The Grill  with Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O'Connell has been in our midst for most of this year shooting a locally set gangster caper flick, Down and Under, co-starring Estella Warren and Christopher Walken.  So has he been paying attention?  Exactly how much does American actor and former Slider O'Connell, 27, know about Australia?  Julietta Jameson puts him to the test.

OK, Jerry.  Firstly, a sign that says "No Thongs Allowed" refers to?
I assume it is referring to shoes.  But if we were on Bondi Beach I would think it was referring to bathing suits.  Love that Bondi.  I am a girl watcher and on Bondi you can watch the girls go by, oh my, my, my.

What is the name of the small orange crustaceans we like to throw on the barbie?
A yabby.  Or a bug.  When someone ordered a plate of bugs, I couldn't work it out until I had some of them and they were very good.

The correct answer was prawn.
Of course, prawn!  But my answer was good, right?

At least you didn't say shrimp.  But what is the capital city of Australia?
The capital city of Australia is definitely not Coober Pedy where I spent a week shooting Down and Under.  It's Positively frightening there.

Australia's national anthem, any ideas?
Well, I went to a State of Origin match and I had a bet with some of the guys I worked with and if I'd lost it I would have had to sing the national anthem in my underpants.  But I won the bet.

Who is "Our Kylie"?
Kylie Minogue.  I am a big fan and I have the two-disc set already.  A lot of people don't know this, but there was some talk about her being the co-star in Down and Under.  But she makes so much money on tour that we couldn't quite afford her.  But I'm definitely "spinning around."

Vegemite: a description please.
Something you do not spread on toast like peanut butter.  It is delicious, a very good form of energy, but should be used cautiously.  The first time I had Vegemite, I treated it like it was peanut butter and had a rude awakening.  I do like it, though.  Very high in vitamin B.  Very good for working on an action movie like "Down and Under" - a little soy and linseed toast, a little bit of Vegemite.  She'll be right!

Who makes better beer: Australia or the US?
Definitely Australia.  I was taught how to drink in Australia by Bill Hunter who is in this film.  I spent three months with him and went out drinking with him every night.  His favourite beer is Victoria Bitter, so it is now mine.  By the way, every night that I went drinking with Bill Hunter, I woke up with my shoes on.

Koalas.  Just cute and cuddly, or capable of inflicting bodily harm?
I actually came into contact with a koala... It tried to attack me.  They can definitely be deadly.  The only one I had come into contact with before that was a stuffed toy that someone had sent me from the Olympics.

Do kangaroos really box?
Yes.  A kangaroo is one of the leading characters in this film... So I had to deal quite a bit with a real kangaroo.  And let me say, nothing is crazier that an real kangaroo.  The most insane creatures in the world.  Untameable, uncontrollable, totally unpredictable.  In the rankings of craziest animals, it goes kangaroos... then Bill Hunter.