When Hollywood's leading man, Jerry O'Connell, hit Australia to film his new flick Down And Under, TV HITS nabbed him for an exclusive chat about Aussie girls, kissing scenes and working with Tom Cruise!


Hi Jerry, Welcome to Australia!

Thank you! This is my first trip to Australia and I'm having an awesome time. It's a really fun place and I can't get over how friendly everyone is!

Can you tell us about the film you're making in Australia?

It's called Down And Under and it's about a couple of dopey Americans who get trapped in the outback. The film is sort of like Mad Max meets Crocodile Dundee meets Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert meets Survivor: The Australian Outback!

Have you been watching Survivor: The Australian Outback?

Yeah, I've been watching the show and now I can't wait to spend the next six weeks filming the outback scenes. It will be one experience that I'll definitely never forget!

Have you met many Aussie girls?

I've met some really great Australian girls, In fact, Aussie girls are a lot nicer than the girls back home! In America, girls have this real attitude and they act like they are little princesses!

What do you miss most when you're away from home?

At the moment, I'm not really missing anything from home! The one thing I can't get used to here is the whole 'driving on the other side of the road' thing - it's really freaking me out! I have already had a couple of near misses by not looking in the right direction when I'm crossing the road, I didn't see the cars coming!

What's next after you finish filming Down And Under?

Well, I'm going to head back home and it looks like I'll be having a vacation if the actors' strike goes ahead! Otherwise, I'll come back to Australia as I have a feeling Down And Under won't be the last film I make here!

You shot to fame in 1986 when you starred in Stand By Me, but then it was ten years before you showed up in the TV show Sliders. Why such a long break?

A lot of people say to me, 'Hey, where have you been for the last ten years?' and I always say, "Well I did that little thing called high school and that little thing called college." It's funny 'cause I really didn't go anywhere. I had a great time at school and I wouldn't trade in that experience for the world!

You also starred in Jerry Maguire. What was it like working with Tom Cruise?

That movie was a lot of fun! At the time I had just graduated from college so to get that role, and to be able to work with someone as experienced as Tom Cruise was a real thrill!

Did you have fun filming your latest flick, Tomcats?

We shot that film for two weeks in Las Vegas and that was a little crazy! Nowhere knows how to party like Las Vegas! I Was amazed that I could go without sleep for fourteen days.

Did you really party that hard?

Yes, I usually got in five-minute naps while we were on the set. We used to start work at 3 a.m. because the casinos would be quite empty, and then we'd work until four o'clock in the afternoon. Then, when I should be going to my room to sleep, I'd start gambling and before I knew it I was partying in some club and thinking to myself, "I have to be at work in an hour!"

What convinced you to take the role in Tomcats?

I really wanted to do a film where I was surrounded by hot women and able to just goof around, I like doing comedy roles 'cause they're so fun!

What was it like working with Shannon Elizabeth?

Shannon is definitely one of the most gorgeous women on Earth. When we had kissing scenes, they became what is referred to as a NAN scene.

What does NAN stand for?

(Laughs) No Acting Necessary!

(Article Provided by 'Lee Lee')