NW OCTOBER 20, 2003



Renee Zellweger isn't the only star staring singledom in the face. Geri Halliwell is on her own again after actor Jerry O'Connell left London, saying he though of the singer as nothing more than a tour guide during his stay in England.

The pair recently teamed up for the movie version of the popular comic book The Fat Slags.

Geri, 31, fell for the good-looking 29-year-old playboy - whose engagement to US entertainment TV show hostess Giuliana DePandi now appears to be up in the air - and is said to be devastated by his departure.

"I live in LA so it was nice to have a tour guide who knows where they are going in London," he says. "Geri and I had a lot of scenes together so we spent a lot of time together on set and then off."

Reports from the UK had a friend saying Geri was "happier than ever" and that she was "crossing her fingers" their relationship would continue to blossom.

Geri thought there was more to her friendship with Jerry, even referring to him as "the on". She reportedly even considered whether the Kangaroo Jack star, currently in TV's Crossing Jordan, could be a potential father to her children.

Since his return to LA - and the public snub - Geri's been puzzled by his behaviour. "She is really serious about Jerry... Now she's very confused and she fears it's his way of dumping her. She hoped to hook up with him in LA but she's now a bit wary," says a pal.