On November 10th, 2004 Jerry appeared on the Tony Danza show and challenged Tony to a ping-pong match. Screen captured photos of Jerry wearing his unusual ping-pong uniform are posted at



With Charlie's premiere on "The Bachelor" coming next week, many of the entertainment magazines are featuring articles with photos of Jerry and Charlie.

In Touch Weekly - April 4 2005. An interview with Charlie featuring photos of the brothers as children. Scans of the article have been posted by Dreamer at



Jerry has appeared on quite a few enterainment news shows recently. On March 24th "The Insider" had a behind the scenes look at filming the Crossing Jordan episode "Skin and Bone". Dreamer has screen captured photos of the segment posted at Jerry also appeared with his brother Charlie on Extra. The video clip can be seen at, or you can access the quicktime movie here. Screen captures of the video are also posted at (Thanks to dreamer). Here is a transcript from the segment:

The New 'Bachelor:' A 'Sucker' for Love
March 24, 2005

ABC's newest "Bachelor" may look familiar: Charlie is the 29-year-old younger brother of actor Jerry O'Connell. The two have been pals their entire lives, and now that Jerry's found love with Rebecca Romijn, Charlie says it's his turn.

"I think I'm a good catch," Charlie told us. "I think I'm a sucker to fall in love."

"Yeah, I think there's a part of you that would like a significant other in your life," Jerry added.

But bachelor be warned -- Monday's season premiere will be unlike any other: no gowns, no limos and no makeup. The Bachelorettes, unbeknownst to them, will have just five minutes to get ready to meet Charlie for the first time. Talk about difficult first impressions!

"I prefer a girl that looks good early in the morning and doesn't have to primp," Charlie said. "I think saying that is what made them do this ambush thing, so I feel bad for the girls."

Tune in as Charlie looks for love -- and the girls look nothing but natural -- when the "The Bachelor" premieres Monday night on ABC.

Jerry also conducted a live interview on CNN's Showbiz Tonight on the 24th (thanks Kerribear for the info). This is a transcript of the interview posted at

Aired March 24, 2005 - 19:00:00 ET

BRYANT: Well, he first appeared on screen in the 1986 classic "Stand By Me." And many of you remember him as Cush from "Jerry Maguire." Well, nowadays, you can catch him every Sunday night on the hit NBC drama "Crossing Jordan" as Detective Woody Hoyt. Of course, he is Jerry O`Connell. Welcome to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Jerry.

JERRY O`CONNELL, "CROSSING JORDAN": What`s going on? It`s good to be here.

BRYANT: Yes. Not too much. Well, first, before we get to talking, we want to give everybody a look at you in action. So let`s roll this clip.

O`CONNELL: All right.

BRYANT: OK, so for those who don`t watch the show, Jerry, give us a back story on who Woody is.

O`CONNELL: I play a cop in Boston. I`m originally from Wisconsin. And I should say, you know, I`m from a small town called -- something like Winnetka (ph), Wisconsin. Sorry that I forget. No, it`s Kuwani (ph), Wisconsin.


O`CONNELL: Kuwani. Which is a little bit of a stretch for me because I`m originally from New York City, which is a little different from Kuwani...

BRYANT: Right.

O`CONNELL: ... Wisconsin. But the thing I`m plugging right now is my brother -- my real-life biological brother, Charlie, my younger brother, is in Sunday`s episode, and we -- he and I get into a little bit of an argument.

BRYANT: So now, how is that, acting with your brother? Because I would imagine, in a way, it must be kind of freeing, since you know the guy.

O`CONNELL: Yes. I got to tell you, a lot of times, if you have conflict with another actor or a stunt guy, you sort of pull back a little bit because you don`t want them, you know, hitting you or getting mad at you if do you something that might offend them. But with your brother, it`s like the gloves are off.

BRYANT: All bets are off!

O`CONNELL: And it`s, like, Listen, man, I`m going to -- I`m going to probably -- you know, we had one scene where I was mad at him, and I was poking him in the forehead, like this, over and over again. And I was thinking, like, Wow, there`s, like, no other place I could do it. It`s funny. My mom came to visit one day and saw us do a scene. And she was, like, Well, it looks like you guys are at home. So natural.

