This information on Jerry and Geri's breakup was found at

Geri Cans Jerry - Wednesday, October 22nd 2003, 4:49 p.m. Credit :. Halliwood

Halliwell loses another man Unlucky-in-love Geri Halliwell is back on the single scene once again. The former Spice Girl dumped boyfriend Hollywood actor Jerry O'Connell at the weekend because he was "too laddish and immature". The little and large couple - he is 6ft 3ins and she is 5ft 2ins - met while filming the Fat Slags movie in London two months ago and, in true Geri-style, she fell madly in love. Jerry, 29, and the 31-year-old singer were spotted holding hands all round London before flying back to his home in LA together earlier this month. The Scream 2 actor was even caught carrying a copy of Ginger Spice's autobiography on the way to the airport so he could get to know the singer a little better. But alarm bells started ringing when he dismissed Gezza's companionship in an interview. "I live in LA so it was nice to have a tour guide who knows where they are going in London," he said recently.

Geri had apparently seen herself as something more than a tour guide in Jerry's life. She was spotted crying in an LA street on the Sunday afternoon after their split and was comforted by some girlie pals. "She finished with him last weekend," confirms a close friend. "Jerry was too much of a fraternity boy - he was a real lad who liked to party. It just wasn't Geri's style. "She is much more low-key and doesn't go out to clubs or parties. She took him out to the Electric Cinema restaurant in Portobello Road when they were in London and to San Lorenzo with his parents. "Once they were in LA Jerry was keen on hitting the bars with his mates and Geri realised they were incompatible. "She is gutted as it's yet another relationship that hasn't worked out. But she realises it was best to call it a day with Jerry. "It wasn't going to end up with marriage and kids, so there wasn't much point continuing when they had totally different social lives." So different in fact that it later emerged that Jerry was still engaged to American telly presenter Giuliana Depandi. Now he joins an illustrious list of the former Spice Girl's lost loves - including Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, Chris Evans, Damian Warner and Robbie Williams. It seems Geri's dog Harry is the only male in her life she can depend on...




On October 18th Jerry attended the Lili Claire Foundation's 6th Annual Benefit in Beverly Hills, California. He can be seen photographed with Kristie Anne Reed (associate producer of Kangaroo Jack) at,, and Thanks to Megan for sharing the news.




The October 20th issue of NEW magazine has a short article and a few new photos of Jerry shopping with Geri Halliwell in England. Read the article and view the photos here.



This interview with Jerry's girlfriend Giuliana De Pandi is taken from the Sunday Mirror. It seems that Jerry's managed to patch things up with off and on fiancee Giuliana. Apparently Jerry's fling with the British pop star occurred when Giuliana told Jerry she needed more time to think before accepting his proposal.


Oct 26 2003

MIAOW 1 In America she's not well known..Posh Spice is the only one we recognise MIAOW 2 Jerry likes tall, thin, classy, family-minded women..and Geri is none of those things MIAOW 3 What was she wearing? Those boots, sunglasses when it's dark outside..yuk

By Stephen Martin

THE claws are out and the fur is about to fly. Geri Halliwell's dumped lover is back with his beautiful ex - who today takes her revenge with a razor-sharp swipe at the one they called Ginger Spice.

Gloating loudly at having Hollywood star Jerry O'Connell back in her arms, American TV presenter Giuliana de Pandi savages Geri's clothes, her style, her height...and most of all her dog.

And sheepish Jerry joins in the assault by insisting that he and the millionaire former Spice Girl only went out a few times, and adds: "She was just my tour guide in London."

Giuliana insists: "My Jerry never liked short girls, especially short girls with little dogs. He loathes them because he was badly bitten on the mouth by one when he was small. He used to joke with me - please never buy one!

"Geri must have pounced on him. That's the only explanation.

"I mean, one minute WE were talking wedding bells and the next THEY are an item. She should have waited before going for an emotionally vulnerable man. I guess she was in the right place at the right time.

"Geri is the complete opposite of what Jerry is attracted to. Jerry has always dated tall thin, very educated, very family-orientated and classy girls. Geri isn't that!"

