HEAT 4-10 OCTOBER 2003



Seems Jerry just can't keep his kit on!

We were so happy to see Geri Halliwell finally finding love - especially when it's in the form of Hollywood hunk Jerry O'Connell. So it makes us even happier to find out they have something in common that's close to their hearts - stripping!

We all know that Geri posed for various nude shots in her pre-Spice days but it was only after a bit of Scandal!-style snooping that we discovered Jerry also has a thing for flashing his bits. And as you can see from these pictures he's something of an expert at it.

Jerry bares all numerous times in Tomcats and Body Shots (made in 1999 and 2001, respectively) and is clearly comfortable with his body being projected on the silver screen. "I don't work out ever," Jerry explained, "But before every film I get a trainer who gets my ass in shape." And what good work they've done. (Although we assume Jerry's bum trainer wasn't called in for his fullly-dressed Scream role.)

And he doesn't just reveal all on his own, Jez is also quite the stud when it comes to big screen sex scenes. He went all the way with American Pie's Tara Reid in the flick body Shots and they had amazing sexual chemistry. "He's a very good-looking guy," swooned Tara. "A great kisser too." Which is good to hear, as sources tell us Geri's been sampling quite a bit of that.

It looks like not everything's perfect in O'Connell's world though. "The only thing that I'm uncomfortable about is my hairy backside," he revealed. "I have to groom it before any nude scenes."

We're interested to hear what that involves.

-Angharad Owen