need to demonstrate that the spinoffs will have their own identities that can pull in new viewers as well as loyal fans. "Once there is a separation," Kring said, "there will be no similarities between the two shows."

Kring, in association with Damon Lindelof, developed the "Crossing Jordan" spinoff for O'Connell because of concern about losing the actor to another show.

"Jerry had this interest in doing his own show, and as soon as it was apparent he was going to do it, we thought we could keep it in the family rather than lose him," Kring said.

In Monday's episode, Hoyt (O'Connell) investigated the murder of an ex-girlfriend's father. His travels led him to Los Angeles, where he worked with the city's "Sunset Division," a secret, high-tech department of the police force.

Added Lindelof: "This show with Jerry would be a lot more tongue-in-cheek than 'Crossing Jordan.' It's a cop show. There's a whole different color and editing style, a whole different vibe." - O'Connell Steps Out of 'Jordan' Spotlight for His Own

O'Connell Steps Out of 'Jordan' Spotlight for His Own
Mon, Apr 21, 2003 04:44 PM PDT

by John Crook

Jordan Cavanaugh may not be "crossing Woody" much longer.

Midway through its first season, NBC's Monday-night forensic drama "Crossing Jordan" got a bracing and very welcome jolt of humor when Jerry O'Connell joined the cast in the recurring role of Boston police Detective Woody Hoyt, a good-natured Midwesterner whose easy charm made him a perfect foil for Jill Hennessy's intense, testy Jordan.

Woody strikes off on his own, however, in the Monday, April 21, episode of "Crossing Jordan," which finds O'Connell's character in Los Angeles following the trail of a murder that occurred in his Wisconsin hometown.

Once on the West Coast, Woody inadvertently stumbles into an operation run by Sunset Division, an elite branch of the Los Angeles Police Department run by Detective Vicellous Owens (Leon, "The Temptations" ), a no-nonsense type who quickly sizes up Woody as an unwelcome hick. In the best odd-couple tradition, however, the two gradually bond during the course of working together, a partnership that will continue if this back-door pilot is picked up as a weekly series.

And O'Connell is plenty jazzed about that prospect, because "Sunset Division," as the proposed series is tentatively called, reminds him of an old TV favorite.

"Growing up in the mid-'80s, I was a very large 'Miami Vice' fan, and this script came in and I thought it rang very true of that sort of show," he says. "I was on board pretty much immediately."

"It was a lot of fun, a lot of Hugo Boss, a lot of Prada. I myself am not a clotheshorse. I couldn't care less what I'm wearing. I'm a T-shirt-and-jeans-kind of guy. But I do dress up pretty good."

Yet, if O'Connell invokes "Miami Vice" in summing up the show's stylish threads and story-driving power beat, there's more than a dash of another cult favorite as well: "Due South," another fish-out-of-water police comedy-drama that aired on CBS from 1994 to 1996.

Just as Canadian Constable Benton Fraser (Paul Gross) was unfailingly polite in tracking down bad guys in that series, so Woody relies on low-key Midwestern charm and persuasion -- such as getting an uncooperative witness to crack by threatening to call the young man's mother and tell on him.

"I'd love for something to happen with this show, because I get to play a real adult and dress up and carry a badge, which I hope will sort of seal that transition to adult roles," says O'Connell, 29. "You have to do that in this business."

That's especially true when an actor makes such a striking impression at an early age, as the preteen O'Connell did as one of the young protagonists of "Stand by Me," Rob Reiner's nostalgic 1986 adaptation of a Stephen King story. O'Connell was a student at New York's Clinton School for Artists & Writers when a casting director spotted him.

Among the highlights of making the movie, O'Connell's first, was working with a more experienced young actor named River Phoenix.

"River was a great guy -- very nice to me, especially, because I had had no experience up until that point," O'Connell recalls of his former co-star, who died of an accidental drug overdose in 1993. "He was about five years older than me, but just a great guy. What happened to him was a real shame, a loss not only to his family but to everybody because he really was such a great actor."

Once the movie was in the can, O'Connell says he pretty much stopped thinking about it, especially since his father, an advertising executive, was trying to manage his son's expectations.

"My father even had said to me, 'Don't expect this movie to come out, because these things usually don't,'" O'Connell laughs. "But it turned out to be a huge deal. Now it's considered something of a classic."

Enough of a classic that, years later, O'Connell found himself watching it in a class at New York University, where he was a student. At his mother's insistence, he had put his acting career on the back burner until he finished college, but that NYU screening gave such a jolt to his popularity that he became eager to return to acting.

