Jerry O'Connell

If you've been waiting with bated breath for Calendar Girl to come to theaters, you'll have to wait a bit longer - till August. But we've got a little sneak peek for you from one of the movie's stars! Jerry O'Connell, who portrays the good-hearted and naive Scott Forman in the film, chatted with Teen Beat about working with co-stars Jason Priestley and Gabriel Olds. We hooked up with Jer in Los Angeles

TEEN BEAT: What was the atmosphere like on the set of "Calendar Girl"?

Jerry O'Connell: It was very similar to that of "Camp Wilder". "Calendar Girl" revolves around three young guys and "Camp Wilder" also revolves around young people. It was a lot of fun and I think it will come out in the film.

TEEN BEAT: Do you keep in touch with your "Calendar Girl" co-stars, Jason Priestley and Gabriel Olds?

Jerry: Yes. Jason is one of my only two friends in California. I have to stay in touch with him!

TEEN BEAT: What's the movie basically about? Jason plays a boxer, right?

Jerry: Jason's not really a boxer. He's sort of the wiseguy who gets us in all the trouble. There's really no editor between his mind and his mouth. He's the mouth of the group. Gabe Olds plays the quiet character who keeps to himself - but he's not so much the nerd. He's just shy. I play Scott Forman. He was born with only one leg, so he's a little shy about that. He's really the naive, dopey one of the bunch.

TEEN BEAT: Were you in a wheelchair in the movie?

Jerry: No. I had a false leg. It was different, but it was fun.

TEEN BEAT: Are yo looking at other movie scripts now?

Jerry: Yes - constantly.

TEEN BEAT: Have you committed to anything?

Jerry: No. It's nothing you can predict, thought.

TEEN BEAT: Describe a typical working day for you on the set of "Camp Wilder."

Jerry: I have to get there by 10, but I usually get there a little before that because they have a huge spread. I have a bagel and start rehearsing Monday through Thursday till about 1. Then I have lunch here [The commissary] or I may go to lunch with Jay Mohr, who's also on the show. We sometimes go to the batting cages that are right around the corner. That's a lot of fun. Then we come back and work until about 6 or 7. I'll go home and go to sleep, and start the cycle all over again. On Fridays we come in at 12 and we tape that night.

TEEN BEAT: What's the atmosphere like on the set?

Jerry: It's a lot of fun. It's a bunch of kids who are being paid to sort of be themselves.

TEEN BEAT: Are there a lot of practical jokes and stuff like that?

Jerry: With Jay being a stand-up comic, it's pretty crazy.

TEEN BEAT: Have you ever seen Jay do his stand-up act?

Jerry: I saw him in New York when I was out there for two weeks. It was at The Boston Comedy Club. Neither Jay nor I are from L.A., so we don't really have too many friends out there.

TEEN BEAT: What does the perfect Sunday consist of for you?

Jerry: I'd probably get up pretty early. I don't like to sleep late. I feel like I'm missing something. I guess I'd do something athletic like go for a swim or maybe take a fencing lesson. Then I'd maybe see a movie or read - just relax and sort of zone out.

TEEN BEAT: What do you like about the East coast and the West coast?

Jerry: I like the weather here, but New York's my hometown. As my grandfather says, "When you leave New York, you're camping out."

TEEN BEAT: Which of the following are you most likely to do - bungee jump, rock climb or sky dive?

Jerry: I have not done any of those. Sky diving is a definite no. Bungee jumping is a possible no. And rock climbing - do I have a cable I can hold on to?


Jerry: You know, none of them. They're all way too dangerous and it would drive my mom crazy!

TEEN BEAT: Which are your fave California and New York beaches?

Jerry: New York's got to be Montauk, Long Island. The California beach is probably Venice. It's pretty crazy. That's where all the whackos are.