There is a short interview and a photo of Jerry in the April 9-16th issue of US weekly.  Read the interview on the interviews page. (Thanks to Southern Slider for the heads up on this sighting)



On March 8th, Jerry participated in an online chat with French fans at  To read a rough English translation check out the Chat Transcripts on the Interviews page.




You can find a full page feature on Jerry's new movie, Tomcats, in the April 2001 issue of Total Movie (Josie and the Pussycats on the cover). 


In a nutshell:  Seven bachelors gather at their buddy's wedding and start a betting pool that will eventually be won by the last guy alive and single.  Seven years later, only two are still without nooses around their necks and/or rings on their fingers.  But then one of them gets into a little gambling trouble and needs the now-sizable wad of cash in the bachelor pot to pay it off.  the only solution;  get the other single guy married off and collect.

Potential:  there's so much untested talent involved here - from director Gregory Poireir to most of the cast to, um, the best boy to, uh, the catering company - that there's bound to be a few energetic "somebody notice me and throw some work my way" performances.  Plus, you've got Shannon Elizabeth in the mix, so our enthusiasm - among other things - is up tenfold.

Pitfalls:  Even though this flick has nothing to do with Saturday Night Live, it does feature SNL's Horatio Sanz, who may accidentally carry over some of the awfulness that plagues nearly every SNL spin-off.  That, and Bill Maher doing anything beyond a cameo scares us.

Total Movie Says:  It's hard to deny the springtime allure of a sex comedy, what with all the flowers in bloom and naughty dogs humping in the park.  We figure it's as good a time as any to spend some quality time in the dark with Shannon Elizabeth, who just keeps getting saucier by the minute.



There is a full page photo of Jerry in the Young Hollywood Special Issue of April's Movieline.  (Thanks to Raydelle for letting us know about this one!)

BEACH THERAPY:  Young Hollywood vet Jerry O'Connell, who made his film debut as the rotund kid in 1986's Stand by Me and has since starred in Jerry Maguire and Scream 2, loves to surf at Zuma beach to unwind from the Young Hollywood life.  Just in the past year, O'Connell, 27, has sold his script First Daughter to New Regency Pictures, and has made two comedies - Tomcats and the upcoming Buying the Cow.


  • Take designers up on their offer to come by their boutiques and help themselves
  • Go to Japan to be treated like royalty while shooting ads for $1 million
  • Surf with dolphins at Zuma beach north of Malibu
  • Get rubbed at the Beverly Hot Springs
  • Snowboard at Mammoth
  • Visit their own Web sites
  • Hang with Kate at Goldie and Kurt's mansion
  • Get craniosacral therapy
  • Drive past billboards with movie ads in which they appear
  • Pop into Tracey Ross's boutique on Sunset Blvd. in L.A.

(Note:  These are not all things Jerry necessarily does.  However,  surfing at Zuma was highlighted on Jerry's photo.)

There is also a brief mention of "Tomcats" in April's Premiere Magazine:

Comedy; starring Jerry O'Connell, Jake Busey, Shannon Elizabeth, and Bill Maher; directed by Gregory Poirier
Release Date:  March 30 (Revolution)

What guy wouldn't take a bet that he'll be the last of his friends to marry?  It's a win-win situation.  Seven buddies play those odds, and several years later, after the pot has swollen to a substantial sum, there are just two men still flying solo:  Michael (O'Connell), a gambler with some large debts at a Vegas casino, and Kyle (Busey), an inveterate ladies' man.  Michael's only hope is to tempt Kyle with the girl of his dreams, the one-that-got-away (Elizabeth).




Jerry gets a few mentions in Ted Casablanca's column at E! Online:

February 15th, 2001

Jerry O'Connell, making a rosy run on a sunny day. J.O'C.
hopped out of his vintage convertible and grabbed a boxed
corsage at Rita Flora on La Brea. Hell-Ay. The preppy guy
sported khaki shorts and a polo shirt, plus a deep, George
Hamilton-esque tan.

March 8th 2001

Deep Thoughts
Sex! Sex? And some more Sex. When you walk into
Tinseltown's newest wannabe hotspot, you can't help but
think about it. Deep, a hipster hangout at the heady
intersection of Hollywood and Vine, is the latest addition to

the crash 'n' burn Palm Tree Coast club scene.

Just getting in the door is a fete in itself--the place has
one of tightest door policies in town. Many animal-skin-clad
stunners with their sleek and slicked-back studs were stuck
in line, and they were on the guest list.

Jerry O'Connell, of course, had no problem
getting in the door last weekend. Joined by
some Industry pals, the professional partier
enjoyed the fab food and the fabber foxes.
Dressed in jeans, white polo and denim
jacket, the prepped-out hunk held court with
a bevy of adoring beauties in one of the
private rooms. Never one to miss a good
pah-tay, Jer frequently left his private pad to enjoy the
commoners in the main room.

The main bar area is not only filled with stocked shelves but
also houses two glass-enclosed performance areas for all to
enjoy. While sipping your martini, you can also watch
scantily clad dancers simulating erotic acts for your
personal pleasure. (The motto for this town certainly is
Voyeur by Night, V8 by Day, is it not?)




According to this story in the Hollywood Reporter, Jerry's Agent has moved from the Creative Artists Agency to Endeavor.  Here's the news Clip from February 27th 2001:

Former CAA agent Patrick Whitesell reported for his first day on the job as an
Endeavor partner Monday, bringing with him Oscar winners Ben Affleck and
Matt Damon along with Drew Barrymore, Jada Pinkett Smith, Christian Bale,
Jerry O'Connell and Hugh Jackman. News of Whitesell's negotiations with
Endeavor were first reported Sunday on The Hollywood Reporter website.

It was unclear at press time Monday whether Whitesell's other clients --
including Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Jon Bon Jovi, Jordana Brewster, Kate

Hudson, Craig Kilborn, Natasha McElhone, Alan Rickman, Gary Sinise, Jon
Voight, Kimberly Williams and Sam Worthington -- will follow him to Endeavor
or stay at CAA.

Sources said the phone war was hot and heavy Monday as the rival agencies
attempted to reach and retain the aforementioned clients. A CAA insider said
the agency is working hard to keep the clients whom Whitesell signed and with
whom CAA has built a relationship. Sources said that CAA agents called many
of Whitesell's clients before the agent had a chance to call them himself.

Whitesell made his decision to exit CAA, where he was co-head of the motion
picture talent department, over the weekend and informed agency partner
Richard Lovett on Sunday night that he would join rival Endeavor. He was not
under contract at CAA. At Endeavor, he becomes the 10th partner in the firm,
which represents such talent as Dustin Hoffman, Adam Sandler, Lisa Kudrow,
Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton, Diane Lane, Eric McCormack, Frances
McDormand, Bette Midler, Conan O'Brien, David Spade and Bill Paxton.






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