On February 10th the entertainment news show Extra ran a segment about New York Fashion week. Jerry was on hand to do some first hand reporting from the Perry Ellis show, and Extra has the video clip and a slide show of this segment posted on their web site Thanks to Tracey for the info!



If you happened to miss this appearance (or just want to watch it again), Jerry's interivew on Late Night with Conan O'Brien will repeat on the evening of Monday February 28th (original air date 11/1/04). Thanks to Tracey for the news.



For those of you who might be interested in chatting about Charlie O'Connell or meeting other Charlie O'Connell fans, feel free to stop by the brand new Charlie O'Connell Fan Forum.



E! Online's "Watch With Kristin" has confirmed the rumor originally printed in the National Enquirer - apparently Charlie O'Connell is currently filming the new season of ABC's "The Bachelor" (Thanks to Tracey for the heads up). Here is the scoop from

Watch With Kristin
Feb 12th, 2005

BREAKING BACHELOR SCOOP: My sources tell me the next Bachelor has been chosen, and the lucky guy is none other than Charlie O'Connell, the occasional TV and film actor, whose brother is Jerry O'Connell, star of Crossing Jordan and Rebecca Romijn's current squeeze. According to my sources, Charlie shot scenes for the ABC reality series this week in Montauk, New York, where his parents have a home. But is the 29-year-old ladies' man ready to settle down? In my column that launches Saturday, I've got details on that, plus, more juicy Bachelor and Bachelorette scoop, including the lowdown on Meredith and Ian's breakup and why Jen might not be in love. See you then!

Watch With Kristin
Feb. 18, 2005

The Next Bachelor Is a "Celebrity": Either Charlie O'Connell has lost his mind and thinks he's the new Bachelor, or he has lost his mind and is the new Bachelor. That's what I can tell you after a good friend spotted the single guy in Montauk, New York being followed by a camera crew over the weekend. Charlie--to refresh your memory--is a TV and film actor (Cruel Intentions, Without a Trace) and also the brother of Crossing Jordan star (and Rebecca Romijn squeeze) Jerry O'Connell. When asked by my friend what he was doing, C.O'C. straight out spilled it: "I'm the next Bachelor."

Sources close to the show confirm it's true, that Charlie is the next guy to choose the one lucky woman out of 25, whom he'll ultimately drop like a hotcake and embarrass in the national press. I'm told producers had been looking--for months--for either a doctor or a "celebrity or someone with a celebrity angle" under 30 to be the next big B and landed on Charlie. ABC believes him to have just the right charisma to bring the show back to its former Trista-like ratings of yesterseason. (Word is he also can walk on water and make the blind see.)

But why Montauk? Those in the know tell me Charlie's parents, Ma and Pa O'Connell, have a home there, and that Charlie spends his summers there teaching sailing to kids, mixing drinks at a local bar and dating the ladies.

So, is the 29-year-old Bachelor finally ready to settle down? Possibly, but someone in Charlie's camp tells me he's more likely to be doing the show for the fame. "He's just come out of a relationship, and I'm pretty sure he's just doing this for the fun--and the press," she says.

Shocking, I know. All the previous Bachelors seemed so genuine. Still, of course, I'll be watching every single second. Charlie likes to party, my friends, and this could be the best Bachelor yet.

Now, as coinky-dink would have it, host Chris Harrison was also "on the East Coast" Tuesday regarding the upcoming finale. I've said it before, and I'll say it again--Chris is one of the most charming, witty and loved guys in Hollywood, but all that ass-kissery got me precisely nowhere when I asked about the Charlie rumor. "That would be interesting, but I have no idea," he says. "Sorry!"

Humph. It's a good thing that guy is so entirely un-hateable.

This is the original report from the National Enquirer. Althought he Enquirer is far from a reputable news source (stories include "Ashley Olsen Caught in Drug Scandal" and "Coma Patient Wakes Up After Boss Orders Him Back To Work"), perhaps they are right about Charlie's current project?

Thanks to Linda in the Jerry O'Connell Fan Forum for the news.

