TM 1993



What happens when you take three teen heartthrobs, put them in a "borrowed" convertible and send them on the adventure of a lifetime? You get a hit flick called Calendar Girl, starring none other than Mr. Jason Priestley! Yes!

Childhood friends "Roy Darpinion" (Jason), "Scott Foreman" (Jerry O'Connell), and "Ned Bleuer" (Gabriel Olds) have had a crush on Marilyn Monroe since they were 12 and got their hands on a risque Marilyn calendar called "Miss Golden Dreams." Now, at age 18, they decide to take off on a wild weekend to Hollywood to meet the girl of their dreams - certain that by simply showing up on her doorstep, she'll go out on a date with them!

You'll definitely want to make a date for Calendar Girl. But before you buy your popcorn, sit back and let TM give you a sneak peek at the film and a chance to win a spectacular gift from Jason!

Jerry O'Connell has made a career out of playing likable, boy next door types, and that's exactly what he gets to do in Calendar Girl, as "Scott," the lovable, Howdy Doody look-alike who always keeps his pals laughing! When Jerry was in NYC recently, TM snagged him for a quick chat. Oh, all right... we'll let you eavesdrop!

TM: Okay, Jerry! Tell us all about Calendar Girl.

JERRY: Well, it's about these three teenagers - myself, Jason Priestley and Gabriel Olds - who drive cross country in their convertible in 1962 to go and find Marilyn Monroe. She's their dream girl.

TM: What was Jason like to work with?

JERRY: He's a great guy. We had a lot of fun together. We were driving around in this great '62 Ford Galaxie convertible for the whole movie. That was fun in itself!

TM: You all must have caused quite a commotion on location.

JERRY: Yeah. I remember one time there were a thousand girls standing around on the set chatting, "Jason! Jason!" It was nuts!

TM: Have you seen the finished film yet?

JERRY: I saw bits of it last week when I was in Los Angeles. Looked good! It's gonna be a good movie.

TM: Cool. We can't wait to see it! Thanks Jer!

JERRY: Thank you!