Photo Exclusive

When My Secret Identity star Jerry got back from his spring vacation in Europe, he called up SuperTeen and said: "How'd ya like to show my fans some of my personal photos?" Sure, said we, and here it is, for your viewing pleasure.

Says Jerry, 16: "I was in Europe for 10 days, from April 9th to 17th. Spent four days in Paris, one night on a train (a "couchette") from Paris to Spain, then another four days in Madrid. I went with my brother Charlie's school, the Bergen School. My brother is 15, one grade lower than me, and I knew a lot of his friends, so I kinda tagged along. There were about 20 kids and guardians too, teachers and principals. I had the best time ever and I'm definitely going to go back someday!" For now, tho, let's enjoy these great pix!

Jerry and Charlie O'Connell in Paris Here I am with my brother Charlie in front of the I.M. Pei Pyramid at the Louvre Museum, in Paris. It's a glass structure and has these box-like "robots" that go up and down the sides to clean the glass, Cool!

Here we are in front of the famous Moulin Rouge house of burlesque in Paris. We didn't go in, but that night we went to a dance club next door. They played European rock 'n' roll which I liked. One thing I learned on this trip is that teens are pretty much the same all over the world... they just speak different languages! Jerry and Charlie O'Connell Moulin Rouge

Jerry and Charlie O'Connell Place de la Concorde Here I'm with Charlie at the Place de la Concorde. It's this big court area. I had great food in Paris -- there was this one bistro where I stuffed my face with lots of desserts, pastries and food. I gained a little weight on this vacation!

Jerry and Charlie O'Connell with Friends in Paris
That's me with Doug, Charlie and Dan in front of the Opera, in Paris. I enjoy traveling with my brother; we're best friends. It was an 8-hour plane flight to get to France and then on top of that it's 6 hours later there. I was zonked when we first arrived!

Here I'm hangin' with the guys on a street in Montmarte, near Sacre Cour. Paris was really nice, but next time I go to Europe I want to visit Italy. Jerry and Charlie O'Connell in Montmarte

Jerry and Charlie O'Connell at a cafe Here we are buying a sandwich at a cafe. We met lots of friendly people during this trip!

That's me buying a "baguette" from a street vendor. It's basically a "hoagie"... in other words, a ham sandwich! Jerry O'Connell 16 years old

Charlie O'Connell and friends in Hall of Mirrors This is in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace in Versailles. It's where the Peace Treaty of World War I was signed (which I remember from my history class, one of my favorite subjects!). This place is absolutely breathtaking -- seriously outrageous! I can't even explain!

What a night that was! That's Charlie, Doug and me hangin' in the "couchette," the bunk in the train that took us from Paris to Madrid. It was a small, confined space but I was so tired I slept for 10 hours! This overnight train ride was a blast too 'cause there were loads of kids on it! Charlie O'Connell, friend Doug, and Jerry O'Connell on a train

Jerry and Charlie O'Connell overlook river Seine in Paris Here I am with Charlie on a bridge overlooking the famous river, Seine, in Paris. It was serene and beautiful...

Jerry O'Connell and friends outside Cathedral Toledo, Spain
Outside the Cathedral in Toledo, Spain. I really enjoyed this country. I got to practice my Spanish, eat "tapas" (small hors d'oeuvres), and omelets stuffed with potatoes. Mmmm, I can still taste it! One thing I wasn't crazy about was the bullfights... very violent and bloody.

Here's a shot of Charlie and his school principal, Mrs. Davis, bargaining for souvenirs in Toledo. I really didn't do too much shopping myself, but I did manage to buy stuff to bring back to family and friends. All in all, this was a super trip which I'll never forget! Charlie O'Connell and teacher shop for souvenirs in Toledo