This week fans in the US will have a chance to view quite a few Television shows and Movies featuring Jerry O'Connell. Check your local listings or tvguide.com for specific show times in your area.

Sunday 30th - Crossing Jordan "Family Affair" (new episode) - NBC
Sunday 30th - Jerry Maguire on TBS
Monday 31st - Scream 2 on AMC
Tuesday 1st Feb - Sliders Marathon on Sci Fi
Wed 2nd - Kangaroo Jack on MAX
Thursday 3rd - Calendar Girl on HBO
Saturday 5th - Night Visions - Rest Stop on Sci Fi
Saturday 5th - Mad TV on Comedy Central



Bloodhores.com ran this Eclipse Awards summary with a quote from Jerry O'Connell:

With the event taking place in Beverly Hills, there were several celebrity presenters on the evening. Jerry O'Connell, one of the stars of "Crossing Jordan" and a self-professed horseplayer, emceed the evening that was televised live for the first time on TVG. O'Connell broke the ice early noting the telecast would "have a 10-second delay in case D. Wayne Lukas has a wardrobe malfunction."

Lowellsun.com had this review of the awards ceremony and a tough comment about Jerry's performance as emcee:

On a slightly negative note, actor Jerry O'Connell, a racing fan, appeared nervous for most of the night in his role as MC, forcing things in trying to be cute while obviously reading from a prompter. O'Connell's best line of the night was when he explained to the audience that there would be a 10-second delay "in case D. Wayne Lukas has a wardrobe malfunction."

On an up note, Evan Hammonds wrote this review of the awards show at bloodhorse.com.

That's Show Biz
by Evan Hammonds
Date Posted: 2/2/2005 11:58:28 AM

Having the event return to Southern California gave it the right Hollywood glow, and getting actor/horseplayer Jerry O'Connell to serve as emcee was a catch. The television star proved he belonged among the racing set by giving props to Oaklawn Park's Charles Cella--"he lets me into the Turf Club for free"--and noting he was at Hollywood Park when Laffit Pincay Jr. passed Bill Shoemaker with win No. 8,834 in December 1999.

Having enthusiastic presenters such as Merv Griffin, Larry King, and actor Leslie Jordan gave the evening the right mix of "star power" and "horse power." In another locale, the roster may not be as deep. For example, O'Connell zipped over from the lot at Universal Studios late that afternoon.



Jerry and girlfriend Rebecca Romijn were spotted in West Hollywood on January 23, 2005. Thanks to Kerribear for posting photos in the Jerry O'Connell Fan Forum. Unfortunately, the tabloids have speculated for over 2 months that Rebecca is pregnant even though there is no foundation to this rumor whatsoever. This is the caption the photo agency ran, "Rebecca Romijn kissed and cuddled with boyfriend Jerry O'Connell at Pain Quotidien in West Hollywood. The supermodel has gained some weight -- perhaps a baby on the way? She appears not to be coloring her hair any more and her cleavage has become quite substantial! January 23, 2005."

Photos of the couple were also printed in the February 7, 2005 issue of Us Weekly (pg 18). The caption reads, "Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell sat on the same side of the table to share eggs, coffee and smooches at Le Pain Quotidien in West Hollywood on Jan. 23. 'They were Kissing and cuddling through their entire breakfast!' an onlooker tells Us."

Click the links below to view the photos

Jerry and Rebecca photo #1
Jerry and Rebecca photo #2
Jerry and Rebecca photo #3
Jerry and Rebecca photo #4
Jerry and Rebecca photo #5
Jerry and Rebecca photo #6
Jerry and Rebecca photo #7



More marriage rumors about Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn have been reported at contactmusic.com. The gossip and quotes were actually taken out of context from the single interview Rebecca and Jerry conducted with radio host Howard Stern on the morning of January 12th. In response to Howard's suggestion that Rebecca should be dating many different men now that she is single, she defended herself saying "When you meet a guy like Jerry, you don't move on." She told Howard she prefers to be in a serious relationship with one person rather than "casually dating" because "it's not that fun casually dating." However, when Howard asked Rebecca point blank "if he asks you to marry him will you?" Rebecca firmly said she is "not even near there," making it clear she is not ready for marriage just yet.