BRYANT: Your story of your youth there. Now, I know a lot of people are hoping this season that you and Jordan might get a little closer. What are the chances of some romance?

O`CONNELL: You know, I think I might get me a little bit of Jordan. We just finished the season finale, and it`s great. Jill is...


O`CONNELL: Jill is wonderful. She`s gorgeous. It`s a lot of fun. So it`s not hard. As we say if the business, NAN, no acting necessary when...

BRYANT: Right.

O`CONNELL: ... you`re working with Jill.

BRYANT: But you know, now, I want to talk to you about this, though, because what about the flip of that? What if your girlfriend is doing a sex scene with somebody? Does that make you a little edgy?

O`CONNELL: I`m not a jealous guy. You can`t be like that. You know, come on. We`re confident. You should be confident, as well. I`m not worried about it at all.

BRYANT: All right. All right. Well, cool. So I know that, you know, you`re on vacation right now and everything, and I know that you`re from New York. I happen to be from Boston. I know you`re really upset about the fact that the Red Sox won this year.

O`CONNELL: Yes, it was upsetting because what was your best win -- congratulations...

BRYANT: Thank you.

O`CONNELL: ... I`m just coming to terms with it...


O`CONNELL: ... was the Yankees` worst loss. And somebody -- I saw a hat the other day, where it was the Yankees symbol and it said "New York chokers," and it was not funny, man. It was just a sore spot.

BRYANT: Oh, but it is. Oh, it is. Now, I want to talk about your brother again, Charlie, for a second. What`s he...


BRYANT: He`s going to be the bachelor?

O`CONNELL: He`s a bachelor girl. He`s doing it!

BRYANT: How do you feel about that? Are you looking for him to get...

O`CONNELL: It starts on Monday. I`m excited for him. I think it`s going to be great. I think he`s going to be hysterical. I think he`s going to be a lot better than that Jen Schefft girl, who didn`t make a decision at all. And you know, I got to tell you, my brother`s a little bit of a goofball.


O`CONNELL: He`s younger than I am. He`s 29. And he`s sort of -- you know, he doesn`t have a girlfriend. He`s sort of been vacillating between...


O`CONNELL: ... you know, girls and...

BRYANT: All right, well...

O`CONNELL: I think -- I got to tell you, you know, these guys are supposed to be sequestered and you`re not supposed to talk to them...

BRYANT: But he`s going to be...

O`CONNELL: ... but he`s my brother...

BRYANT: ... on our show Monday, so we`re going to talk to him.


BRYANT: All right, well, Jerry...

O`CONNELL: Have fun with him. You`re going to like him. It`s going to be crazy.

BRYANT: All right, well, excellent. Thanks for joining us. Jerry O`Connell...

O`CONNELL: Thank you.

BRYANT: ... joining us live from Hollywood. Of course, you can see him on "Crossing Jordan" Sunday nights on NBC.

Jerry O'Connell Room 6JERRY'S NEW MOVIE - ROOM 6


Jerry O'Connell is currently filming a horror movie titled "Room 6." The film also stars Christine Taylor (wife of Ben Stiller), Shane Brolly, John Billingsley, Kane Hodder and Chloe Moretz. Written and Directed by Mike Hurst, Room 6 concerns a young woman (Christine Taylor) whose world is turned upside down after a tragic accident steals away her fiancé (Shane Brolly). The walls of reality continue to crumble as the troubled woman and a fellow victim (Jerry O'Connell) try to track down their loved ones at a mysterious hospital which should not exist. You can read more about the movie and view behind the scenes photos at (Thanks to Matt for the information)

Here are some quotes from Jerry taken from the article at

A Visit to the Set of Room 6
By: Mr Disgusting

Mike Hurst, who also directed House of the Dead 2, was being pumped as the next big horror name by Jerry O'Connell, "Mike will be the next Craven." Horror is hot though and Jerry knows it, he pretty much explained why him and the beautiful Christine Taylor are part of the project, "It's like being part of the Hollywood dream," explaining it could be the next Saw.

