Kangaroo Jock

Jerry O'Connell, Australia's new favourite adopted son, raves about his time in the land down-under making Kangaroo Jack

What was the strangest thing you had to do during the filming of Kangaroo Jack?

Oh my God! We had to go to camel jockey school! They put us all in a cage with four of the kangaroos who are in the movie. The kangaroos at the zoo in the US are the size of a dog, but these ones are the size of people!

You spent the good part of a year here. What's your most vivid memory of Oz?

Okay, this is a good one! I went to get a massage in Dayelsford, which is where the camel jockey school was. So I went to this massage parlour - it was a rough day and I'd been on this camel all day. I had an aromatherapy bath, massage - the works. Then I find out that Daylesford is the lesbian capital of the world! I was in a lesbian massage parlour! I couldn't work out why there were looking at me so strangely and why I was the only guy.

Apart from that, did you enjoy your time here?

The Outback was nothing like I'd ever seen before - it's beautiful! I also got really good at drinking VB. I found out the hard way it's twice as powerful as any American beer. They tell me I had my shirt off and I was dancing the Macarena on top of the bar at Establishment [in Sydney]! I actually looked for a job in Australia after Kangaroo Jack, I loved it so much.

You spent a bit of time at Establishment. Was that your favourite place in Sydney?

Establishment and the Star City casino. I loved everything about Sydney. It's aesthetically beautiful. It's much cooler than the United States.

How did you find the Australian women?

I loved them - all of them! I had a girlfriend from Sydney while we were filming. I met her on Oxford Street [in Paddington]. I was shopping and met her having brunch. She was cute.

Are you still with her?

No, I email her. I live in the US.

You probably don't want to ruin your playboy reputationů

I'm an actor who's not married. And I date. If that means a playboy, then I guess I am. I don't tend to date actors.