This news of the Kangaroo Jack DVD release was taken from the business wire:

BURBANK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 25, 2003--Warner Home Video:

-- Hours of Laughter Just in Time for Summer Vacation Featuring a Talking and Rapping Kangaroo and a Young and Hip Cast of Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Anderson and Estella Warren
-- "Here's an action comedy for the entire family." -Jim Ferguson, FOX-TV

On June 24, jump into the adventure of the summer as Warner Home Video (WHV) releases the hilarious, live-action $66 million box office hit "Kangaroo Jack." An outrageous Outback comedy packed with fun and original special features, "Kangaroo Jack" is available on DVD in both widescreen and full-screen formats for $27.98 SRP and VHS for $22.99 SRP.
He put the money in his jacket ... and the jacket on a kangaroo ... and now it's gone! The chase is on and so is the fun when two Brooklyn buddies sent to Australia to deliver $50,000 cross paths with Kangaroo Jack, a prankster of a 'roo who sprints off with the loot. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer ("Armageddon," "Remember the Titans") brings his adrenaline-rush style to this family crowd-pleaser.

The DVD packs a punch with special features including:

-- Casting Sessions: Uncut -- Outrageous animal auditions.

-- Gags and Outtakes: Side-splitting cutting room floor goodies.

-- Jackie Legs' Dance Grooves: Learn how to do Jackie's cool
marsupial moves.

-- Behind the Gas: The sound mixer's job of finding the perfect
sound for the flatulent camel.

-- Marsupial Magic: How Jackie was transformed from Outback
wannabe to screen sensation ... in his own words.

-- 2 Audio Commentaries: One by Kangaroo Jack himself, the other
by Jack's good buddies Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Anderson,
Estella Warren, director David McNally, writers Steve Bing and
Scott Rosenberg and visual effects supervisor Hoyt Yeatman.

Hopping promotions including a sweepstakes with a grand prize of a family trip to Australia, 5 first prizes of a Pentax digital camera and 10 second prizes of a $100 AT&T calling card, will support the video release. Consumers who buy "Kangaroo Jack" will receive a free DVD when they purchase an additional DVD from a select list (plus $3.25 in shipping and handling). Promotion details are subject to change.
For more information on this and other titles distributed by Warner Home Video, visit www.whvdirect.com.



Here's the latest news about the movie "First Daughter" which Jerry wrote and is executive producing.

E! Online Movie Scoop with Anderson Jones

The Race Is On: You may have heard about the upcoming movie about the President's daughter who gets into trouble when she starts hanging around her new boyfriend. In fact, you may have heard about two such upcoming movies. That's Hollywood, a town that never met an idea it didn't like enough to do it twice. Kangaroo Jack star Jerry O'Connell wrote First Daughter years ago, and it got stuck in development hell until Forest Whitaker showed up.

O'Connell tells me he picked Whitaker because "he can handle the balance between the guy's story and more emotional girl's story," he says. "He was the only man for the job." Essentially, First Daughter follows the exploits of the President's teenage daughter, who wants to date a regular guy. O'Connell says he isn't bothered by the fact that a very similar story is being made at another studio, with Mandy Moore attached.

"That's how it goes," he says. "I may have been the first one to write the script, and while it's in the WGA, it's no patented invention. It actually helps my project, because it's been in development for years, and it was only after they heard about the Mandy Moore project that they put it on the fast track. We've been developing it for a couple of years. It's not a script we made from a TV movie." So, that other project may have Moore, but there's talk that Katie Holmes may sign on to O'Connell's project. Although he intends to exec produce, he doesn't have plans to star. He's just hoping they'll attach starlets to knockoffs of his other projects in development. "That way, they'll get made, as well."



According to E! Online's Anderson Jones, Jerry may be up for a part in the next Spider-man movie:

Obligatory Casting News: Speaking of O'Connell, some digging around the Sony lot turned up word that he may be up for a spot in The Amazing Spider-Man as a competing love interest for Kirsten Dunst--not as Spidey, Maguire's bad back or no.



Jerry O'Connell is scheduled to appear on Last Call with Carson Daily the evening of Tuesday, March 25th (Early morning Wednesday March 26th at 1:35 am Pacific). Carson will be airing footage from Jerry's day at the Oakland A's training camp taped in February. Thanks to HTZone for passing along the news.



Jerry called in to Los Angeles FM Talk Radio 97.1 KLSX to talk to "Film Freak" Leo Quinones about the possibility of playing Superman. Go to the FilmFreak.com Vault to listen to an mp3 recording of the interview. Thanks to Mocojono for sharing the news.



Teen Scene Magazine.com has an interview with Jerry O'Connell and Anthony Anderson promoting Kangaroo Jack. To read the full article go to teen.dim8.net. Here are a few interesting pieces from the article.