Down in the boiler room everyone's favorite Jerry O'Connell was knee deep in make-up shooting a scene with a Christine Taylor look-alike (she's five months pregnant and can do action scenes). The incredible and mean INCREDIBLE make-up job was done by none-other-than Robert Hall's Almost Human, who did tons of seasons of Buffy and Angel. One of Robert's biggest challenges was finding a new look for the demons of Room 6, so they didn't look like his work on Buffy and Angel and also didn't look like the zombies from House of the Dead 2. Let me tell you though, Jerry looked fu-king creepy with his half-burnt face- sh-t look for yourself. When I took this picture, I didn't even know it was Jerry, I was like- "cool a demon! Can I join you?"

Jerry was such a good sport and very enthusiastic- and was very into his make-up job. He was so excited that he kept touching his face exclaiming, "guys you got to feel this!" Then he walked around the room and let us all touch. He was very talkative and made us all feel like we were buddies of his which was hilarious because the last time an actor was this gracious was when I interviewed Tom Cruise- knowing how to work a crowd is half the battle! Not only was Jerry enthusiastic about the script, which he called "an allegory for euthanasia," he was pumped that Kane Hodder was part of the film. He couldn't help but to get a Jason mask signed by the man behind the mask.


Photo #1 - Jerry in gorey make-up
Photo #2 - Jerry and Christine (or her stunt double?) talk on set
Photo #3 - Jerry leaning over railing

This interview with Jerry from the set of Room 6 was posted at

Jerry O'Connell films with Christine Taylor

[published on Sun, Mar 20, 2005]

With "Crossing Jordan" just wrapped for the season, Jerry O'Connell is off to make the Mike Hurst chiller "Room 6" with Christine Taylor also known as Ben Stiller's wife, who is expecting their second child this summer.

"She's a pure joy," he said. "She's funny, she's pregnant, and she's in a great mood. She's just out of her first trimester, and you can hardly tell."

Jerry and Christine play a pair thrown
together when their respective significant others are lost in a car accident and they wind up at hospital where all is not as it should be.

He doesn't want to talk about his real-life leading lady, Rebecca Romijn. Instead, he'd like to talk about see if you can guess his brother Charlie.

Those O'Connell boys, who've
appeared together in the past on shows including their old "Sliders" series, mix it up again on the March 27 installment of "Crossing Jordan." This time, Charlie's playing the sibling of Jerry's Det. Woody Hoyt character.

"He comes to town with ulterior motives for befriending everyone at the morgue," said Jerry of his bro', who is also the latest title star of "The Bachelor."

"We had this fight scene, and it was amazing how free I could be as an actor. I could do things I'd never try with an actor I didn't know, like pushing him in the face. It's probably the most emotional I've been in 'Jordan.' My mother came to watch a couple of scenes, and she saw the fight. She said, 'You used to fight just like that at home."'




The March 20-26, 2005 issue of TV guide features a 4 page interview with Jill Hennessy and other cast members of Crossing Jordan (including Jerry O'Connell). The article and photos have been added to the interviews section of the web site. READ THE ARTICLE HERE.



Two new photos of Jerry and Charlie O'Connell from the Crossing Jordan episode "Skin and Bone" have been posted at Click the links below to view the photos. (Thanks to Tracey for the info!)

Photo #1 - Calvin and Woody Hoyt
Photo #2 - Calvin and Woody Hoyt

Behind the scenes video footage from the set of Crossing Jordan can be viewed at (click on the video titled "Go on set for some of Jordan's most daring stunts")

NBC's Today Show visited the set of Crossing Jordan on March 18th, and the behind the scenes video interviews can be viewed at (On the Left side click on the bottom link "Home & Living" then click on "NBC Today". Then choose the video clip in the second row with Jill's photo that says "Behind the Scenes".) Here is an interesting quote from Miguel Ferrer in regards to directing an upcoming episode of Crossing Jordan. "The crew just killed themselves for me, and all the actors just brought their A game. Jerry O'Connell was on time, which is no mean feat." It also sounds like Woody may be getting some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from Jordan in an upcoming episode.

Zap2it published a recent article about Crossing Jordan. (To read the full article go to The following is the portion of the article that mentions Jerry:

'Jordan' Wishes to Uncover More Acclaim
(Sunday, March 13 12:07 AM)
By John Crook

Both Hennessy and Kring are quick to give credit to cast member Jerry O'Connell for much of the new energy that now drives the show. O'Connell began occasional appearances as Boston Police Detective Woody Hoyt in 2002 but became a series regular this season.