He auditioned for and won the role of Bailey Salinger in a new Fox series called "Party of Five," but before that show began filming, the network asked him to take over the lead on its expensive new sci-fi series "Sliders," which had lost its leading man. The show became a cult hit.

"The fans are very loyal," he says. "I'd have them all over to my house for dinner if I could because they really have kept me working."

During his school years, O'Connell also underwent a striking physical transformation from pudgy kid actor to handsome leading man. His current beefcake-ready status he largely credits to an unlikely project: "Kangaroo Jack," the recent broad movie comedy that trumped rough reviews to become a box-office hit.

"I think I grew 16 inches after 'Stand by Me,'" O'Connell says. "It just sort of happened. But then on 'Kangaroo Jack,' I swear, [producer] Jerry Bruckheimer sends you to boot camp. You exercise all the time. You get a personal trainer. Your diet is changed. He calls up every day to see how you are doing. So that really whipped me into shape."

Into shape for those pricey designer duds on "Sunset Division," he hopes, because it sounds like a sweetheart deal to him.

"What happens when you do TV like this is a lot of who you really are comes across, and it's great for me to play a character who is fun to be around, doesn't take anything too seriously until the need arises for him to be serious and then he comes through," O'Connell says. "Getting paid to play myself? Yeah, I think I could handle that."



Part one of the two part season finale for Crossing Jordan will air April 28th on NBC.

Crossing Jordan
Pandora's Trunk

60 min.
Jordan's obsession with her mother's murder continues, as she helps investigate a triple homicide in this two-part episode, which concludes in next week's second-season finale.

Woody (Jerry O'Connell) and Jordan are working a case in which three bodies have been found at the indoor swimming pool of a luxury hotel. While at the crime scene, Jordan gets a call from a PI she hired months ago to locate an automobile that holds a clue to the death of her mother. He's found the car. The only problem: It's in a junkyard and is slated to be destroyed. Michael T. Weiss (The Pretender), who first appeared in a January episode, returns as Jordan's brother.

Jerry and Linda O'Connell InSyle




According to Entertainment Tonight Online, Jerry and his mother Linda are in "InStyle" magazine's tribute to moms (page 389).

Stars Get 'InStyle' With Their Moms
April 15, 2003

Mark those calendars for May 11th, the day to celebrate those amazing women -- our mothers! InStyle mag does just that in its May issue, with a special tribute to stars and their inspiring moms.

In the feature "Hollywood Moms," stars like ADRIEN BRODY, MARG HELGENBERGER, LL COOL J, JERRY O'CONNELL, and KIMBERLY WILLIAMS-PAISLEY pose with their proud moms as they share stories and thoughts on one another.

'Tomcat' Jerry O'Connell tells InStyle that his mom LINDA shared some wisdom with him that bettered his life: "The best piece of advice my mom gave me was to go to college. I told her, 'I'm going to be an actor, so I don't need to go.' She said, 'Over my dead body!'"

Also featured in InStyle's May issue, on stands April 18th, is JOSIE BISSETT posing with daughter MAYA and son MASON, as well as glowing mom-to-be BROOKE SHIELDS enjoying her baby shower!

The May issue hits stands on April 18th. Here's what Jerry and Linda have to say.

JERRY ON LINDA "The best piece of advise my mom gave me was to go to college. I told her, "I'm going to be an actor, so I don't need to go.' She said, 'Over my dead body!' She's very grounded; she's a Jersey girl. When she comes to L.A., she notices little things, like the catering truck on set. She'll say, 'This is just like a luxury cruise with a buffet out all the time!' It puts a skip in my step, and I realize how lucky I am. When we're on different coasts, I call her three or four times a day. I don't care if I sound like a mama's boy! And not to get all Oedipal, but when I go out with girls, I look for qualities she would approve of."

LINDA ON JERRY "Jerry has always been the life of the party. Teachers would say he talked too much, and I'd just say, 'You're trying to stifle the very things we are trying to encourage.' He hasn't changed. He still plays jokes on us all the time. We'll get a phone call and it will be a disguised voice that tells us that we've just won something. It's him. One thing we have in common is our height. I'm 6 feet and he's 6 foot 3, so when I come to L.A. I don't bring a bag. I borrow his clothes. He took me to Sky Bar and I wore his black suit. Everybody else there was in black, so I fit right in."

Entertainment Tonight had coverage from the photo shoot, and Jerry was asked what his fondest childhood memory was. "My mom is an Art Teacher - she's very creative. We have a rule in our house, we're not allowed to buy actual cards - like for Mother's Day or for Valentine's Day." They then asked his mom to describe Jerry as a baby. "He was a terror..." she laughed. "He was a terror." Thanks to Shari_Lynn and Christina in the Jerry O'Connell's Fan Club for sharing the news.

