MARCH 17, 2000


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Movies_Host: Get ready to take a "Mission to Mars!" Our guest in the chat studio is hot young actor Jerry O'Connell. You know him from "Stand by Me", "Screamers" and TV's "Sliders". Now, as the star of Touchstone Picture's new sci-fi thriller, "Mission to Mars", he plays scientist Phil Ohlmyer -- part of a recovery team sent to Mars to rescue a missing group of astronauts. Welcome to the chat, Jerry. Let's get started?

JERRY O'CONNELL: Hello everyone! I'm at the New York Knicks game with Gary Sinise. He's going to be on Good Morning America tomorrow. I'm going to be on Kathie Lee and Regis the next day. No question too honest or graphic for me!

guest-sigma says: Jerry, What was it like to work with Gary Sinise?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I'm here with him now. It was awesome to work with him. He's the most intense actor I've ever worked with. I felt like I should get a Gatorade and a towel when I showed up on the set the first day. He's a great guy.

guest-kermette86 says: Jerry, you are becoming so popular now, are you as personable as you seem on your interviews?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I'm sitting here at the Knicks game, having a few beers with Gary and eating peanuts. It hasn't really affected me yet.

guest-MaggieMB says: Congratulations, Jerry! You can't go anywhere without hearing something about you anymore!

JERRY O'CONNELL: I'm rather excited about the "Mission to Mars". The chance to work with DePalma on his first big sci-fi adventure is something I jumped on. I'd go to any lengths to tell people about this film.

guest-Spiffy415 says: Mr. O'Connell, is it true that when you were scheduled to have a chat on ETOnline, they cancelled it because you were at the Yankees World Series game?

JERRY O'CONNELL: Yeah, I tend to go to sporting events on a regular basis. If it has to do with a New York team, I'm there. Go New York, go New York, go!

Movies_Host: For those of you who logged in late, we're having problems with the audio, so this chat will be in text only.

guest-Spiffy415 says: What is "Buying The Cow" about?

JERRY O'CONNELL: It's about a girl who gives her boyfriend an ultimatum: should he buy the cow when he gets the milk for free. It's a good movie, starring Bridget Wilson. We don't quite go to Mars on that one. But it was a lot of fun to work with Bridget Wilson.

guest-Linda says: Jerry, I can't wait until Mission to Mars comes out Friday. How was the premiere? Who did you go with to see it?

JERRY O'CONNELL: It was awesome! I went with my brother. You've got to check out this movie. It's very cool!

guest-Spiffy415 says: Did you enjoy working in Jerry Maguire?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I loved "Jerry MaGuire" When you get to work with the likes of Tom Cruise, it's such a great experience as an actor!

guest-Jen says: What is your favorite flavor of JELLO?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I'm a regular Jell-O kind of guy, but there must be Reddi-Wip nearby!

guest-Kay_Dee says: So tell us about the wheel of cheese! What's that all about?

JERRY O'CONNELL: They suspended me upside down for 10 hours a day for two weeks. I had to be careful what I had for lunch every day!

guest-Spiffy415 says: You seem to love the spacesuit from Mission To mars so much, why didn't you ask them to let you keep it?

JERRY O'CONNELL: Because it costs more than I'm worth! If I were to steal it, they'd have me arrested immediately!

EZGuest132947572 says: Jerry I've enjoyed all of your movies. I recently got Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss and enjoyed that also. What did you do for vacations when you were a kid?

JERRY O'CONNELL: Usually, with my family, we'd go to some obscure country that my parents thought would educate my brother and I. Like Haiti in 1984. Thanks for remembering "Ollie". It was directed by Jean Shephard, a genius. I should tell everyone, the Knicks are leading 35-25, six minutes left in the third period. They're playing the Grizzlies. Sorry, it's the second period.

Movies_Host: For those of you who logged in late, we're having problems with the audio, so this chat. For those of you who logged in late we're having problems
with the audio, so this chat will be in text only.

cc498 says: what is the most exciting thing that has happened to you during the filming of "Missions To Mars"?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I want to say working with Brian DePalma. I wrote papers on him at NYU Film School. To get to see him work his magic was a real honor. I got an A on my paper, but I didn't show it to Brian. I thought I couldn't do better than that A.

guest-Kay_Dee says: Tell us a little more about your character Phil. I hear he's got a funny thing with m&m's!

JERRY O'CONNELL: He's a computer operations specialist on the ship. That's a stretch for me, whose VCR flashes 12 all the time. I'm by no means a computer specialist.

guest-AmyLiz says: : I'm down here in FL and the shuttle take-offs can be seen even over here in Tampa!! Did you visit Cape Canaveral?

JERRY O'CONNELL: Yes, it was unbelievable. Very patriotic, but I was more excited to be there as a human.

guest-cindy174 says: You have great comedic timing. Is comedy a genre you're interested in?

