Jerry's favorite food stop

INDULGENCES Crossing Jordan star Jerry O'Connell takes In Touch to Carney's in LA

As he bites into a Carney's double burger smothered in cheese and chili, a boyish grin crosses Jerry O'Connell's face - in complete contrast to the serious policeman he plays every week on NBC's Crossing Jordan. Carney's restaurant, converted from a train, is one of Jerry's favorite spots to eat for many reasons, but the food's why he keeps coming back. "I'm probably going to upset a lot of vegetarians, but I have to have a Carney's cheeseburger a day or else I get tired," Jerry confesses. "I work 12 to 15 hours a day. There's no vitamin that will help me. But if I get a cheeseburger in me - preferably a double - it helps."

John Wolfe, who owns the LA restaurant with his brother Bill, reveals his little secret: "Our meat comes from Australia; it's very lean." And they've expanded their menu to include delicious Thai chicken wraps, veggie burgers and salads.

Jerry also likes the ambiance."LA is a town of posers. Whatever restaurant is the most difficult to get into," he says, "that's the one everybody loves; it doesn't matter what they serve. But with Carney's, you get the same quality every time. It's great!"

  • The space is a train, and there is a little bit of a kid in all of us," Jerry says
  • This fun restaurant, which Jerry calls "Old World solid," has been an LA fixture since 1975.
  • "It's the ultimate test if I bring a girl here and she says it's cool." - Jerry O'Connell
  • Jerry is starring on his fourth season of Crossing Jordan. "I'll get to do more cop-gets-the-bad-guy stories. And I get to do it without risking my life!" he jokes.