Yahoomc: Thanks for joining us today...
Yahoomc: Our friends ate will be chatting with Jerry
Yahoomc: in about fifteen minutes...
Yahoomc: So start sending in your questions now!
Yahoomc: Jerry stars in the rowdy comedy Tomcats...
Yahoomc: and you've seen him in a bunch of other stuff...
Yahoomc: including Jerry Maquire...
Yahoomc: and my personal favorite...
Yahoomc: as one of the four kids in Stand By Me!
Yahoomc: Yup, you can look it up...
Yahoomc: That's Jerry...
Yahoomc: He's the pudgy one!
Yahoomc: Of course, he's not pudgy anymore...
Yahoomc: He's quite the stud in his new flick Tomcats...
Yahoomc: If you haven't seen it yet...
Yahoomc: What the heck are you waiting for???

true_snagger: So when is this going to start?
Yahoomc: About five minutes, snagger...
Yahoomc: Keep those questions coming!

chat_man_86_2000: what will his user name be
Yahoomc: p6_jerry_oconnell
Yahoomc: For those of you just joining us...
Yahoomc: Where have you been?
Yahoomc: it's OK, you haven't missed anything yet...
p6_jerry_oconnell: Hello everybody!
p6_jerry_oconnell: I am here in Australia sitting next to Anthony Anderson
of Kingdom Come fame coming out next week

p6_jerry_oconnell: We are doing a scene for our new film "Down and

p6_jerry_oconnell: If I have to put the phone down that is because we are
making movie magice

p6_jerry_oconnell: or eating at the craft service table
p6_jerry_oconnell: that's free food table

JONATHON_DAVIS_KORNFAN2000: Jerry, hi.. How does it feel
to have went up in your career, I mean from Sliders to SCREAM 2,
short role in CAN'T HARDY WAIT, and now TOM CATS?
p6_jerry_oconnell: It's fun. IF you can earn a living as an actor, there really
is no better way to make a buck
p6_jerry_oconnell: YOu giggle all day at work. Let's see how much longer
I can keep tricking them

sliderlynn: what is your favorite scene in Tomcats?
p6_jerry_oconnell: Probably the one where I am strapped to a bed and
beaten to a pulp by a domintrix

marina7_7: Hey Mr.O'Connell, YOU ARE A SEXY BITCH!!!!!!!
Sorry, just had to get that outta my system

p6_jerry_oconnell: That
p6_jerry_oconnell: That's sexy beatch
p6_jerry_oconnell: Hold on I have to do a take

naughty_genie_in_a_bottle_2001: Who is your idol?
p6_jerry_oconnell: Definitely somehwere bettween bill murray jack
lemmon and bruce willis when he played dave on moonlighting

p6_jerry_oconnell: I'm not going to kid you people, Don JOhnson's
rendition of Sonny Crocket had an affect on me too

naughty_genie_in_a_bottle_2001: Would you ever like to do a
broadway show?

p6_jerry_oconnell: YEs because I am born and raised in New YOrk City
and that's like making it to the Olympics of acting

p6_jerry_oconnell: But for now the food is too good on movie sets

naughty_genie_in_a_bottle_2001: Do you think you act like your
character in Sliders?

p6_jerry_oconnell: No I'm more like my character in Tomcats

eugene_okane: Have u ever been 2 ireland Jerry . we are all cool
over here B-)

p6_jerry_oconnell: No I've never been to the motherland

naughty_genie_in_a_bottle_2001: What is your character like in

p6_jerry_oconnell: He's 27, he's single and he's afraid of commitment
p6_jerry_oconnell: typecasting

true_snagger: How did it feel to star with one the hottest ladies in the
world...Shannon Elizabeth???
p6_jerry_oconnell: Shannon Elizabeth is an 11. She is probably the most
beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on in my life

p6_jerry_oconnell: Doing love with scenes with her was the easiest thing

James_K_P: Hey Jerry, Tomcats was by far the funniest of all the
new comedies out, is the movie you're filming now just as

p6_jerry_oconnell: YEs, right after I finish Tomcats the powers that be
realized that I had a flair for comedy but an action movie was definitely in
the works as well

p6_jerry_oconnell: So what better to do "Down and Under" an action
comedy made by Jerry Bruckheimer

naughty_genie_in_a_bottle_2001: If you were given 2 million dollars
randomly, what would you do with it?

p6_jerry_oconnell: Got to Vegas, put it all on black and try to make it 4 take that back. I believe the children are the future

p6_jerry_oconnell: give them hope and let them lead the way
p6_jerry_oconnell:, I would still take it to Vegas and put it all on

prettymj11: Jerry, how is acting for you? Is it hard? Easy?

p6_jerry_oconnell: The hours are long. The time on set when you're
adlibbing a scene with Anthony Anderson, star of new Kingdom Come
coming out next week

p6_jerry_oconnell: and things are just flowing
p6_jerry_oconnell: that's when it's a great job

thepretender78: I thought you sang very well in Scream 2. Do you
like to sing?
p6_jerry_oconnell: Only at Karaoke bars with a few beers in me

true_snagger: Hey bro, can I get some advice on how to get buff in
three weeks???

p6_jerry_oconnell: Switch to light beer

millennium_chick_28: are you single and if so what do you look for in
a prospective life long partner?