JERRY O'CONNELL: Definitely. I like to think of myself as a pretty funny guy.

guest-Jen says: Have you done any producing, directing or writing since Sliders?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I wrote "First Daughter" which we start shooting in August. I'm excited about it. working with director Brian Robbins,
who did "Varsity Blues." It's about the president's daughter going to college and falling in love with his secret service detail. Then they fall out of love and, hopefully, by the end of the
third act, they fall in love again.

guest-jerray says: You once said your dream was to be a quarterback, an astronaut and President of the US. Two out of three. Which prez would you want to portray - real or a fictional one?

JERRY O'CONNELL:'s a lot easier to act than run a country...and the craft service table is a lot tastier!

guest-Tina says: Jerry, when writing a movie or story line what gives you the idea? Do you dream them or take from personal experiance?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I went to New York University and majored in screenwriting. It's the best film school in the country. I got most of my skills from there. It's much better than USC! :)

guest-MaggieMB says: Did you really put live cockroaches in your mouth?

JERRY O'CONNELL: Yes! As an actor, I'd do what I had to. For "Joe's Apartment" Of course, it affected my dating life after that.

guest-crisj says: Who were you most excited about seeing show up at the M2M premiere?

JERRY O'CONNELL: It's very exciting to work on a project for eight months. And to see it all put together is great. It doesn't even matter who was at the premiere. It's the fact that we got to see this aweome movie. To see all of DePalma's choreography coming to life was great.

cc498 says: : I saw the trailer to "Missions To Mars" and read how you worked out intensively to get ready for your role, how did you get so buff so quickly? LOL I have been working out for a long time now and i'm not even close
to where you got LOL.

JERRY O'CONNELL: They got me the best of trainers. I have to get back into shape now. I should probably book myself on another space movie!

guest-KaraokeSuperStar says: Did you make any good friends while making Mission to Mars like you did in Scream 2? Who's your best bud?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I' m sitting next to Gary Sinise and, his best bud...Peter Friedlander.

Movies_Host: Just so you all know... Jerry is having a hard time hearing us Those Knicks sure play awful loud.

guest-kaye says: I agree that you have great comedic potential. Would you ever be a regular on a sitcom if the opportunity arose?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I did a TV show with Hilary Swank when I was in college. "Camp Wilder" We were very funny again. We were very funny together....

Movies_Host: We can hear that Knicks crowd screaming.... We're just waiting for Jerry to get to a better location where he can hear us.

guest-Spiffy415 says: So, give us an update on the game!

JERRY O'CONNELL: The Knicks are up... They're up by 15 and it's halftime



guest-Sliderchick says: do yuo eat healthy or are you into fast food?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I'm sitting here at the game, getting a hot dog. I'll let you decide...

guest-Silva says: What special effects impressed you the most after seeing the movie on the screen?

JERRY O'CONNELL: Probably Brian DePalma's camerawork. I don't consider him a filmmaker. I consider him more a choreographer of the camera. Him dealing with weightlessness...when we were right-side up, the camera was upside down. It was unbelievable.

Movies_Host: You would fall asleep in your space suit?

JERRY O'CONNELL: It was so comfortable, with the climate control and the oxygen generator, hanging on those wires for hours at a time. It was like being back in the womb.

guest-teodo says: Any particular actor with whom you'd like to work now?

JERRY O'CONNELL: My next project is with Shannon Elizabeth, of American Pie fame. I've very excited to work with her.

guest-kaye says: What was your favorite cartoon as a child (or as an adult)?

JERRY O'CONNELL: Scooby Doo....but more modern: The Tick, which Barry Sonnefeld is doing as a TV show. I met with the producer Barry Josephson. I hope to work with him in the future and I'm very excited to see the live-action version of The Tick.

guest-Kay_Dee says: Who's the better athelete, you or your brother Charlie? It was fun seeing you guys in the celebrity basketeball game in Oakland by the way!

JERRY O'CONNELL: My brother...but don't tell him I told you that. I'm much smarter than he is.

guest-Flycat says: Will you cut you head bald for a role?

JERRY O'CONNELL: Sure... If it called, I'd shave my body. Although there's not much hair to shave.

guest-michie says: did you space suit weight a lot?

JERRY O'CONNELL: 50 pounds and I loved every pound of it.

guest-Jen says: Do you stil play a lot of the sports you played in high school and college, eg fencing?

JERRY O'CONNELL: Yes, I fence on a regular basis. It's a great sport. It needs to make a change though. They need to make it more excited. More urban. Like the change basketball in the mid sixties.

guest-dsd915 says: go knicks! who's your fave palyer?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I've got to go with Pat Ewing. Loyal guy. Loyal as a lab. Stayed with the Knicks through thick and thin. He's been to two finals. I hope he gets a ring. He deserves it. He looks good tonight.

guest-Kay_Dee says: What did you learn from working with NASA consultants like Story Musgrave?

JERRY O'CONNELL: These guys are total scientists, they are so smart, they have more degrees from universities than a thermometer. I was so impressed by their work ethic, not only educational, but physical.

guest-Tammy says: Have any fans approached you at the game?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I'm sitting courtside. Look for me on ESPN highlights.

Guten_Tag1 says: Hi Jerry! Whats it feel like seeing yourself on a
movie screen after working on a set and saying lines over and over?

JERRY O'CONNELL: It's pretty intense. Seeing all the computer generated effects after doing scenes in forever green-screen. It's amazing what Industrial Light and Magic can do.