Last weekend 5ft 1in Geri, 31, dumped 6ft 3in Jerry, a co-star on her new comedy film Fat Slags, for being too laddish and immature.

"He was in London for the filming, far from home, and had just suffered a massive break up," says Giuliana. "But I always knew I was the woman Jerry really wanted and I wasn't prepared to throw in the towel."

She says she and Jerry, 29, had been dating for eight months and he only fell for Geri, 31, because he was on the rebound after she asked for more time to think things over when he proposed.

And when she saw pictures of the Scream 2 star doting on Geri's tiny shitzu dog Harry, she couldn't believe her eyes.

She says: "When I first saw the photos of him and Geri it hurt. But now I just laugh and think how comical it all was and ask myself what WAS she wearing?

"Those little boots, sunglasses when it was dark outside! Yuk! Was that the woman Jerry wanted? Was it hell!

"I'm convinced he turned to her for comfort when I refused to say 'yes' immediately. Geri was his rebound."

Jerry proposed to Giuliana, 25, in August when she flew from her home in Los Angeles to join him during filming of Fat Slags.

One night they went to a karaoke in Soho and she belted out Spice Girls hit Wannabe.

She says: "We were walking through Soho another time on the way back from Chinawhite nightclub. I didn't say 'No'. I just said I didn't want to get engaged then and there.

"I wanted to get engaged in LA. I wanted to have talked to my parents. I'm just not an impulsive person. We'd only been together eight months but I thought we had forever. I thought, 'If this guy wants to marry me and we love each other, what's the rush?'"

She went back to America to think things over - and then discovered through newspaper pictures that he was dating Geri.

She says: "I didn't really know who she was. The only Spice Girl we really know about in America is Posh Spice because of David Beckham.

"I'm used to girls latching onto Jerry. But when he saw me, he saw a girl that didn't need him and wasn't like that."

Giuliana is currently writing a book called, How To Find The Perfect Guy. "Maybe Geri could do with seeing a copy," she adds, cuttingly. Giuliana, who presents a daily bulletin on the E! Entertainment channel, first met Jerry when she interviewed him for the show. The couple embarked on an intense relationship and were hardly out of each other's sight until he went to London.

"He really is a great catch," says Giuliana. "He's my perfect guy and there's a part of me that thinks he did all this to get back at me."

Jerry himself adds: "Geri was simply my tour guide in London and we went out a few times. I don't know if I'll be contacting her again. I wish her all the best. I love Giuliana very much and I want to stay with her. I missed her terribly and realised I made a mistake. I am buying her flowers - lilies are her favourite - and we are spending time with her mum who is visiting. I do hope I can win her back. I am going to try my hardest."

And he certainly is trying hard, according to Giuliana. "Jerry got back at the end of September and started ringing me soon after," she says. "I was playing it cool at first, and only last week did I agree to see him again. We went on our official 'first' date on Friday. It was really romantic as he took us to the first place we ever went to on a date. He is now professing his love to me nearly every minute of the day."

Geri's whirlwind fling with Jerry is the latest in a string of relationships to go wrong. Last year the Sunday Mirror revealed how she begged penniless former drug addict Demian Warner to marry her. Then, after imposing a strict pre-nuptial contract on him, she dumped him. She has previously dated Chris Evans and Robbie Williams and now makes no secret of her desperation to find a husband.

She was said to be so convinced Jerry could be "the one" that she introduced him to her parents over dinner at swanky London restaurant San Lorenzo. Geri has a house in LA, but after telling friends she hoped to make a new life there with Jerry, she ditched him last weekend. A pal says: "Geri wants kids and a man who wants to settle down. She liked Jerry - but he was just too young, wanting to go out to bars and parties with all his friends."

Giuliana says: "I suppose it is likely I will bump into Geri Halliwell one day as she is often in LA." Laughing, she adds: "I will be courteous and say, 'Thank you for showing my boyfriend around London while he was away - you are obviously a great tour guide!"'



