Clothesline: Jerry O'Connell

With acting (Jerry Maguire, Scream 2, Crossing Jordan) and producing (the upcoming First Daughter) credits on his resume, this 30-year old native New Yorker is looking Hollywood these days. "When I was invited to Puffy's White Party some years ago, I had to buy a white outfit, so I rolled over to Ralph Lauren," he says. "I found this great linen suit that cost well over $1,000. And wouldn't you know it, the second I walk into the party someone bumps into me with a vodka cranberry." Certainly these days he gets his tags gratis like most stars, right? "Nope, I buy my suits. My favorites are by Paul Smith, though come to think of it, I did get some free clothes from the Kangaroo Jack set. On the last day of shooting I stole some Prada and Gucci suits off the wardrobe truck. A week later Jerry Bruckheimer called and asked if I'd taken them. When I confessed, he told me I could keep them as long as I would wear them to all his premieres."