Movies_Host: For those of you who logged in late, the audio is not working, so this chat is in text only.

guest-babykarret says: Is there something that you've always wanted to do or learn but never had the chance to?

JERRY O'CONNELL: the trumpet. Maybe it's a Chet Baker fixation. I want to take a couple of lessons at some point in time in my life.

jmichellen says: Jerry what do you do for hobbies?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I surf, I golf with my boss from Mission to Mars, Tom Jacobson. And I love to come to sporting events. This is me, talking to you guys from half-time at the Knicks game.

guest-michie219 says: Jerry do you ever feel like to many people want a piece of you. What I mean to say is do you wish you had more privacy?

JERRY O'CONNELL: No...right now I am so single it's not even funny. Any hot girls out there, if you would like to leave your e-mail addresses....I'm very interested! I'm serious. I'm looking.

Movies_Host: I find that hard to believe.

guest-Jen says: Have you ever thought of doing an action role? You done most everything else in some form or another.

JERRY O'CONNELL: I love action. Laugh as you may, one of the major influences on my life was Die Hard. I am all about action movies.

guest-KaraokeSuperStar says: I loved you in My Secret Identity. What was your favorite episode? Do you still talk to Christopher Bolton and Derek McGrath?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I talk to Derek McGrath quite often. I'm sure we'll work together again. You may remember him as Handy Andy from Cheers. My Secret Identity taught me many fundamentals of filmmaking. On low budget TV shows, the style is raw and fun. It inspired me to go to New York University Film School. I just turned 26...

guest-TypicalYyan says: Tell Jerry I'd give him free lessons on playing the Trumpet any day!

JERRY O'CONNELL: I'll take you up on that....leave your e-mail address.

guest-Shelly says: Would you move to find the girl of your dreams?

JERRY O'CONNELL: That's a little early to say. I've yet to meet her. I've been burned one two many times. I'm going through a phase where I'm not really giving a lot.

guest-michie says: Jerry when are you going to come back and visit us in Toronto? I miss you here!

JERRY O'CONNELL: I love about Vince Carter? I'll see you up there soon.

Denied4U says: what would be Jerry_oconnell's dream role?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I auditioned for Billy Crystal to play Roger Maris in an HBO film. I don't quite think it's going to happen, but that would be a dream role. Go Yankees!

guest-Tina says: Do you ever watch a movie you finished and wanted to change something, but its to late?

JERRY O'CONNELL: No.... My job is not on-set. The final cut is a collaborative process. I think if you look at everything I do, I'm pretty funny and I had a great timedoing it.

Ernie161 says: i now alot of girls that would like you man

_-sWeEt-gIrL-17-_ says: jerry.. i think your the cutest and i just wanted to tell you i love you! and I'm 24 is that to young for you? Because I'll leave my e-mail address

JERRY O'CONNELL: I'm single....We'll find a'll recognize me by the pink carnation I'll be wearing....That would seem pretty cool. I'm a movie buff, what can I say?

Movies_Host: Tell us, Jerry, what is your dream girl like?

JERRY O'CONNELL: Funny, has a job, and according to my mom, needs full medical and dental benefits. She doesn't have to like sports, I'll be fine by myself going to the Yankee games.

guest-Tiffany says: Do you enjoy Sci-Fi roles the most?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I love them and I definitely loved the opportunity to work with Brian DePalma on his first sci-fi adventure.

guest-Joey says: speaking of college, how did you mangage to graduate when you were 19?

JERRY O'CONNELL: I actually graduated when I was 20. I took summer courses. My parents were adamant about me graduating. I did it in four years, but I had taken a semester off to do a sitcom with Hillary Swank. Summer courses, baby, summer courses!

e-z-st says: There are alot of girls that would LOVE to date you.

Guten_Tag1 says: Hey Jerry, how do you do it man? You've got all these girls climbing all over you. Whats your secret?

JERRY O'CONNELL: It's not going too well for me right now on the girl front. I wish I could share secrets with you, but I'm not really on a hot streak right now.

guest-Kay_Dee says: Jerry, I've got full medical and dental if you want it!

JERRY O'CONNELL: I'm in. Let's go out to brunch with my mom. She'll love you.

Movies_Host: Thanks for chatting with us, today, Jerry!

JERRY O'CONNELL: Check me out on ESPN highlights. I'm sitting right under the Knicks basket in the second half. I'll be the guy sitting next to Peter Friedlander, Gary Sinise's Development guy. Gary got the halfcourt tickets. I'm a little jealous, but that's how it goes. See "Mission to Mars". Brian DePalma made a kick ass movie! Any e-mails, I will answer!


Movies_Host: Well, we've just about run out of time for today! I want to thank Jerry again for spending some time with us. And thanks to everyone out there for sending in those great questions. Join us tomorrow at 8pm EST/5pm EST for a
live chat with "Mission to Mars" technical advisor Story Musgrave. This former NASA astronaut has spent over 1200 hours in space! Thanks again, Jerry. And for everyone out there, be sure to check out "Mission to Mars" -- sta

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