Also look for a quote from Jerry on page 308 with a photo of his Stand By Me script.


Jerry O'Connell Kangaroo Jack
My original script from Stand by Me [above with its original title, The Body]. It's like the bible of all souvenirs. It was the first script I ever read. The pages are getting worn, but still, whenever I read it, I have all warm memories."



Jerry is scheduled to appear on Live with Regis and Kelly on April 21st. Check your local listings for time and channel. Thanks to Shari_Lynn for sharing the news.


Jerry O'Connell and Jennifer Grant in Worldly Acts




Two new photos have been added to the web site.

1) Jerry O'Connell and Jennifer Grant (Daughter of Dyan Cannon and Cary Grant) perform the one act "Homecoming" in the stage production "Worldy Acts" at the Tiffany Theater in West Hollywood. (January 30, 2002)

2) Jerry O'Connell Signs in at Night in White, a white shirt-themed party benefiting the Entertainment Industry Foundation. Guests enjoyed a special performance by John Mayer. Event, held at the Palomar estate in Silver Lake, was sponsored by Vanity Fair and Banana Republic.



While doing interviews in Australia, Jerry reconfirmed that he has tested for the role of Superman and is honored to be on the short list of actors considered to play the role. He also commented on the Spider-man movie and his interest in doing a Sliders movie. Here's the latest from

Superman: Jerry OConnell has been in Australia plugging "Kangaroo Jack" and talked up his stuff on Sea-FM . In regards to "Superman" he says "Yes I tested. and hey, they still haven't called me back - so for all I know I'm going to get home and have a cape on my front door step. The movie looks very cool, and I'm a big fan, so just being asked was an honor, but being on the short list - hey, can't do much better than that. They won't get it up and running real soon. I even hear they want to make it here, so if I can get a free ticket back to Australia, I'm definitely in. I think they've cast like nearly every one of the supporting players, even Jimmy Olsen, but yet they can't decide on a Superman". There's still no director at present, though he, Matthew Bomer some kid from "The Count of Monte Cristo" were still in the running for the title role. O'Connell also tested for a role in "Spider-Man 2 as well but lost out to another boy because "it's all about fresh faces". Finally, would he be up for a "Sliders" movie? "Every year I get asked whether we will do a movie of it, and I'm more and more interested. If we can get everyone back together and get a good story, why not". Thanks to 'chow yun skinny'.

Jerry O'Connell and Giuliana




A photo of Jerry and E! News Live correspondent Giuliana can be found on page 87 of the April 21st issue of "In Touch" magazine. The photo was taken at the Elton John AIDS Foundation's 11th Annual Oscar Party on March 23, 2003. Thanks to Shaggy80us in the Jerry O'Connell's Fan Club for sharing the news.

Winning Looks - Couple of the Week

Jerry O'Connell and Giuliana
This is a guy who plays silly characters on film, so its cool to see him in a serious suit. E! News Live reporter Giuliana adds spunk to this duo with her playful Pucci dress and ponytails. And rather than match her heels to any one of the colors in her dress, she shines in silver.



  • Jerry called in to radio station Q100 in Atlanta for an interview with the Bert Show, and you can listen to the interview here in real audio.

  • Go to to read an interview with Jerry O'Connell and Anthony Anderson promoting Kangaroo Jack.

    Jerry O'Connell reads to first graders
  • Back in January, Jerry participated in a first grade reading program and Typical Yyan was kind enough to provide screen captures and audio of the report from KTLA news. also has a nice write up and photo from Jerry's day at Fair Oaks Ranch Community School.

Actor Jumps on Chance to Read to Students

Patti Rasmussen [Signal Staff Writer]

Jerry O'Connell, star of the recently released movie "Kangaroo Jack," visited Fair Oaks Ranch Community School on Wednesday to help the first-graders with an early celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday.

Students in Ken Newton's class, donning signature red and white stripped Cat in the Hat hats, were joined by their fifth-grade buddies to listen as O'Connell read "Does a Kangaroo Have A Mother, Too?" by Eric Carle.

"Watch out for kangaroos," O'Connell warned as the students asked him numerous questions about the movie. O'Connell explained how three kangaroos were used for the production including a computer generated version and that his favorite co-star is Anthony Anderson. The students giggled when O'Connell told them his favorite scene was when he got to kiss the girl.

