SUPERTEEN MAGAZINE - (1990 or '91)




A LoudMouth Interview!

He's now in his third season of My Secret Identity, but we still lovingly remember him as "Vern" in Stand By Me. Read on and find out what's been going on in 16-year-old Jerry's life these days.

Loudmouth: How has your character "Andrew" changed over the three seasons of My Secret Identity?

Jerry: He's sort of grown up along with me. Since the beginning of filming, I've grown six inches! My voice has also gone down, you know? Andrew started off as a young teenager with superpowers, now he's a young man with superpowers.

Loudmouth: Have you and Andrew grown more alike as time goes on?

Jerry: I think we were always really alike. In the first season, Andrew collected comic books and I was an avid comic book collector. I kind of related to him that way. He's a teenager and I think all teenagers can relate to each other.

Loudmouth: Is there anything about Andrew that you can't relate to?

Jerry: The only thing I can't relate to is that Andrew gets girls!

Loudmouth: Don't tell me you have a problem with that!

Jerry: Well, I don't have a casting session for my dates!

Loudmouth: What kind of girls do you like?

Jerry: Natural girls. Ones who are athletic, outgoing and have a good sense of humor.

Loudmouth: Part of the year you live in Toronto, Canada filming My Secret Identity, the other half, you live with your folks in New York City. Is that tough on you?

Jerry: No not really. It's my third year in Toronto and I like it. I'm looking out at Lake Ontario right now -- it's really nice. Kind of cold, but nice. Plus, it's only an hour's flight from New York.

Loudmouth: Is it difficult to work on a series and go to school at the same time?

Jerry: Not really. I'm pretty used to it now. I work with a tutor when I'm filming and then I go to a professional children's school when I'm in New York. In fact, I'm graduating this year.

Loudmouth: That's great! Do you have any plans to go to college?

Jerry: Yeah, I'd like to go to New York University film school. If we go into a fourth season with My Secret Identity, then I'll probably wait and go to school in February instead of September.

Loudmouth: Thanks for chatting with us, Jerry!

Jerry: You're welcome!