This quote from Jerry was taken from E! Online:

Jerry O'Connell: "Nothing scares me about Halloween. It's just a good day to watch women. They put on their underwear and bras and pairs of very high-heeled shoes, and if the underwear is red, they're like, 'I'm a bad devil,' or they put on pink underwear and say, 'I'm a little baby.' White and they're an angel. I love Halloween."



This news came from Thanks to Megan for passing it along!

October 22, 2003
Celebrity News

Geri and Jerry Call It Quits

New couple Geri Halliwell and Jerry O'Connell have split after just a month together due to the actor's "immaturity". The Fat Slags co-stars spent most of September and early October this year enjoying a hot romance but O'Connell reportedly left the former Spice Girl unimpressed with his wacky humor. A pal of the Look At Me star says, "As has happened in the past things started well and they enjoyed each other's company. But after a while it all started to go wrong. Geri thought his sense of humor was immature and he found her too possessive. She's upset about it all. She thought she may be able to make things work this time but her miserable track record with men continues."



This report from is a few months old, but it is still an interesting story. Thanks to Megan for passing it along.


10:30 - 16 May 2003
Hollywood heart throb Jerry O'Connell set pulses racing when he dropped into a Cheltenham nursing home for tea.

Jerry called in at the Queensbridge House Rest Home, in Queen's Road, yesterday to see his gran Teresa. The 28-year-old star of Stand By Me, Scream and Sliders, and his actor brother Charlie, 29, sent hearts at the home into a flutter.

But while the brothers made staff swoon, their 87-year-old grandmother was unfazed.

Mrs O'Connell, who has four children and 10 grandchildren, said it was "just nice" to see her grandsons.

She said the brothers had inherited their creative streak from their great-grandfather.

"My father came from Florence and was an artist, although in those days people didn't make any money from it," she said.

"Jerry and Charlie's father, Michael, was a script writer and artistic director and he went to America. So it's passed down to them."

Jerry made his film debut as an 11-year-old. He played the chubby Vern Tessio in Stand By Me, released in 1986.

Mrs O'Connell said: "When he was younger and bit plumper he was in Stand by Me. After that he lost all that puppy fat and grew a lot taller. That's when his career took off."

She has seen Stand By Me and watched the brothers in Sliders but has not seen Scream.

"We went for coffee at The Queen's hotel in this chauffeur driven car," she added. "It was their first time here and they both thought Cheltenham was very nice."

Mrs O'Connell, who is from Brighton, moved into the home to be closer to her son Stephen, a teacher in Swindon.

Home manager June Stanton said the brothers caused "a stir".

She said: "They were charming and very sexy. They had all the girls in a flutter."

The brothers' visit coincided with a promotional tour for Jerry's latest film, Kangaroo Jack. He plays half of a down-on-their-luck duo who run foul of the Mafia and a troublesome marsupial.



This gossip appeared at (Thanks to Megan for passing it along). It sounds like Jerry is helping Geri look for property in LA, but it remains to be seen if he actually intends to move in with her.

CONTACT MUSIC NEWS 12/10/2003 12:59


Pop star GERI HALLIWELL wants to move in with her on/off actor lover JERRY O'CONNELL - despite rumours he's still engaged to American TV presenter GUILIANA DePANDI.

The former SPICE GIRL and SCREAM 2 star O'Connell are looking at properties in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles, according to British tabloid THE NEWS OF THE WORLD.

Geri gushes, "I'm really happy with Jerry. He's perfect for me. We've been looking at property in LA."



Here is a list of a few more magazines featuring photos and short articles with Jerry (photos and article write-ups coming soon):

NW Magazine (AU) - October 6, 2003
Read the article about Jerry O'Connell and Geri Halliwell and view 4 new photos here.

New Magazine (UK) - October 6, 2003
2 pages of Jerry and Geri photos (The same photos appear in OK and NW).

Geri's Jerry and Harry hit it off

When Geri Halliwell drew up a list of her 36 - yes, 36 - essential requirements in a man, last but not least was, 'Likes my dog." So the sight of new squeeze Jerry O'Connnell bonding with her beloved pooch Harry last week must have set the former Spice Girl's hear a-flutter! The tender moment, which took place while Jerry, 29, and Geri, 31, were out walking near the singer's London home, means that hunky actor Jerry has already met nearly all Geri's tough requirements, outlined in her autobiography, Just For The Record.

