Jerry O'ConnellTranscript of Real Media interview conducted by Andrew L Urban

Andrew: Have you bought any gifts for anybody special back home?

Jerry: Um, have I bought any gifts?  I shipped back... you know, dopey American tourist, I shipped back a couple of [?].  That was, uh, I had to do that. I bought a couple of Boomerangs - idiot that I am.  Um... I have about eight thousand dollars worth of opals taped to me right now before I get on the plane because I don't want to claim them through customs.  And...

Andrew: No special gifts for anybody?

Jerry: No special gifts.  I bought myself a lot of clothes here.  Very good clothes here in Sydney.

Andrew: Now, can we ask... what is it, six or five months you've spent here...

Jerry:  Uh-huh

Andrew: Anybody missing you back home?

Jerry: Uh, no.  I'm swinging and single.

Andrew: That's a good way to be in Sydney!

Jerry: Definitely.  Um, I uh, came to Sydney very much single.

Andrew: Will you be leaving it single?

Jerry: Um, you know, I kind of met a girl here.  Very cute, sort of dated her... had a uh, what's that "R" word - a re - a re - relationship (grins)

Andrew: (laughs) You got it out.

Jerry: Yeah, and you know it had some - uh - what do you call it?  It starts with an "E", um.... emotions for her.

Andrew: None of that 'Lu', 'Lu'...

Jerry: Don't drop an "L" bomb on me! (laughs)

Andrew: (laughing) Sorry!

Jerry: I really LIKE you OK!  I "like" you. Um, ha ha... Uh, no.  It's a fun time.  Yeah, you know I've been dating a girl for a while now.  Smart girl.  A young professional... fun [?] cute.

Andrew: Are you sad to leave?

Jerry: I really am.

Andrew: Likely to be back?

Jerry: Likely to be back.  You know, I really believe that the entertainment industry  - the film industry specifically here in Sydney - is pretty much going to explode over the next few years.  Uh, I tell a lot of people, especially young people... we get a lot of, like, college kids working on our movie and stuff...  kids that went to New South Whales.  I had a couple of girls working for me that went to New South Whales, really smart communications majors.  Uh, hi Lauren.  H-hi Daniel.  Um, uh... you know I tell them if you're going to get into a business here in Sydney I really think the film industry is going to explode here over the next few years, you know.  And it's been happening here in increments.  Uh, you know, Mission Impossible 2 comes here.  The Matrix, it's this huge hit and  it films here... Moulin Rouge... and uh...

Andrew: Down and Under

Jerry: Down and Under... you know, these are films... not even to mention the Star Wars movies.  But these are films that uh, are not only shooting in Sydney, but using Sydney as a back drop.  It just goes to show you that it's becoming such an exciting city.

-Transcript written by Kedd.  Interview can be viewed with Real Player at the Urban Cinefile Site.