Jerry and Charlie O'Connell

National Enquirer Feb 21, 2005 - pg 16

Run for cover; ladies!
New "Bachelor" just isn't the marrying kind

Look out, ladies! The new "Bachelor" is a Hollywood playboy who likes to party - but has no intention of getting married... rose or no rose.

This handsome hunk is a 29-year-old actor who just broke up with his girlfriend and vowed he won't get tied down again. But he's looking for a way to get national exposure.

And what better way than to date a bunch of beautiful women on "The Bachelor"?

Once again, The Enquirer has learned who allegedly will try to find his bride among 25 hopefuls when the popular show returns in March. If you don't want to know who he is, read no further.

The new bachelor is Charlie O'Connell, an actor who has been seen in several films including "Dude, Where's My Car?" and "Cruel Intentions."

"Charlie is a really nice guy but he just broke up with his longtime girlfriend - who doesn't know he's going to be the next 'Bachelor'," revealed a close friend. "Charlie is just looking to have a good time while getting more exposure on national TV."


The new bachelor and his older brother Jerry O'Connell, star of "Crossing Jordan," live in Los Angeles.

Charlie was a drama major at New York University and used to consider TV beneath his acting abilities, say sources. However, after appearing as a gangster on "Sliders" in 1996 with his brother, who was one of the producers, he decided he liked performing on TV.

"He definitely will bring a lot of excitement to 'The Bachelor' because he adores beautiful women and love to party," said his friend.

"Charlie likes to drink and dance, so he'll probably have the ladies in the pool or hot tub in every episode.

"He is also a handsome guy whose acting career is on the rise, so there will probably be a lot of catfights between the women - and he'll love it!"

As a child, Charlie was nicknamed "Upchuck" by his brother because he was a little overweight, but those days are behind him. Dashing and athletic, he's handy with a sword - having captained NYU's fencing team and competed in the NCAA championships.


A show source told The Enquirer, "We got off to a very late start picking the bachelor this time, partly because of concern that Charlie is not really the marrying kind. He's more of a partyer, and behind the scenes he's referred to as 'Good-Time Charlie.' "

The show has a less-than-successful record in the love department. None of the "Bachelor" couples have gone on to get married, or even stayed together very long.


"Some people on the show wanted to go for a lower-key regular guy, but they decided to go with Charlie instead, even though no one expects to see a happy ending and wedding come out of the upcoming season," confided the show insider.

Picking a heartthrob bachelor with a bit of celebrity glamour is part of the strategy to make female viewers' hearts melt and boost sagging ratings.

Among other bachelor candidates considered were Jeff Timmons of the pop band 98 Degrees and former "Save By The Bell" star Mario Lopez, recently divorced from TV personality Ali Landry.

-Patricia Shipp



Photos of Jerry and Rebecca Romijn are featured in the February 21, 2005 issues of People Weekly, Us Weekly, In Touch, Life & Style and Star Magazines.

Us Weekly - February 21, 2005
Faces and Places Page 32


Nicky Hilton and big sis Paris attended Luca Luca along with Rebecca Romijn and beau Jerry O'Connell on Feb. 6. "This girl is the best," O'Connell tells Us. "I love her to death.

Us Weekly - February 21, 2005
Love Lives Page 41


Romijn and O'Connell stocked up before the fashion show, shopping at Luca Luca on February 5.

Jerry Brings Rebecca Home to Manhattan
In New York City for Olympus Fashion Week, Jerry O'Connell, 31, was hanging backstage at the February 4 Perry Ellis show (the Crossing Jordan star models for the line) when he got word that girlfriend Rebecca Romijn, 32, was on her way. "He got so excited he ran out to meet her," says a source. (O'Connell got there just in time to open the car door.) Later, at the February 6 Luca Luca show, the Big Apple native said it was good to be back. "I get to see a lot of old friends," he told Us between cuddles with Romijn. "We're happy to be here."


People Weekly - Feb 21, 2005
Style Watch - Fashion Week N.Y.C. Page 124


At the Luca Luca show, the Hilton sisters chatted with each other, and Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell canoodled throughout the event.