The first-graders shared with O'Connell many facts about Australia in which he added all the information wouldn't have been achieved without reading. He told them how important it was to read in the movie business and how going to college helped him be successful.

Charlie Vignola, Matthew Hiestand, Dominique DeGracia and Stella Yang read stories they wrote about books to O'Connell who took a seat on the floor with the youngsters during the readings.

Buttons, a T-shirt, a Cat in the Hat hat and a framed photograph of Newton's first-graders were presented to O'Connell who said he would hang it on his wall.

Reading is important to first-graders, Newton said, and his room reflects his love for reading with numerous books stacked in bookcases and a Wall of Fame signed by authors and celebrities who have read to his class.

"Mr. Newton has so many books," said parent Su Park. "My daughter, Kara, has been reading since she's been born. I found the perfect teacher in Mr. Newton and I wouldn't mind her having him every year."

After the reading, students surrounded O'Connell to get autographs on every thing from scraps of paper to books. The fifth-graders said they enjoyed O'Connell's reading."He was very creative," said James Rosales. "It was a lot of fun."



Jerry is visiting Sydney Australia for a week to promote the release of Kangaroo Jack, and it sounds like a sequel is already in the planning stages. Here are links to quite a few new Interviews and photos of Jerry.



Back in March, E!Online's Anderson Jones reported that Jerry was up for a role in the next Spider-man movie. However, it turns out that Daniel Gillies grabbed the role as Kirsten Dunst's love interest. Here's the news from Thanks to Temporal Flux for passing the news along.

9:00am ET, 10-April-03

Gillies Woos Dunst In Spidey 2

New Zealand actor Daniel Gillies will star as Kirsten Dunst's love interest in Columbia Pictures' upcoming Spider-Man sequel film, Variety reported. Gillies will portray an astronaut who woos Mary Jane Watson (Dunst), true love of Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire).

The Amazing Spider-Man begins production on April 12, under the direction of Sam Raimi.

Jerry O'Connell Crossing Jordan Sunset Division"SUNSET DIVISION" PHOTOS

4/11/03 and the NBC Crossing Jordan website have new photos of Jerry to promote the upcoming spin-off "Sunset Division." Thanks to Yana in the Jerry O'Connell's Fan Club for sharing the news!



The results of's final round in the Superman poll are in, and with over 200,000 voters Jerry O'Connell took top billing as the actor fans wanted to play the next Superman! Jerry took the lead with 39% of the votes. "Smallville's" Tom Welling grabbed second place with 22 percent of the votes and Dean Cain came in third place with 15 percent of the votes. To read more about what some of the fans had to say, you can read the story at Thanks to all of Jerry's fans for the fantastic voting effort!



The Crossing Jordan episode "Sunset Division" is scheduled to air on April 21st on NBC (Check your local listings for air time). "Sunset Division" is a planted pilot episode featuring Jerry O'Connell's character Woody Hoyt, and you can also catch an appearance by Jerry's brother Charlie O'Connell as Cal Hoyt. If the pilot does well and O'Connell agrees to sign on, it may be considered as a new series for NBC in the fall. Thanks to Shari_Lynn for passing the news along.

Crossing Jordan
Sunset Division
60 min.

Woody (Jerry O'Connell) takes a leave and goes home to Wisconsin, but soon finds himself in L.A. trying to solve a murder. Vicellous Owens: Leon. Merry Stackhouse: Alicia Coppola. Richard Barnes: Matt Carmody. Cal Hoyt: Charlie O'Connell. Hector Chirullo: Rolando Molina. Jordan: Jill Hennessy.



Jerry O'Connell and Estella Warren Kangaroo Jack PremiereThe Herlad Tribune has an article about Kangaroo Jack with a photo of Jerry and Estella taken at the premiere back in January.

Herald Tribune
O'Connell Apologizes for Stereotypes

The Associated Press

Some Australians may take offense at scenes in the Hollywood movie "Kangaroo Jack," but actor Jerry O'Connell says it's all in good fun.

"I don't want to say it generalizes and stereotypes, but yes (veteran Australian actor) Bill Hunter does get drunk in every scene and yes, it does take us an hour to walk from Coober Pedy to Alice Springs," he said, referring to towns that are 600 kilometers (370 miles) apart.

"It's a little silly but it's a fun romp," said O'Connell, adding that the main purpose of his promotional visit to Australia this week is damage control.

O'Connell, who was in the films "Jerry Maguire" and "Scream 2," spent six months filming the new action comedy in Australia last year, and said his stay clarified misconceptions he had about the country.