"I've always liked Jerry O'Connell," Hennessy says. "In addition to being, uh, hot -- I mean, he's a total dish, and you've got to see his body, which is just spectacular -- he has such a facility with both comedy and drama.

"On a fundamental level, having a strong actor who's also comedic in the role of a detective helps immensely. In regards to the whole feasibility of the show, let's face it, you can't have a medical examiner investigating crimes. It doesn't work and it isn't realistic. So we needed a pivotal character in the cast who could get into a crime scene and pursue an investigation and have Jordan take a part in that. Otherwise, it would just be too hard to swallow, with Jordan breaking into police headquarters and stealing evidence."

O'Connell's presence also opens up potential for romantic comedy in the show's story lines, something Hennessy says she relishes.

"The character allows Jordan to show different sides -- vulnerable, romantic, kooky -- which is great, but the audience also responds so well to the procedural stuff we do together," she says. "I'm just so glad he finally signed as a regular, because I would probably jump off a bridge if he left."




According this report from Yahoo News, NBC has picked up Crossing Jordan for a 5th season. Thanks to Crossing_Jamie at the coffeerooms bboard for the new.

NBC Keeps "Wing," "Joey," "Jordan"
Thu, Mar 17, 2005

...As for the other pick-ups Thursday, the Jill Hennessy (news) medical drama Crossing Jordan, which averages 12.1 million viewers, will be back for its fifth season;




New episodes of Crossing Jordan will air on NBC over the next two weeks. One of the episodes titled "Skin and Bone" guest stars Jerry's brother Charlie O'Connell. View the video preview for "It Happened One Night" at


10pm/ET 03-20-2005 ALL NEW!

MAX RETURNS TO FINALLY PUT TO REST AN OLD SECRET; KEN HOWARD GUEST STARS - A recently released mobster seeks revenge on Jordan's (Jill Hennessy) father and the three other Boston cops who put him behind bars. Jordan frantically tries to find her father before it's too late. However, their long-awaited family reunion is cut short as Max (guest star Ken Howard) reveals the reason for the mobster's multi-decade long vendetta and why he has to stop this killer before he enacts his final vengeance. Meanwhile, Nigel (Steve Valentine) and Bug's (Ravi Kapoor) hopes of winning the coveted prize of top morgue in the country are dashed when a computer glitch crashes their revolutionary system and leaves them with 300 unidentified bodies. Miguel Ferrer, Jerry O'Connell and Kathryn Hahn also star. TV-14

Charlie and Jerry O'ConnellCROSSING JORDAN
03-27-2005 10:00PM/ET

A MASS GRAVE FOR THE MOB?; CHARLIE O'CONNELL GUEST STARS - When Woody (Jerry O'Connell) uncovers an unmarked mass grave, Jordan (Jill Hennessy), Garret (Miguel Ferrer) and the entire team discover the remains to be those of a string of missing Boston mobsters. However, their success at identifying the remains unearths the old killer, who assaults Bug (Ravi Kapoor) in an attempt to keep the truth buried. Lending a hand in the excavation effort is Woody's brother Clavin (guest star Charlie O'Connell, "Cruel Intentions") whose sudden appearance tips the detective's suspicions. Steve Valentine and Kathryn Hahn also star.

"Embraceable You"
(10:00PM-11:00PM/ET) 4-3-2005

A BLACK WIDOW, MOODY BLUES AND A NOT-SO-IMMACULATE CONCEPTION; GINA GERSHON AND SANDRA BERNHARD GUEST STAR -- When the charming daughter (guest star Gina Gershon, "The Insider") of a local jazz legend is caught in a deadly round of lovers' quarrels, Garret (Miguel Ferrer) is quickly ensnared in her web. Accused of orchestrating multiple black widow-style murders, Garret will either prove her innocence or become her latest victim. Elsewhere, Jordan (Jill Hennessy), Woody (Jerry O'Connell) and Nigel (Steve Valentine) uncover a secret of biblical proportions when a young, pregnant nun is found dead in a cloistered convent. Sandra Bernhard ("Roseanne") guest stars, reprising her role as the intense Detective Framus. Kathryn Hahn and Ravi Kapoor also star.