Here is the skewed gossip report from Contactmusic.com:


LATEST: Model-turned-actress REBECCA ROMIJN has hinted she's ready to marry boyfriend JERRY O'CONNELL, just days after the actor publicly announced his desire to walk her down the aisle.

The FEMME FATALE star - who split from husband JOHN STAMOS last year (04) - is so smitten with the STAND BY ME hunk, she even spent Christmas with the actor and his family.

And she admits O'Connell is the most perfect man she'll ever meet.

She gushes, "When you meet a guy like Jerry, you don't need to look any further."

During an interview with American radio host HOWARD STERN last week (12JAN04), O'Connell star confessed he would marry the sexy actress if she'd agree.

He added, "This girl's the best. I love her to death."
21/01/2005 10:00





Jerry O'Connell will host the 34th annual Eclipse Awards, Jan. 24 airing live on TVG from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. PT 10:30 pm-1:30 am ET . TVG is the the Interactive Horseracing Network and is carried by DISH Network, Direct TV and some cable providers. Visit the TVG web site to check the listing of stations that broadcast TVG in your area. You can also view the event via live streaming video over the Internet.

Here's the news from bloodhorse.com:

Actor O'Connell to Host Eclipse Awards on TVG; Keeneland to Sponsor Awards Segment
Date Posted: 1/18/2005 11:45:59 AM
Last Updated: 1/18/2005 12:53:32 PM
Jerry O'Connell, a star on the NBC hit series "Crossing Jordan" who is also an avid horseracing fan, will host the 34th annual Eclipse Awards, Jan. 24 airing live on TVG from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. (PT).

The network's telecast, from the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, will be presented in three segments, opening with a 90-minute red carpet show, continuing with a 2 1/2-hour awards presentation (to be sponsored by the Keeneland Association) and concluding with a 30-minute wrap up program. This marks the first time the Eclipse Awards, horseracing's "Oscars," will be presented live on television.

"Jerry O'Connell is a rising star on both television and in the movies, and he's a genuine horseracing fan as well," said TVG senior vice president and executive producer Tony Allevato. "These qualities, plus the fact he will help attract newcomers to our sport, make him a natural to host the evening's festivities."

NTRA commissioner D.G. Van Clief Jr, said O'Connell will lend "extra star quality" to the evening's event. O'Connell also expressed enthusiasm over his role in the event.

"I'm so excited about hosting the event," said O'Connell, who plays detective Woodrow "Woody" Hoyt on "Crossing Jordan". "It's the Oscars for horseracing, except horses are a lot faster and less temperamental than people in show business."

O'Connell began his acting career at age 11 when he co-starred in the hit movie "Stand By Me." Following the completion of his education at the New York University Tisch School of Arts, he resumed his film work in the critically acclaimed role of Cush in the movie "Jerry Maguire." He also appeared in "Scream 2," "Can't Hardly Wait," "Mission to Mars" and "Kangaroo Jack."

In addition to "Crossing Jordan," O'Connell's television credits include "Sliders," and the actor will be featured in fashion designer Perry Ellis' upcoming 2005 campaign.

In addition to announcing O'Connell's role as host of the show, TVG and the NTRA, the event's producer, also announced that the telecast will be divided into the three segments mentioned above. Manning the mike for TVG during the red carpet segment, which will feature interviews with racing's top names as they arrive for the big event, will be Todd Schrupp, Frank Lyons, and Simon Bray, joined by Priscilla Hojiwala, and Ken Rudulph patrolling the carpet. Schrupp and Hojiwala will then spearhead coverage of the awards presentations. The wrap-up show, a recap of the evening's events, will feature Lyons, Gary Seibel, Matt Carothers, and Chris Kotulak.