While some of you may have enjoyed seeing O'Connell in "Tomcats" don't expect to see him play those types of roles again. "I wasn't at the premiere because I was in Australia. I sent my parents, my mother goes to see everything I do. My mother literally loves everything that I do. I expected her to think that the movie was really funny but my mother went, 'uh, Jerry, it was so stupid. It was just so gratuitous and you saying bleep and all the girls taking their shirts off. It was just stupid.' I was really scared because I had made a really dumb movie," Jerry tells. Hoping to move in a new direction Jerry jumped on-board "Kangaroo Jack" which has a PG rating. "We hadn't started shooting Kangaroo Jack yet and I was like, we're going to make this a good kids movie. Nobody is going to curse and my mother is going to love it."

In "Kangaroo Jack" Jerry and Anthony are friends from Brooklyn. Which isn't far from the truth. While the two had only met once before shooting the movie the two have since become great buddies. "We were actually on the set of 20th Century Fox and I was there pitching a movie," tells Anderson. "Jerry was there pitching a movie and he was walking by and one of the producers that was attached to my project was like, 'that's my buddy Jerry O'Connell' and I was looking at him and I was like, 'hey, is he gay?' And he was like 'no, I don't think so.' and I said 'call him over. I'll find out.' So he calls him over." "And he tries to kiss me," Jerry laughs. "So we had a mutual respect for each other's work. A year later, fast forward to that, there's a script that he's already attached to and we meet. We're represented by the same agency and they thought it would be a good idea if we met before we auditioned, so we met an hour before," Anthony explains. "So, we meet up at breakfast at Norms. Anthony was shocked that I was at Norms. He was like, (in an imitation of Anthony's accent) 'I didn't know white people came to Norms. You an international movie star and you getting the $1.99 steak and eggs. Good for you, man. Keeping it real.' So we get in a room and one of the scenes we have to do is the fight scene in the desert. Cut to Anthony holding me upside down by my ankles; Anthony on his back spinning me around. The whole room is laughing hysterically and we literally walked out of that room and walked directly onto a plane to Australia. It was just that easy," tells Jerry. "Jerry and I have been the best of friends since the day we met to now. We might not get to see each other for months but we're like little girls. We're chatty on the phone," Anthony smiles.

... In the past Jerry appeared on the television series "Crossing Jordan." With the popularity of his character he will now be getting his own series currently titled, "Sunset Division" which they will be filming the pilot for within the next few weeks. "When I went on Crossing Jordan, I wanted to play an adult. I wanted to put on a suit and tie everyday and have a job that I did. Crossing Jordan came up and I met with Jill Hennessy and she's adorable. I thought, why not do this. Then, my character became pretty popular on the show. I got offered another show to do, but before I took that, they offered me this one."

- Caroline Kim, Movie Reviews Editor & Chad Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief



Back in 1999 Jerry sold his first movie script to New Regency titled "First Daughter." According to the Reuters article posted today at Yahoo! News, Forest Whitaker has signed on to direct the film and casting should be completed within the next few weeks. Jerry had originally planned to play the role of the young secret service agent sent to keep an eye on the president's college age daughter, but now he will serve as executive producer. "First Daughter" is produced by 20th Century Fox-based Davis Entertainment president Wyck Godfrey. Here is the full article from Reuters (thanks to Shari_Lynn for passing this along):

Movies - Reuters
Rival 'First Daughter' Films Vie to Be First

Thu Mar 13, 3:02 AM ET
By Claude Brodesser and Dana Harris

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Who will have the first "First Daughter?"

Forest Whitaker (news) has signed on to direct the romantic comedy "First Daughter" for Regency Enterprises. Simultaneously, Alcon Entertainment is in pre-production on its own "First Daughter," a romantic comedy to star Mandy Moore (news) that will serve as TV helmer Andy Cadiff's feature directing debut.

Regency's project is slated to begin production in mid-May. Meanwhile, Alcon will begin production May 17 in London and distributor Warner Bros. plans to release the film in January 2004.

At Regency, "First Daughter" is the tale of the college-age daughter of the U.S. president who insists on going to college without a retinue of Secret Service agents. The president agrees, but slips a downy-faced agent into the school to watch her. They fall in love -- until she figures out his identity.

In Alcon's "First Daughter," the U.S. president's 18-year-old daughter gives the Secret Service (news - web sites) the slip to go on a romantic European road trip unsupervised by the earpiece set.

Competing projects aren't unusual in Hollywood -- witness the recent race to bring "Frida" to the screen, or the bakeoffs between "Deep Impact" and "Meteor" or "Red Planet" and "Mission to Mars." However, it's unusual to see two competing projects move into production in nearly perfect lockstep.