Jerry's Perry Ellis layout photos appear in the March 2005 issues of Details Magazine, Men's Health Magazine, Esquire, and Out. Thanks to RobandChrismom and Sam Lover in the Crossing Jordan Coffeerooms for the news. Click the links below to view the photos that the magazines are running (differnt magazine have different selections):

Details and Esquire March 2005
Jerry O'Connell Laying on Chairs (2 pages)
Jerry'Connell standing in Central Park
Sitting on the Grass

Men's Health March 2005
Jerry sitting on Chairs
Jerry O'Connell Standing in Central Park
Jerry O'Connell riding bike

Out Magazine March 2005
Jerry O'Connell Sitting on Chairs



The following reports and photos come from Life & Style and In Touch Weekly:

Jerry and Charlie O'Connell

Life & Style
March 14, 2005

Meet the new Bachelor
Actor Charlie O'Connell, who appeared in Cruel Intentions and Sliders (with brother Jerry, 31), has signed on to be ABC's next Bachelor.
Charlie, 29, was recently spotted filming in Montauk, NY, at the Montauket bar, according to a town local. The location, says the source, is "right on the water and has gorgeous sunsets."
While the network wouldn't comment on the casting, a Montauket employee confirmed the show's taping, quickly adding, "But w're not allowed to talk about it!"

Charlie O'Connell Bachelor 7

In Touch Weekly
March 14, 2005

The new Bachelor
Lisetn up, ladies! Actor Charlie O'Connell has been tapped to be the next Bachelor. The 29-year-old is going to star on the show's seventh season, which premieres this spring. No word yet on whether his older look-alike brother, Jerry, will be making a cameo appearance! Let's hope he has better luck with reality romance than Jen did.



It's now official, ABC announced on Monday Feb 28th that Charlie O'Connell will be Bachelor number 7 when the reality series premieres on March 28th. According to Kristin at E! News, Jerry will make a guest appearance on the show. (Thanks to Tracey for the quote taken from E! News Weekend, Saturday Feb 26th)

"Jerry O'Connell will be making appearances on 'The Bachelor' with his brother, Charlie. ABC still hasn't confirmed him as the next Bachelor. But, I'm telling you it's true even if Charlie's intentions may not be."

For more news on Charlie's upcoming role on "The Bachelor", please visit the news page at the brand new Charlie O'Connell Fan Site.



Jerry will reportedly be doing the voice of Captain Marvel (a.k.a. Shazam) in an upcoming episode of the Cartoon Networks animated series "Justice League Unlimited" which airs Saturday nights at 8:30 pm Eastern. The episode is titled "The Clash", but an air date has not yet been announced. Upcoming episode schedules are posted at According TemporalFlux Captain Marvel (Shazam) is a prominent character in modern DC comics, so we may see more of this character in future episodes. Thanks to Temporal Flux at the Sci-fi Sliders bboards and kalel32688 in the Jerry O'Connell Fan Forum for the news. Here are the reports from and

by Hannibal Tabu, Staff Writer
Comicbook Resources
Posted: March 3, 2005


Actor Jerry O'Connell apparently has it all. Comics Continuum reports that the former fat kid from "Stand By Me" is both dating recent divorcee and naked super-villainess Rebecca Romijn, but also has inherited the Power of Shazam, and will give voice to Captain Marvel in an upcoming episode of the hit Cartoon Network animated series. In addition to O'Connell, the episode features Shane Haboucha as the voice of Billy Batson. Haboucha, 14, did the voice of the young Superman in the "Kids' Stuff" episode in Justice League Unlimited and plays Charlie Hayes in The WB's "Everwood." "Everyone's going to love that episode; it's a great script," longtime storyboard artist Bret Blevins said. "I referenced all the versions of the comics and other media, too. It's all in there." The episode is titled "The Clash" and will include a scrap between Superman and Captain Marvel. It was written by J.M. DeMatteis and Dwayne McDuffie.

Comics Continuum
Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Jerry O'Connell is providing the voice of Captain Marvel in an upcoming episode of Cartoon Network's Justice League Unlimited.

O'Connell, 31, has dozens of television and movie roles to his credit. His television series include Crossing Jordan, Sliders and My Secret Identity.

