Calendar Boys - These gentlemen prefer blonds in the new movie Calendar Girl

It's the summer of '62, and three very different buddies, in a post-high school graduation stupor, decide it would be an excellent idea to hop in the Ford Galaxie and take a little road trip.  Destination:  Hollywood.  Objective:  to meet the original material girl herself, Marilyn Monroe.  That's the story behind Calendar Girl, starring Gabriel Olds, Jerry O'Connell, and some guy named Jason Priestley.  Given the raw babe value, we knew we had to do something on this film.  And since Jason has been done (and done and done), we thought we'd grab the other two cutie-pies before fame got it's nasty hooks into them.

Even though Gabe, twenty-one, and Jerry, nineteen, are both New York City boys who became actors, the two had never met until they were cast in this film.  "Gabe's an uptown guy, and I'm a downtown guy," explains Jerry  But they both discovered acting at an early age.  Gabe remembers doing improvisations in his elementary school vocabulary class to release tension after quizzes.  "I would swing across the room as Tarzan, and people laughed a lot," he recalls.  "I guess I really liked the laughter."  Since then, Gabe has played more serious roles on stage and screen and recently directed and acted in a play in New Haven, Connecticut, where he's a student at Yale University.  Meanwhile, at New York University, Jerry (probably best known for his role in the film Stand By Me) is studying filmmaking.

In Calendar Girl, Gabe plays Ned, the group's Harvard-bound intellectual, Jerry is Scott, the romantic on the verge of marriage, and Jason is the wild and impetuous Roy, about to join the army.  When the actors started rehearsals, they all suspected typecasting.  "It was scary how close to our characters we all were," says Gabe.  "Like Ned, I'm the intellectual of the three."  And Jerry admits to being romantic but insists he doesn't even have a girlfriend.  As for Jason, Well, no comment.  Finally, on the subject of long roads traveled to meet objects of desire, Gabe says, "I wouldn't travel that far to meet someone for fear that the fact that I had traveled so far would taint the experience itself."  Spoken like a true intellectual.  And Jerry?  "It depends on who's paying for it."  Ah, how romantic.

-Stacy Colino