In Touch Weekly - Feb 21, 2005
Up Close A-List Event
Page 1


The real fashion stars were in the font row! How could anyone keep their eyes on the runway? Hot designer Luca luca's show during New York's Fashion Week attracted some of the hottest stars to the tents at Bryant Park. Nicky and Paris Hilton shared a row with fashion icon Rebecca Romijn and her guy, Jerry O'connell.




A recent article posted at mentioned Jerry O'Connell as one of the celebrities who have visited the Apple retail store in LA.

Stars Take a Shine to Apple

02:00 AM Feb. 14, 2005 PT

Apple has four retail stores in the Los Angeles area, which give the sales associates ample opportunity to rub elbows with Hollywood celebrities. It isn't always pleasant.

Out of respect for the celebrities' privacy, Apple forbids the stores' sales associates from talking to the press. But that hasn't stopped several staffers from sharing their celebrity anecdotes with Wired News -- stories that reveal Tinseltown's good, bad and ugly.

... Another associate said trying to explain wireless networking to actor Jerry O'Connell was "quite the ordeal" because he had "no clue" what Wi-Fi was, but he was friendly and thankful.

In fact, staffers said most stars who come into stores are nice and friendly.



This interview with Jerry was posted at

Love scene `Crossing'? O'Connell ready for some `Jordan' action
By Amy Amatangelo
Sunday, February 13, 2005

There are three questions Jerry O'Connell, who stars as Detective Woody Hoyt on ``Crossing Jordan'' (tonight at 10 on WHDH, Ch. 7), always gets when he runs into fans: ``Are you the fat kid from `Stand By Me'?'' ``Why did you leave `Jerry Maguire'?'' And ``When are you going to hook up with Jordan?''

Finally, in tonight's episode, Woody and Jordan (Jill Hennessy) will get a little closer to the romance the show has been hinting at for years.

``I think I'm going to get me a little bit of Jordan,'' O'Connell said during a recent telephone interview. ``I hope it happens this season. I hope it does. I would personally like to film a sex scene with Jill Hennessy. I have a girlfriend that I love very much, and (Hennessy) has a husband that she loves very much, and it's sort of like getting to do something without getting into trouble.''

But it's O'Connell's off-screen love life that is making the headlines of celebrity gossip magazines. The actor has been dating actress Rebecca Romijn (``X-Men'').

``The tabloid attention is something new,'' he said. ``You know, I just don't pay attention to it. You can't help but pick it up when you're in your dentist office, but other than that I think it's best not to really think or worry about that stuff because when you start worrying about what other people say, you're doing something wrong. I do want to say that I love Rebecca very much. She's a big part of my life, and I can't get enough of her.''

O'Connell's transition from child actor to adult actor was fairly smooth.

``I think it had a lot to do with my parents. They never really took that kid actor stuff serious. It was always an extracurricular activity. When I went to go do `Stand by Me,' my father convinced me that the movie was never going to be released and I shouldn't tell anybody at school because the movie is probably never going to come out. I think a lot of kids come out to L.A. right after high school, or some of them don't even go to high school, and as silly as high school and college seem, they give you more than just a book education, they give you a general life education.''

During his freshman year at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, O'Connell watched the 1986 movie ``Stand By Me'' in one class.

``In the class, the professor was talking about the rain in a certain scene and how it represents a rebirth, and I remember thinking it just happened to rain that day we were shooting the scene. Rob Reiner never uttered the words `rebirth' or `Christ figure' when we were making this.''

It was O'Connell's college buddy Damon Lindelof, then a writer on ``Crossing Jordan'' and now executive producer on ``Lost,'' who persuaded him to come on the NBC drama in 2002.

``I came on for an episode in between doing a couple of movies. They've always been trying to get me to sign on, and last year I signed on for good. I mostly signed on for good because the roles I was being offered in the movie world were kids' movies. After I did `Kangaroo Jack,' I was getting a lot of offers for kids' movies, and I sat down with my agents and said, `What is the most adult offer I have on the table?' And they said, ` ``Crossing Jordan.'' It's the only one where you'll get to wear a suit every day.' I genuinely like this job. I really like Jill Hennessy. She's a terrific, terrific woman. She's super cool.''