"I think as a dopey American I had a few stereotypes that were definitely broken when I got here. My generation grew up on "Crocodile Dundee" ... I couldn't believe what fun cities Sydney and Melbourne were," said O'Connell, 29.

The New York native also sampled Australian beer, which is generally stronger than American brews.

"Usually I drink about 10 beers a night in the United States but after about two here I couldn't remember much after that," O'Connell recalled. "I thought someone has slipped something in my drink."

The caper, about two Brooklyn dimwits sent to Australia to deliver a wad of cash to the Mob, was one of Hollywood's biggest surprises of the year when it opened in January, taking US$22 million in the first three days.

But despite O'Connell's best efforts to stave off negative press, at least one Australian critic slammed the movie for its "sloppy storytelling."

"Luckily, Australians can't take offense at the lame Aussie ... stereotypes, because the American characters are just as puerile," the Sydney Morning Herald said in its review Thursday.


Jerry O'ConnellThe Philippine news web site also has this article and a photo of Jerry.

Jerry O’Connell gives some kick
Monday, April 7, 2003 10:21:0 p.m

Everyone knows that Jerry O’Connell played the overweight kid in the seminal boy-bonding film Stand by Me when he was just 11. Now just shy of 29, boy, has he grown up!

The baby fat is long gone, and O’Connell has achieved hunk status. As part of preproduction for his new movie, Kangaroo Jack from Warner Bros., producer Jerry Bruckheimer hired a trainer to whip him into even better shape. In the movie, the shirtless Jerry shows an eight-pack of abs to drool for.

Along with costar Anthony Anderson (Cradle 2 the Grave), Jerry took some stunt-driving classes to play Charlie, a guy from Brooklyn hired to deliver some mob money Down Under. A suicide mission for sure, but then the bumbling pair lose the cash to… well, a kangaroo.

Hilarity and a chase through the Australian outback ensue. Sure, it’s a stretch, but test audiences -- kids especially -- responded positively. Not surprisingly, Kangaroo Jack opened at No. 1 at the US box-office some weeks back.

“We were impressed with Jerry straightaway,” Bruckheimer says on casting O’Donnell for the lead in Kangaroo Jack. “He made us laugh -- he’s naturally funny -- and when he first read the lines, he made Charlie come alive.”

“Jerry’s a fresh comedian, as well as a wonderful actor,” adds Bruckheimer, who remembered O’Connell from Stand by Me, as well as from his portrayal of Cush, the highly sought-after quarterback in Jerry Maguire. “He has a twinkle in his eye and a great cherubic smile that makes him instantly likable.”

O’Connell turned out to be perfect for the part of Charlie Cabrone, a genuinely nice guy trying to eke out a living in his old neighborhood by cutting hair in a modest salon while most of his profits are being siphoned off by his Mafioso stepfather (played by Christopher Walken), with whom he has an uneasy relationship at best.

For O’Connell, who most recently starred in the comedy Tomcats, getting a call from Bruckheimer was “a career highlight.” As he describes: “It was like if you played for the baseball’s Minnesota Twins and you got a call from the New York Yankees saying, ‘Come play on our team.’ Jerry makes great films and they’re big films. Really big. And they’re a lot of fun. Then, when I heard that Anthony Anderson was onboard, I knew it was going to be really funny as well.”

“Jerry and Anthony had such strong chemistry together,” director Steven McNally reports. “They’d do things that weren’t scripted that brought so much to the film. One day when they were in the van waiting for a shot, Jerry started doing this beat-box thing and Anthony started rapping. Everyone stopped what they were doing to listen. I thought, ‘We have to have this in the movie!’ So they busted out a little impromptu Kangaroo Jack rap.”

Kangaroo Jack is a Warner Bros. film opening on tomorrow in Metro Manila.


4/2/03 has quite a few screen captures from Jerry and Charlie's appearance on MTV cribs. To check out the photos and add your own captions go to Thanks to Eileen for passing the link along.



According to Kristen at E!Online, Jerry returned to the set of Crossing Jordan in early March. Thanks to Shari_Lynn for sharing the news.

March 14, 2003

Crossing Jordan
Jordan & Woody = 64%
Jordan & Peter = 36%

Though Jerry O'Connell will be back (he returned to the set last week), don't expect him to last long. Between the possibility of his own spinoff--which, according to NBC sources, has already been shot and looks very likely for fall--and rumors that he's on the short list of big-screen Superman hopefuls, Woody and Jordan are likely doomed.


Go to TV NOW to get the current U.S. television schedule for Jerry O'Connell's movies and TV shows.






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