According to an article in the Hollywood Reporter, former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Estella Warren has joined the cast of Jerry's latest movie "Down and Under".

Warren 'Down' with O'Connell at Castle Rock (Hollywood Reporter - 224 words - Thurs., Jan. 25, 2001)

By Zorianna Kit

Estella Warren has been signed to play the female lead in Castle Rock Entertainment's action-comedy "Down and Under" for director David McNally ("Coyote Ugly") and producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The project is scheduled to begin shooting next month.

"Down" is about two childhood friends -- a highly regarded New York hairstylist (Jerry O'Connell) and a would-be musician (Anthony Anderson) -- who get caught up with the mob. They are forced to deliver $100,000 to Australia, but things go haywire when the money is lost to a wild kangaroo that then becomes their target. Warren will play the role of Jessie, a wildlife researcher who helps the duo locate the kangaroo through her knowledge of marsupial migration patterns. O'Connell's character becomes smitten with her, and they fall in love, marry and settle in Australia.

Scott Rosenberg and Steve Bing wrote the script, with the most recent draft being penned by writing duo Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel.

Jerry Bruckheimer Films' Mike Stenson and Chad Oman are executive producing the project.

Warren, repped by Endeavor and Untitled Entertainment, is before the cameras for Tim Burton's "Planet of the Apes" for 20th Century Fox. Warren, a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and nationally ranked Canadian synchronized swimmer, next will be seen onscreen in Warner Bros./Franchise

Pictures' "Driven" for director Renny Harlin and the indie features "Tangled" and "Perfume."




This just in from Variety:

Updated: 1/22/01



Jerry O'Connell has signed with the Creative Artists Agency for representation. Thesp, who co-stars in Destination's upcoming comedy "Buying the Cow," will report to Oz in March to top line the Warner Bros. actioner "Down and Under."




Don't miss Jerry Saturday 1/27/01!  He's going to be playing flag football at the MTV Rock 'n' Jock event.  Here are the details from

It's flag football like you've never seen it before--NFL stars Dan Marino, Donovan McNabb, Tony Gonzalez and Warren Sapp join celebs Gena Lee Nolin, Shannon Elizabeth, Eve, Ja Rule, Jerry O'Connell, Erik Palladino, Colleen Haskell and members of 98 Degrees to compete for the coveted MTV Rock 'N Jock Football trophy January 27 at 2 p.m. ET on MTV. Halftime includes commentary by Mike Ditka and Jim Nance of CBS and a performance by Shaggy.

Check your local listings for details on air time.




Jerry asks Teen People:  

"Any possibility of my playing par golf?"

Stella + Quinn say: Golf combines your two favorites, competition and leisure (strolling the fairway is way

preferable to hustling on a court or field); still you haven't yet mastered marrying the two. Obsession with winning

makes it hard to chill. Yet we think you'll find that easing your handicap expectations will put you on par.




Here's a great interview with Jerry at ET Online.  It was done back in July 2000 while he was filming Tomcats.




Raydelle found a great review of Tomcats and said it was ok to pass it along!  Thanks Raydelle!:


Genre: Comedy/Romance.

Studio: Sony Pictures.

Production Company: Eagle Cove/Revolution.

Project Phase: In the Can.

Who's In It: Jerry O'Connell (Michael Delaney); Shannon Elizabeth (Natalie); Jake Busey (Kyle); Horatio Sanz; Jaime Pressly (Tricia); Bill Maher.

Who's Making It: Gregory Poirier (Director, Screenwriter); Bruce Franklin (Associate Producer); Todd Garner, Paul Kurta, Joe Roth (Executive Producers); Tony Ludwig, Alan Riche (Producers); Charles Minsky (Director of Photography); Harry Keramidas (Editor); Robb Wilson King

(Production Designer); Alix L. Friedberg (Costume Designer).

Premise: Seven friends created a betting pool which has, over time, turned into a pretty good chunk of change. How to win? Be the last single man in the group. Now it's down to two, and one friend decides to unleash an old flame upon his opponent in the hopes of getting the guy wed and winning the money for himself.

Release Date: March 30, 2001.

Comments: None.

Rumors: Unknown.

Scoop Feedback: [Page draft submitted by Widgett, info taken from IMDB and]

November 27, 2000... This flick was shot between June and August of this year, and apparently has been screened, cause here's a review to kick the page off. Take it away,


"Ok, I saw a sneak preview of this comedy the other night... (and apparently the first audience to see this). First of all, it stars Jerry O'Connell, Jake Busey, Shannon Elizabeth, Jaime Pressly ,and Horatio Sanz and was written and directed by Gregory Poirier. It's basically about a group of guys that have a bet going... they all put in money every year until they each get married...the last one to stay single wins the loot. Seven years later (as Horatio Sanz' character gets married to Jaime Pressly's character, Tricia -- lucky guy), its down to two bachelors (O'Connell and Busey), and Busey is certainly the furthest from getting married. THEN... O'Connell's character, Michael Delaney (colors Garfield for Sunday comics), loses big time at the crap stable and gets into deep trouble with a Vegas Mob boss (played by Bill Maher). Now Michael has a limited time to come up with a ton of cash or die. The only way he can get the money is to get Busey's character, Kyle, hitched, and quickly. So after a little inquiring, he discovers that the only time Kyle's been even close to love is with a girl named Natalie (Shannon Elizabeth) back seven years ago. So Michael tracks down Natalie, and the two work together to get Kyleto fall in love with her. Predictably, the two start to fall for each other which causes Michael to weigh his love for her or his impeding death."

"I know, you're probably thinking that this movie sounds like a decent comedy/romance (maybe a bit like Return To Me), but you're wrong.... oh so wrong! This is actually quite low on the romance side of things, but REALLY funny! Think more along the lines of Something About Mary, Road Trip, or American Pie. I may have laid out the basic plot, but I'm sure as hell not going to spoil any of the jokes (but I bet the preview will). All I'm going to say is that this movie has forced to use the phrase 'The Testicle Scene' more than a few times when talking about this movie with other viewers. Oh yeah, you heard me... 'The Testicle Scene'.... not testicles (plural), but testicle (single)... you'll see what I mean. There is PLENTY of gross humor... it's as if they're competing with the other raunchy movies to try and get us to laugh hysterically and throw-up at the same time. And, yes there is a throw-up scene as well... and a dominatrix scene, and a bestiality reference, and lesbian jokes, pregnancy jokes, tons of physical humor (who'd have known that O'Connell was so good at it too?), masturbation, cross dressing, voyeurism, movie spoofs, and of course sex jokes-a-plenty. That's just to name a few of the types of jokes you'll see in this hilarious movie. Overall, it loses some points for a lack of originality and predictability... but when you're laughing your ass off, you won't care. There were a few times that I felt the humor got a little TOO crazy or silly or extreme... but maybe they'll tone that down before the release (if not, it doesn't hurt the movie a whole lot). While the movie is certainly not for everyone (I mean, would you bring your parents or grandparents to see Road Trip?), it should prove to be a big hit with the teens, 20 year olds, and some 30 year olds...especially with guys (yup, there's boob shots galore... unfortunately none of Jaime Pressly or Shannon Elizabeth). I can't wait to see this again!" [Tenguman wants to make sure you heard him. Just one testicle. Got it?


January 10, 2001... The film can be expected in cinemas on March 30th.

[Info provided by Sony.]




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