Among her demands was that her man must be good-looking and of average to tall build. He must also be aged between 28 and 38, have a healthy bank balance and have free time to be with her. Well, Jerry definetely ticks all those boxes.

So does this mean Geri has finally found The One? We'll just have to wait and see. But one thing's for certain - if he is Geri's ideal man, and he's had a moment to flick through her book, he'll know exactly what's coming next. "I definetely want to have children," she wrote. So let's hope Jerry's the fatherly type!

Last week, Geri's spokesman was quick to deny rumours that Jerry is already engaged to Amercan TV presenter Giuliana Depandi. He said, "He did go out with her for a few months but they're no longer together. There was no engagement." We're glad to hear it! After all, it's about time Geri met the right man.

OK Magazine (UK)- October 7, 2003 (page 96)
See the 4 page article with 9 photos

Hot Stars Magazine (UK) October 4-10, 2003
Photos of Jerry O'Connell and Geri Halliwell

Heat (UK)- October 4-10, 2003
Screen captures of Jerry in the buff taken from Body Shots and Tomcats. Read the article here.

Voici Magazine (France) - Date still unknown. Most likely Sept 29th or Oct 6th issue.



It seems there are conflicting reports on the nature of Jerry and Geri Halliwell's relationship. The magazine photos posted at Geri Halliwell Mexico suggest that the two had grown quite close and were going out together often while in London. This report was taken from

September 25, 2003


The burgeoning romance between JERRY O'CONNELL and former SPICE GIRL GERI HALLIWELL is continuing apace - the pair have been spotted feeding each other food in a London restaurant.
The new couple - who met on the set of new movie THE FAT SLAGS - have been out on a number of dates in the British capital in the last week and onlookers at Covent Garden eatery ORSO confirmed that they are smitten with
each other.
One says, "They are clearly besotted and didn't care who saw how happy they are together. They were hugging and kissing throughout the meal.
"The pair had clearly chosen Orso because it's quite private and doesn't normally attract media attention."

However, this recent quote from Jerry at reduces Geri Halliwell to no more than a tour guide (Thanks to Megan for the link):

05/10/2003 14:05

Unlucky-in-love singer GERI HALLIWELL has been branded nothing more than a "tour guide" by her most recent lover.

The former SPICE GIRL was seen getting close to American actor JERRY O'CONNELL while he was in London recently, but the SCREAM 2 star has since said he only hung around with her so that he wouldn't get lost in a strange city.

Geri and Jerry, who met while filming FAT SLAGS in the English capital, have now parted company because the KANGAROO JACK actor - whom the LIFT ME UP singer had hinted might be "the one" - has returned home to America.

Jerry says, "I live in LA so it was nice to have a tour guide who knows where they are going in London. Geri and I had a lot of scenes together, so we spent a lot of time together on set and then off set."

A pal of the diminutive pop performer gasps, "She is really serious about Jerry and she hoped he was about her. She really thinks he's the one. Now she's very confused and she fears it's his way of dumping her. She hoped to hook up with him in LA but now she's a bit wary."



The following magazines have photos of Jerry and Geri Halliwell, plus short articles about their relationship and the break up with Giuliana DePandi:


US Weekly - October 13, 2003 (page 26)
Is Jerry On The Rebound?

It's definitely over between Jerry O'Connell and E! News Live host Giuliana DePandi, but when the relationship ended is still a matter of debate. One source says, "Jerry proposed to Giuliana while they were in London [where he's filming Fat Slags] in August. They went ring shopping, but then she wanted to wait. When Giuliana returned to L.A., they broke up over the phone." A source close to O'Connell claims Jerry broke up with Giuliana before he met his new gal pal, Geri Halliwell, 31, who plays his assistant in Fat Slags. Either way, O'Connell wasted no time hooking up again. Giuliana, 27, says, "I wish him all the best!"

Now (UK) October 1, 2003 (page 23)
Is Geri In Love Again?