The Eclipse Awards are voted on by a segment of the NTRA membership, the National Turf Writers Association and Daily Racing Form. The Eclipse Awards were first presented in 1971 and are named after the great 18th-century racehorse and sire Eclipse, who began racing at age five and was undefeated in 18 starts, including eight walkovers. Eclipse sired the winners of 344 races, including three Epsom Derbys.

Eclipse Awards are presented in 16 categories, including Horse of the Year, 2-year-old colt, 2-year-old filly, 3-year-old colt, 3-year-old filly, older male, older female, male turf, female turf, sprinter, steeplechase, owner, breeder, jockey, apprentice jockey, and trainer.




Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn were among the celebrities in attendance at the InStyle/Warner Brothers Golden Globes party. The party was held at The Palm Court at the Beverly Hilton on January 16th. Photos from the party can be viewed at wireimage.com (thanks to Tracey for the news).

u.sbsun.com had this comment about Rebecca and Jerry (Unfortunately, the comments about Rebecca are mean spirited, unfair and unflattering):

Monday, January 17, 2005 - 12:12:13 PM PST

Debra Messing hugged Rebecca Romijn (no longer Stamos), who has either beefed up for a movie part or is considering being the star in the second season of "Fat Actress." She was with her date, Jerry O'Connell, who didn't seem to mind her extra padding one bit.

The January 31st edition of Us Weekly had a quote from Jerry on page 32 (Thanks to Tracey for the info):

2005 Golden Globes - Behind the scenes

2:45 P.M. Jerry O'Connell gears up for the ceremony. "I was with my girlfriend, Rebecca [Romijn], watching her pick out jewelry and clothes," he tells Us. "Let me tell you, watching that girl get ready is something else."




On Friday Jan 14th Jerry was interviewed on the Fox Sports Network show "The Sports List: 90's Quarterbacks" talking about former Buffalo quarterback, Jim Kelly. This episode is scheduled to repeat on Friday January 21st. Jerry also appears on "The Sports List: Celebrity Fans" commenting on Billy Crystal. This episode repeats on Tuesday morning January 18th and Wednesday evening January 19th. Check your local listings or msn.foxsports.com for the show times in your area. (It is unknown if Jerry appears in any other episodes this week - but he very well may!). Thanks to RobandChrismom in the Jerry O'Connell Fan Forum for the news.

UPDATE: Thus far Jerry appears in the following Fox Sports List Episodes. Check your local listings for air dates.

The Sports List: 90's Quarterbacks
The Sports List: 80's Quarterbacks
The Sports List: Celebrity Fans
The Sports List: The Most Hated Sports Figures
The Sports List: Top 10 Super Bowls



This news was taken from Contactmusic.com.


JERRY O'CONNELL is so smitten with new love REBECCA ROMIJN, he wants to whisk her down the aisle.

The pair have been dating since Romijn split from husband JOHN STAMOS last year (04).

During an interview with American radio host HOWARD STERN this week (12JAN04), the STAND BY ME star confessed he would marry the sexy actress if she'd agree.

He told Stern, "This girl's the best. I love her to death."
14/01/2005 19:43



On the morning of January 12th, Rebecca Romijn called in to the Howard Stern Show to wish Howard a happy birthday. Howard jumped at the opportunity to ask Rebecca a few questions regarding her relationship with Jerry O'Connell, and Jerry got on the phone for a few moments to speak with Howard as well. To read a complete recap of the interview visit the Jerry O'Connell Fan Forum. You can also visit HowardStern.com for their recap of the show. Here are highlights from the interview with Howard.

Are Jerry and Rebecca living together? Rebecca's response, "NO! - No, we don't live together." But she told Howard "He's here right now." (Roughly 6:00 am California time).