O'Connell's brother Charlie will guest star in an upcoming episode as Woody's brother.

``He comes to town, and he's got a sort of checkered past. It's a pretty cool episode. I got into a big fight scene with him. My parents came to visit, and my mother said, `You guys are such good actors, I would think you were really fighting.' ''

Next up for O'Connell are two independent movies: ``Man About Town'' with Ben Affleck and ``The Alibi.'' He also will continue to write screenplays. Last year's ``First Daughter'' was based on a script that he wrote. After filming a recent crossover episode with pal Josh Duhamel on ``Las Vegas,'' he's thinking about writing a script for both of them.

And he's slowly beginning to accept a certain baseball loss.

``I am originally from New York City. I just want to say for the record that people from New York are coming to a) accept it and b) live with it.''




NBC will be launching an interactive Crossing Jordan "Nigel Blog" on February 13th. Here are the details from

Monday, February 7, 2005
Released by NBC


BURBANK, Calif. -- February 7, 2005 -- NBC's hit drama "Crossing Jordan" breaks new ground on the Internet as it launches an interactive web blog that will allow viewers the chance to use their forensic and investigative skills as they attempt to solve a "cold case" from the series' Boston Coroner's Office.

The website -- -- will go live on the World Wide Web on Sunday, February 13, coinciding with an original episode of the series airing that night. In the episode, Nigel (Steve Valentine) will announce the new website, where he's posted old unsolved murder cases in the hopes of gaining a fresh perspective from bloggers.

Focusing on a triple homicide, the blog will include forensic evidence, autopsy results and police reports on "The Beacon Hill Murders," which involved the slaying of three women in the city's famed Beacon Hill area.

After the initial unveiling of the site in February, new information will continue to be posted on the blog (despite any possible scheduling interruptions) with Nigel and other "Jordan" characters interacting with viewers as they share their ideas on the investigation. Clues regarding information crucial to the case will be included in three episodes of the series airing March 6, 13 and 20 -- with the conclusion being revealed at the end of the month.

Beginning with the Blog posting on March 4, viewers will be offered a "reward" for helping solve the murder case and those who correctly answer online questions about the clues provided will be entered to win a Crossing Jordan prize package. Five winners will be randomly chosen out of correct entries once the case is solved on 3/22.

"Crossing Jordan" is from Tailwind Productions in association with NBC Universal Television Studio. Tim Kring (NBC's "Providence") is creator and executive producer; Dennis Hammer and Allan Arkush are executive producers.



An all new episode of Crossing Jordan titled "You Really Got Me" is scheduled to air Sunday Feb 13th on NBC. Check your local listings for the show time in your area. This is the episode summary from

In the February 13 episode "You Really Got Me," the suicide of a one-armed Boston man leads Jordan (Jill Hennessy) to uncover the missing murder weapon from an eight-year-old Los Angeles homicide after which she helped send the alleged killer to Death Row. However, with five days to go before the execution, Jordan and Woody (Jerry O'Connell) head to L.A. hoping to find evidence that will save an innocent life.

Elsewhere, when the body of a vagrant whom Bug (Ravi Kapoor) witnessed kidnapped ends up in the morgue, the troubled scientist teams up with Detective Roz Framus in his search for answers. Miguel Ferrer, Kathryn Hahn and Valentine also star.



Jerry O'Connell and girlfriend Rebecca Romijn are among the celebrities who are attending Olympus Fashion Week at Bryant Park in New York City. The couple attended the Perry Ellis Mens Fall 2005 show on February 4th where Jerry conducted a few interviews for the entertainment news program Extra. Jerry was also photographed sitting in the front row of the Yigal Azrouel Fall 2005 fashion show as well as the the Luca Luca Fall 2005 show on February 6th. Photos from these events can be views at and (Thanks to Tracey and Kerribear for finding the photos). ran this photo of Rebecca and Jerry, and posted this photo from the Luca Luca runway show. Here is yet another photo of Jerry at the Luca Luca show.