They're working together on a movie, but it looks like romance has blossomed off screen for Geri and Jerry

To say she's been unlucky in love would be putting it mildly, but that hasn't stopped Geri Halliwell hunting for Mr. Right. And the latest in a long line of contenders for the job is actor Jerry O'Connell, who's been seen on the 31-year-old singer's arm in London this week.

New Yorker Jerry - who, at 6ft 3in, towers over Geri by 13 inches - is certainly a good catch. The 29-yerar-old has appeared in movies including Stand By Me, Scream 2 and Jerry Maguire and once dated Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar. So far he appears serious about Geri, having introduced her to his parents, who joined the couple for dinner at Knightsbridge restaurant San Lorenzo

It's believed the couple have only been seriously dating for two weeks. But only time will tell if this romance - which started on the set of the movie Fat Slags, based on the Viz cartoon in which Jerry plays Geri's boss - will work out.

She's made no secret of her desperation to find true love and her latest autobiography If Only included a list of criteria her men must meet. The Geri test consists of 36 boxes to be ticked, with requirements including a desire for marriage, generosity and that he must be respected and admired.

Little surprise, then, that Geri's track record doesn't bode well. Her flings with Robbie Williams, Chris Evans and US millionaire Demian Warner all ended in tears.

-Helen Renshaw

People October 6, 2003 (page 65)
Jerries Jubilee

Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has a new boyfriend: actor Jerry O'Connell (Kangaroo Jack). The two met on the set of Fat Slags, a comedy they've been shooting in London since August. Although the romance is still young, Halliwell has already met O'Connell's parents, who cam out to visit the actor on location.

Hello (UK) Number 784 September 30, 2003 (page 18)
Geri Halliwell - Could meeting her new man's parents mean that this one is for keeps?

Read the article and view the 7 photos here.

Heat (UK) September 27 - October 3 2003 (page 24)
The Week in pictures - Geri's got a new boyfriend

Hurrah, Geri's found a man! OK, so it's early days, but we're still please to see Ms Halliwell looking happy and relaxed with her new squeeze - and he's famous too! the lucky guy is 29-year-old actor Jerry O'Connell, who you'll recognize from Scream 2 and Jerry Maguire. Geri met Jerry (this could get confusing...) on the set of the new Fat Slags film, in which Geri plays a secretary. They've been on a few dates - in fact heat spotted them out twice last week on Tuesday and Wednesday - and Jerry has even introduced Geri to his parents.

In Geri's book, Just For The Record, she listed at some length the qualities she looks for in a man - they included "sexy and good-looking" (no problems there), "healthy bank balance" (yep), "affectionate" (looks like it), and "likes my dog" (when Jerry was a child he had 74 stitches after he was bitten by a dog, so the jury's still out on that one).




This gossip about Jerry and Giuliana's break up appeared in the New York Post. The very unreliable 'source' has a few well known facts wrong (Jerry was filming "Fat Slags", not "The Winning Season"). Although Giuliana did take a vacation in early September - it's questionable that she went to see Jerry 'last Friday' or that any of the events mentioned ever took place.

New York Post. New York, N.Y.: Sep 27, 2003. pg. 010

THE hot and steamy eight-month romance between "Kangaroo Jack" Jerry O'Connell and gorgeous E! news frontwoman Giuliana is kaput. "Jerry is filming 'The Winning Season' in London with Geri [Ginger Spice] Halliwell right now," our spy said. "Giuliana went over to see him, and he brought her on set and introduced her to Geri. He kept making fun of Geri and how gross she was the entire time. Then, last Friday, he looks at Giuliana and says, 'Let's just get engaged. You can go pick out your ring tomorrow.' Giuliana was like, 'Lets just wait until we get to Los Angeles. Why now?' And Jerry got upset, and they broke up basically because she turned him down." The next day Giuliana flew back to L.A. and received news that O'Connell and Halliwell were an item. "Geri's publicist is now saying Giuliana and Jerry broke up in June. And Jerry's people are blaming her. It's gross," our source says. Giuliana declined comment.


Go to TV NOW to get the current U.S. television schedule for Jerry O'Connell's movies and TV shows.






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