US WEEKLY APRIL 9-16, 2001




You're starring in Tomcats - a raunchy comedy about bachelorhood.  Was that a stretch for you?

It was so much fun to do Tomcats, because it was very much a reflection of my sort of mentality - which is complete fear of marriage, basically.  If you want to know what I am like emotionally, what I'm like in a relationship, you should see it.  I'll stand by that - and will probably never get a date again.

Are you a ladies man?

It's like this:  I'm at a club, and girls are looking at me from across the dance floor.  I'll mosey on up and be like, 'How's it going?' They'll be like, 'Oh, my God, you're the fat kid from Stand By Me.'  Happens all the time; doesn't make me feel too cool.

Didn't you date Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Yeah, for a few months, but she's got a good boyfriend now.  Freddie Prinze Jr.'s smart, he's a nice guy...everything I'm not!  It's called adolescent stupidity.  It didn't work out with Sarah, but it was good for my character in Tomcats.

How well do you and your brother [actor Charlie O'Connell] get along?

We're very tight.  We went to NYU together and moved out to L.A. together.  We lived in the same place until recently, when we decided to split up.  But the big joke is I moved into the apartment right next door, so I'm literally four feet away.  I'm doing this in baby steps.  It's very Melrose Place.

-Nicole Vecchiarelli