These are a few of the media reports from fashion week which mention Rebecca and Jerry

REBECCA ROMIJN-STAMOS turned up to the Luca Luca show on Sunday night with her new man, Jerry O'Connell, in tow. Having first appeared in the tabloids on the arm of ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, O'Connell has recently been open about his plans to marry Stamos. "This girl is the best," he said. "I love her to death." Rebecca, meanwhile, thinks he is just as perfect. "When you meet a guy like Jerry, you don't need to look any further," she said. Meanwhile her ex-husband, John Stamos, has been extolling the virtues of going out with "real women". "I've gone out with some waitresses lately and I went out with a nurse," he told WENN. "I think that's probably my route; someone who is inspired and non-jaded and that's what's interesting about regular real girls. I have so much to offer as far as my life. I met this girl and we went to DisneyWorld and we didn't have to stand in line and she was just so excited! That made me so happy that she wasn't jaded. That's a road that I want to be on." (February 8 2005, AM)

Yahoo! News Mon Feb 7, 5:32 PM ET

Fashion - Fashion Wire Daily
Luca Luca’s Luxe Luxe Lo

... but last night’s Luca Luca show was every bit the amped-up celebrity media circus that has come to define Baby Phat and Sean John presentations. You couldn’t swing a (brocade clad) cat without hitting an “Us Weekly” regular — or getting trampled by frenzied photographers. Fun!

Veronica Webb, Paris and Nicky Hilton, Carol Alt (news), Irina, Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell, Mya, Elisha Cuthbert (news), Finola Hughes, Lauren Ezersky, Padma Lakshmi and Salman Rushdie were all on hand to lend the Milanese born designer their support.

Yahoo! News Mon Feb 7, 2:58 PM ET

Entertainment - AP
Metallics Shine at New York Fashion Week

Reality TV star Paris Hilton and her sister, Nicky, sat in the front row at the Luca Luca show at the Bryant Park tents, where most of the fall previews for buyers and fashion media will take place this week. Other celebrities included Electra, Carol Alt (news), actress Rebecca Romijn and her boyfriend, Jerry O'Connell.

New York Daily News - The Front Page
Rush & Molloy

Originally published on February 8, 2005

Side dish

Rebecca Romijn had a brief wardrobe malfunction front-row at the Luca Luca show. The blond was getting so cuddly with boy-toy Jerry O'Connell that her blouse broke open. A show staffer had to scour the backstage area to find a safety pin and cover her while she tried to fix the tear.

Photo Special

Rebecca Romijn and boyfriend Jerry O'Connell take a break from runway-watching to cuddle at the Luca Luca Fall 2005 show on Sunday.



Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell were recently spotted window shopping while taking a coffee break in Beverly Hills. Rebecca is currently filming "Man About Town" in Beverly Hills (Thanks to Tracey for sharing the news). This is the caption printed by the photo agency:

February 2, 2005 - Rebecca Romijn kissing with boyfriend Jerry O`Connell
Actress Rebecca Romijn gets frisky with boyfriend Jerry O'Connell in Beverly Hills, Ca. The pair went for a coffee and then window shopped along Rodeo Drive...

Click the links below to view the photos

Rodeo Drive Photo #1
Rodeo Drive Photo #2
Rodeo Drive Photo #3
Rodeo Drive Photo #4
Rodeo Drive Photo #5
Rodeo Drive Photo #6
Rodeo Drive Photo #7
Rodeo Drive Photo #8
Rodeo Drive Photo #9
Rodeo Drive Photo #10
Rodeo Drive Photo #11
Rodeo Drive Photo #12



These photos of Jerry and Rebecca Romijn were taken on January 31st. (The dog that Jerry is walking may actually be Rebecca's). The caption printed by the photo agency reads, "Actress Rebecca Romijn fools around with boyfriend Jerry O'Connell and his pooch in between takes on the set of ''Man About Town'' in Beverly Hills, Ca. The film also stars Ben Affleck.." Thanks to Tracey for sharing the news.

Click the links below to view the photos

Photo #1
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4



Go to TV NOW to get the current U.S. television schedule for Jerry O'Connell's movies and TV shows.






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