O'Connell recently has been dating Rebecca Romijn, star of The Punisher and X-Men movies.

In addition to O'Connell, the episode features Shane Haboucha as the voice of Billy Batson. Haboucha, 14, did the voice of the young Superman in the "Kids' Stuff" episode in Justice League Unlimited and plays Charlie Hayes in The WB's Everwood.

Bret Blevins, longtime storyboard artist, told The Continuum he worked on the Captain Marvel episode.

"Everyone's going to love that episode; it's a great script," Blevins said. "I referenced all the versions of the comics and other media, too. It's all in there."

The episode is titled "The Clash" and will include a scrap between Superman and Captain Marvel. It was written by J.M. DeMatteis and Dwayne McDuffie.

Look for more on Justice League Unlimited soon here in The Continuum.

This is some additional background information on the character "Captain Marvel" from TemporalFlux:

...most of the world knows this character as Shazam even though the character's actual name is Captain Marvel. Shazam is in fact the magic word the boy speaks to bring down the lightning that transforms him into Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel was created by Fawcett Comics in 1940. The idea behind the character is that young Billy Batson stumbled upon the secret cave of an aged wizard charged with guarding the seven deadly sins that once ravaged the world. The wizard needed a champion, so he enchanted Billy with the magical ability to transform into an older version of himself endowed with magical super powers. To change, Billy had but to utter the wizard's name - Shazam! - and a bolt of lightning would strike the boy and cause the transformation. Billy would later learn that Shazam is actually an acronym that stands for the source and type of powers he is granted:

1. Solomon: Wisdom
2. Hercules: Strength
3. Atlas: Stamina
4. Zeus: Power
5. Achilles: Courage
6. Mercury: Speed

Captain Marvel was a very popular creation in the '40's; and his regular appearances in WHIZ comics sold even more copies per month than Superman, the creation of DC Comics. This fact greatly dismayed DC Comics especially given that Captain Marvel's powers were so similar to Superman's. It did not take long for DC Comics to file a copyright infringement suit against Fawcett Comics for "copying" Superman; but DC actually lost the trial. Shortly after DC filed an appeal, Fawcett Comics decided to stop publishing in 1952 due to the general economic decline of interest in super-hero comic books. DC continued their appeal, and Fawcett Comics eventually accepted a settlement agreement of a cash payout and the promise to not publish anything else without DC Comics' consent. In 1955, DC Comics revived the super-hero market in comics; but Fawcett Comics had their hands tied by the settlement agreement. As a result, Captain Marvel would not see print again until 1973.

By 1973, DC Comics had actually purchased all of the rights held by Fawcett Comics; and this gave DC the authority to publish their own Captain Marvel comics. Out of homage to the true creator, the home town of Billy Batson and Captain Marvel was named Fawcett City; and this is likely to be the name of the city in Jerry's Justice League episode.

So why does the world better know the character as Shazam? Well, during the Fawcett Captain Marvel's hiatus from print, Marvel Comics began publishing a monthly series in 1967 about an alien military commander named Captain Marvel. As a result, Marvel Comics had the trademark on the name "Captain Marvel" and the full rights to the logo before DC Comics began publishing the Fawcett character again in 1973. With Marvel Comics owning the name and logo, DC Comics was forced to publish any work of the Fawcett character under the logo "Shazam!". To this day, Marvel Comics makes certain to publish at least one title called "Captain Marvel" every 10 years; and according to United States trademark law, Marvel Comics can literally keep the trademark forever as long as they use it at least once every 10 years. I suppose it is an example of things coming full circle; DC Comics is to be forever denied use of the established name of a character they obtained through unjust means.

Shazam / Captain Marvel is a prominent character in modern DC Comics; so it would be safe to expect more appearances of Shazam / Captain Marvel on Justice League Unlimited beyond the one episode we know of. Justice League Unlimited, currently airing its fourth season, was recently renewed for an additional 24 episodes (which will comprise season five and six); so it is very possible Jerry will be giving his voice to Shazam more than once in the years to come.



On February 26th Extra aired a segment filmed on the set of Crossing Jordan. You can view the video clip at Julie's Crossing Jordan Page.




Go to TV NOW to get the current U.S. television schedule for Jerry O'Connell's movies and TV shows.






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