The arrival of Whitaker kicks into high gear a project acquired in March 1999 from actor-turned-scribe Jerry O'Connell (news) ("Jerry Maguire"). It was rewritten by "Bring It On" scribe Jessica Bendinger, who also recently penned Jonathan Demme's "The Truth About Charlie."

O'Connell was to have initially played the secret agent, but now will executive produce. Casting is under way and should be complete in the next two weeks, a Regency spokesman said.

Regency's "First Daughter" is produced by 20th Century Fox-based Davis Entertainment president Wyck Godfrey.

Meanwhile, Alcon execs have spent the last two months prepping "First Daughter," penned by scribes Derek Guiley and David Schneiderman and rewritten by Randi Singer ("Mrs. Doubtfire"). Alcon announced its acquisition of the spec script in late 2000.

The Alcon film will be produced by David Parfitt ("Shakespeare in Love"), among others.



Zap2it.com is running an online poll where readers can vote for who they'd like to see play the Man of Steel. If you'd like to show your support for Jerry just go to Zap2it.com Movies > Features.



Jerry O'Connell was among the guests who attended the Alex Balahoutis Strange Invisible Parfumerie Party at a Venice, California boutique on March 6th. Jerry was photographed with the likes of Cuba Gooding Jr., Jerry Bruckheimer, and one 'Mystery Blonde' who is now confirmed as E! News Live's Giulianna. To view the photos from the party visit wireimage.com. (Thanks to Shari_Lynn for sharing the news)



NBCmv.com has 2 new photos of Jerry from the Crossing Jordan episode "Strangled."




The rumors are flying - just who will play the Man of Steel in the new Superman movie? This news was reported on E! News live on Tuesday March 4th and can be found at moviehole.net (Thanks to Clint at Moviehole.net for passing along the news):

Is Jerry O'Connell the new "Superman"?
Kristin from E News Live says she's got it on good authority that Jerry O'Connell is being looked at to play Superman. The show announced the news on yesterday's program, remarking on how fans of Connell's "Crossing Jordan" have been missing his absence for the past weeks. They then came up with the news that he might be the new Superman - so don't go missing him too much just yet. Could be just another rumour of a rumour of a rumour...or could it?

Oddly enough, Jerry's manager denied the rumor on Thursday March 6th at Zap2it.com:

Yet the rumors are still flying fast and furious on who will get to play the superhero in director Brett Ratner's ("Red Dragon," "Rush Hour" ) upcoming film for Warner Bros. The latest actor to join the list of contenders is Jerry O'Connell, who is reportedly being tested for the role, but that information appears to be incorrect.

"They are testing people for the role right now, and he is not one of the people that they are testing," according to O'Connell's manager.

Wouldn't you know it, Jerry personally reconfirms the rumor with Andy in the Friday March 7th edition of Movie Scoop at E! Online.

The Big O: Like, for instance, the casting of Jerry O'Connell.

"Yeah, I'm definitely right in there," O'Connell tells me, over his cell phone. "There is some stiff competition, but I guarantee you I can do more push-ups than all those other guys." (As anyone who has seen Kangaroo Jack can testify.) O'Connell, who has already screen-tested for the Man of Steel, may also have an in with director Brett Ratner. You see, back at NYU, Ratner served as O'Connell's senior advisor when he was a freshman. At the very least, it makes good copy, and sometimes that matters more than you know.

However, there are at least two other actors in the running ahead of O'Connell, but their identities are top secret.

"There are guys in front of me that have nominations," O'Connell says. "The only thing I've been nominated for is best attendance for physical education in junior high. Whether it happens or not, I'm in this business for the long haul. I know for a fact that I look good in blue Spandex. If it doesn't happen, Space Ghost is always an option."

Empire Online also has a write-up on the latest superman rumors.



Jerry recently conducted an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald to promote Kangaroo Jack. You can read the article at smh.com.au. Kangaroo Jack opens in Australian theaters on April 10th.




It seems that Jerry's been spotted out and about in L.A. with a new mystery blonde. He attended the screening of "Cradle to the Grave" in Westwood on February 27 with a blonde "guest" by his side. (She certainly looks a lot like E! News Live's Giuliana). View images from the screening at Wireimage.com.

Ted Casablanca also reported on this Jerry sighting in his February 27th column.

Grabbing a bite of something a little more sizzling was the always tasty...
Jerry O'Connell, buying reserved tickets for Old School at the Pacific Grove Theaters on Sunday night. Third Street and Fairfax. The Crossing Jordan detective strolled up to the box office with a regular (as of late) hot blonde on his arm and ordered up two balcony tickets. Oh, dear, such a perfect spot for necking, wouldn't you agree? Could this pussy-galore gonzo be settling down? Only time will tell on that one, mes cheris.



Go to TV NOW to get the current U.S. television schedule for Jerry O'Connell's movies and TV shows.






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