Jay Mohr and Jerry O'Connell are just as fun off-screen as they are on. Tiger Beat sat down with these two Camp Wilder clowns for an exclusive interview. Check it out!

TIGER BEAT: What's your character 'Dorfman' on Camp Wilder like?

JAY: When I got the audition, he was described as a "mutant."

TB:Doesn't it still say that in the opening credits?

JAY: It does! Jay Mohr as the mutant. You know, he'd like burp in church and not realize he was doing anything wrong.

TB: Are you anything like him?

JAY: I'm probably equally as annoying. The only difference is, I know I'm annoying. I wake up and start talking and I don't stop until I go to bed. Dorfman is more spacey, but we're both kind of freaks in a nice way. I'm a nice guy. I'm nice to my mother.

TB: Could you describe each of your co-stars for us?

JAY: Okay. Jerry O'Connell. Geek. Geek. Geek. Geeeeeeek. Geek. [He laughs] Jerry is one of my best buddies. He's hilarious, like a little brother. Mary Page Keller has no idea how funny she is. Hilary Swank - I think that no matter where she was in life, she would be happy. Margaret Langrick is very earthy and hilarious. Meghann Haldeman is a nice kid. Tina Majorino, the little girl, is like my best friend on the set. I tell her all these great inside jokes that only me and like five other people on the planet know. We also have a pet penguin on the show named "Rusty". It's cool to hang out with penguins.

TB: Do you think of yourself as being famous?

JAY: Not when you go home and your mom goes, "Good to see you. Bring in the garbage cans." What's famous?

TB: What's your favorite midnight snack?

JAY: I get urges for those Tollhouse Cookies. The ones that are regular cookies but the bottoms are chocolate and there's chocolate stripes on top. I also like chocolate milk in the middle of the night.

TIGER BEAT: What's your character 'Brody' like?

JERRY: Brody is your basic male teenager. He chases girls. He tries to do well in school. And he has to put up with Dorfman.

TB: Speaking of Dorfman, What's Jay like to work with?

JERRY: He's a maniac! A lot of fun. I don't think the show would be the same without him.

TB: And how about that cute little penguin Rusty?

JERRY: The penguin is actually really good. He hits his mark better than Jay!

TB: Do you guys make a lot of bloopers?

JERRY: Yes. We walk into a lot of walls. Tripping. All of that stuff. Someone tripped down the stairs once. I won't say who. He will get very mad at me!

TB: When you were growing up in New York City, was your household anything like the Camp Wilder one?

JERRY: Yes. My house was basically the house that everyone came to. My mom always had the fridge stocked. That's essential. And I was one of the first kids in my school to get a Nintendo.

TB: How is college going:

JERRY: Good. I'm a sophomore now, studying film. We finished filming for the season in February so I'm back at school now.

TB: What do you like to do for fun?

JERRY: I do a lot of surfing and I like to swim. My brother Charlie and I also fence at New York University, where I go to school.

TB: How did you get interested in that?

JERRY: When we were pretty young, we always liked Errol Flynn movies so we started fencing. Charlie is really good. He's been to the Junior Olympics.