Is the recent report from the New York Post true? Is Jerry secretly calling his ex-girlfriend Giuliana DePandi asking her to marry him? Rebecca's response, "You believe that story!? That's the most ridiculous story in the whole world!" Jerry is the one that alerted her to the tabloid story and she is "absolutely certain he's not doing that." She said they already "talked about it, trust me." Rebecca insisted there is "No doubt in my mind" that the story is false. Jerry's response to the accusations, "Not at all. No - it's really embarrassing." Jerry said "I swear on my mother's eyes" that he's not calling his ex girlfriend asking her to marry him. When asked if he called Page Six to straighten them out he said no, "better to let those dogs lie."

Did Rebecca leave John Stamos for Jerry? Rebecca said, "I did not leave John to go to somebody else!" Rebecca dated roughly 4 or 5 people before she got into a serious relationship with Jerry. She explained that when you date "a guy like Jerry, you don't move on." She added, "Dating is not my cup of tea... it's not that fun casually dating - it's not that fun."

How did Jerry and Rebecca meet? Jerry joked that he met Rebecca through "Match.com," and then told Howard that they had actually met at a party several years ago. He met Rebecca at another party last year and got her number through a friend.

Are Rebecca and Jerry going to get married? Rebecca's response, she's "having a great time." But as far as marriage is concerned she's "Not even near there," reminding Howard that her divorce is not yet finalized. Jerry was slightly evasive when asked the same question about marriage, but didn't sound opposed to the idea.

How is the sex life? Jerry joked that he's "waiting for marriage for all that stuff." Rebecca followed his lead saying "I dunno yet."



An article from the December 20th edition of Women's Day (Australia) has been added to the "Magazine Interviews" archive of the web site. Several photos of Jerry and Rebecca Romijn are included.



The PerryEllis.com web site has been updated with several photos of Jerry from the spring 2005 campaign shot in New York City's Central Park. Thanks to Leigh Ann in the Yahoo Fan Club for the update. Click the links below to view the new photos.

Riding Bicycle
Chairs cropped
Leaning on tree
Laying on the grass
in the park



The following gossip regarding Jerry's relationship with Rebecca Romijn was printed in the New York Post:

Page Six
Richard Johnson

January 10, 2005 --

JERRY O'Connell wants to have his cake and eat everyone else's too. The former fat kid from "Stand By Me" made a lot of guys jealous when he started dating Rebecca Romijn-Stamos several months ago. But although the two are still together, our insider said O'Connell has been secretly calling his ex-fiancée, E! anchor Giuliana DePandi, on a regular basis, "saying he wants her back and they should get married." DePandi, who broke it off with O'Connell after he cheated on her with Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell, "hasn't returned the calls and isn't going near that."

The same gossip also appeared at megastar.co.uk:

Mon, Jan 10, 2005
Becky's cheating chap

PK Goodhand

Rebecca: in a Jerry-built relationship?
X-men hottie Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is being led on a merry old dance by Geri Halliwell's ex, if New York gossipers are to be believed.

Jerry O'Connell the one-time arm candy of Ginger Spice has apparently beaten the baying crowds and swiped the affections of Rebecca, much to the general miffedness of mankind.

Not bad for the bloke who was once only known for being the fat kid in Stand By Me.

However, it seems Jezza doesn't know what side his bread is buttered (and how good said butter is) and is rumoured to be chasing his ex.

Not Geri, another one, US TV Presenter Giulana Depandi.

A spy has told the New York Times that Jerry is calling Giuliana on a regular basis "saying he wants her back and they should get married."

However, Giulana has already had her pretty fingers burned when Jerry cheated on her with Geri.

You following this?

So we presume the next phase will be for Rebecca to dump Jerry for Geri.

Or something.



Crossing Jordan star Jill Hennessy spoke a little about her co-star Jerry O'Connell during her recent appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Here is the transcript of the interview.

Ellen Degeneres Show
January 7th, 2005

Ellen - How's Jerry O'Connell? You work with - he's on the show and we have so much fun with Jerry...
Jill - Oh, he loves you too. He's insane, the man is certifiable.
Ellen - He is
Jill - Yeah, he's a total nut. It's so much fun working with him.
Ellen - Here's a picture of you and Jerry [shows photo from the Kangaroo Jack Premiere]
Jill - Oh my...
Ellen - Yeah, he's always got that energy doesn't he.
Jill - Yeah
Ellen - He feels like he's just on caffeine all the time.
Jill - We've done 18 hour days together and he will still be [claps hands together and speaks excitedly] "OK Jill, so I was walking into this club with my brother and there was this girl sitting at the bar..." And I'm like "That's great, Jerry. That's great, I'm trying to work on my lines right now." But um, I'm sorry. I have to bust him too, because he was on your show and uh, you asked him 'how do you maintain such a nice physique' and such...
Ellen - Yeah, he's in good shape too - he's in great shape.
Jill - Yeah, the guy is in incredible shape and I've seen him in all states of undress.
Ellen - Umm humm (audience laughs)
Jill - And uh...
Ellen - Well, let's talk about why is that?
Jill - Well, that's because he - even before he got the Perry Ellis underwear campaign - he was very proud of his assets (laughter from audience) and will flaunt them on the set.
Ellen - Well, he should be - you know? He's got a great stomach and he's in great shape.
Jill - Yeah, exactly.
Ellen - So he doesn't work out your saying?
Jill - He works out like a fiend!
Ellen - He said he doesn't work out.
Jill - No, he works out all the time. I will arrive on set - I arrived on set a couple of weeks ago. It was about a 7am call, and I said, "Jerry, how ya doin'? Good morning" and he said "Oh, I feel great! I was just at the gym. I was liftin' and then at lunch I'm gonna go jogging around the Universal lot." And I've seen this guy, and he'll be drinking coffee, you know? Eating a peanut butter sandwich all day and that's about it. I mean, come on dude!
Ellen - Oh yeah? He acted like - no, because he has a Perry Ellis underwear campaign - that he acted like you know. I guess from his body he got the campaign.
Jill - Which is partially true
Ellen - Uh huh
Jill - You know, NBC did a cross promotional thing with Perry Ellis. But I have to say kudos to Jerry because he's got the chutzpah [nerve] to - he called the head of Perry Ellis I assume, and he said "Look... I know who you are thinking of for this campaign. But you should hire me. (Audience laughs) Don't get this guy, get me."
Ellen - I asked him how he got it and he said he didn't know, they came to him.
Jill - I know, that's why I had to clear the air (more audience laughter) I'm sorry, I heard what he said...
Ellen - We have too many liars on this show! Everyone who comes on this show just lies! Liar Jerry O'Connell, Liar! (Jill is laughing) Wow!

Allan A (Presumably Allan Arkush - Producer/Director of Crossing Jordan) at the Crossing Jordan Coffeeroom bboard had this comment about Jill's interview on Ellen:

Posted by Allan A on 16:31 1/8/2005:
In Reply to: Why I Like posted by Allan A on 17:38 1/7/2005

Thought Jill was great on "Ellen". That's the first that I heard of her Wendy & Lisa air band, they'll get a kick out of it. Also she & Jerry have never worked an 18 hour day, 8 to 10 is more like it. But Jerry does have energy until the very end of the day. Sometimes to push things along after a rehearsal he'll yell, "NO HUDDLE OFFENCE, LET'S GO" Jerry O incouraged her to make fun of him on the show, he knew Ellen & the audience would love it.

We had all the O'Connell's on the set last night, Jerry, his brother Charlie who is playing his brother in #17, & his parents who are in town visiting. It's also nice when his girlfriend Rebecca stops by, she has a great sense of humor & as they say, "Is easy on the eyes."




Go to TV NOW to get the current U.S. television schedule for Jerry O'Connell's movies and TV shows.






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