p6_jerry_oconnell: Yes I am very much single and I don't just look for girls
that are intelligent and funny

p6_jerry_oconnell: I look for girls that are positively brilliant and think I am
the funniest thing on the face of the planet. I'm getting a little picky in my old

welovejoc: Hey Jerry :) when I met you on TRL last month that was
the bestest day of my whole life :) What was the best day of your

p6_jerry_oconnell: I have to admit that day on TRL was rather fun. I
know that Carson treats that like a job, but man when you get there and the
music is pumping, and you girls are screaming

p6_jerry_oconnell: TRL is right up there with one of the better days of my
27 year old life

crystalblueh2o: What do you do when you are done filming for the

p6_jerry_oconnell: Usually go out with some of the cast members,
especially on location down here in Sydney shooting "Down and Under" you
find yourself wantting to unwind and party a bit

sliderlynn: what does your mom think about you doing the nude

p6_jerry_oconnell: She doesn't understand why I have to be naked
p6_jerry_oconnell: She wants to know why I can't just talk to them and
ask them not to do it

p6_jerry_oconnell: She's pretty funny that way

syeknomvuli: do you ever get tired of being recognized everywhere
you go? i don't think i could be a celebrity because sometimes it's
nice to be anonymous.

p6_jerry_oconnell: NO, I love it. I spent four years of college and four
years of highschool wanting to be the most popular guy on campus

p6_jerry_oconnell: Now when I walk into a bar
p6_jerry_oconnell: People either call me Tomcats guy
p6_jerry_oconnell: or the fatkid from Stand By Me
p6_jerry_oconnell: pretty funny

baby_gurl_got_back: Hey Jerry, Who is your favorite female

p6_jerry_oconnell: Probably, I'm working currently with Estella Warren
p6_jerry_oconnell: She is a pure joy to work with

treva0: Do you have a role you would love to play?

p6_jerry_oconnell: "Down and Under" is pretty fun
p6_jerry_oconnell: It's a lot of action and I get to be goofy comic as well

solarflare819: what's jamie pressly really like?

p6_jerry_oconnell: Very, very cute and very, very fun
p6_jerry_oconnell: She threw a birthday party for herself that may have
been one of the best bday parties I have ever gone to

ginanicoleinmontrose: do youb consider yourself very talented or just
lucky to be a star in a movie?

p6_jerry_oconnell: Definitely getting "Stand By Me" was a lot of luck
p6_jerry_oconnell: As far as keeping it together now, that becomes a little
more career decisions

ordinaryaverageguy97206: Jerry, was Stand By Me your very first

p6_jerry_oconnell: Yes, not bad for the first time at bat eh?

naughty_genie_in_a_bottle_2001: What was it like being in Mariah
Carey's video "heartbreakers'? And have you ever been

p6_jerry_oconnell: "YOu got the best of me and I just keep on coming
back incessantly, why did you have to play your game on me..."

p6_jerry_oconnell: I was a little bummed about when I did that video
because I thought they were going to let me dance

p6_jerry_oconnell: No never
p6_jerry_oconnell: IF I had a heart, maybe it would be broken
p6_jerry_oconnell: They'll never get me

welovejoc: When are Buying the Cow and First Daughter comming
p6_jerry_oconnell: First Daughter will start shooting when us actors come
back from our strike

p6_jerry_oconnell: and Buying the Cow I don't believe is going to make it

gtownjokerman: Jerry, what is your favorite movie (not one u made)

p6_jerry_oconnell: I went to NYU film, and there are so many of them for
different reasons

p6_jerry_oconnell: I have to admit I do own a copy of Stripes and watch
it regularly

p6_jerry_oconnell: "Chicks dig me cause I never wear underwear and
when I do, it's usually something erotic"

JimLin75: Jerry, is it true like you say in Tomcats, no more
redheads?!! LoL! 

p6_jerry_oconnell: No, cause redheads were so cute in Tomcats

mptur2000: Are there any directors you would like to work with?

p6_jerry_oconnell: I'm working right now with Jerry Bruckheimer and
that's as cool as it gets

p6_jerry_oconnell: Have to do a take
p6_jerry_oconnell: hold on a sec

ransiddog2001: dude you were great in joes apt!!!!!
p6_jerry_oconnell: Welcome to Joe's!
p6_jerry_oconnell: It was a lot of fun to do
p6_jerry_oconnell: It's sort of gotten cult status now
p6_jerry_oconnell: IT's exciting

velvet7698: what is in you cd player? favorite music?
p6_jerry_oconnell: I have a little D'Angelo
p6_jerry_oconnell: I have a little Frank Sinatra
p6_jerry_oconnell: a little Stevie Wonder
p6_jerry_oconnell: and a little Neil Diamond for the ladies

mdalbert3302: I miss the Sliders series. What is your brother doing

p6_jerry_oconnell: hello
p6_jerry_oconnell: My brother just shot "Dude Where's My Car"
p6_jerry_oconnell: and he's in L.A. making a mess of my apartment right

lil_darlin_001: Jerry, I read recently that Christopher Walken will be
in "Down and Under". Have you worked with him yet?

p6_jerry_oconnell: Yes, what a cool guy
p6_jerry_oconnell: THe first academy award winner I"ve ever worked

p6_jerry_oconnell: Very funny

millennium_chick_28: If you could take anything with you on a
deserted island....what would it be and why?
p6_jerry_oconnell: Satellite TV so I could watch the Yankees become the
team of the millenium

millennium_chick_28: If you could be anything other than an actor
what would it be?

p6_jerry_oconnell: Probably a tourguide at Disneyland or Universal

p6_jerry_oconnell: I like to goof off and I like to have an audience

lil_darlin_001: Hi Jerry, I saw Tomcats last week and it had some
pretty 'physical' humor. Were there any scenes that were difficult to

p6_jerry_oconnell: Probably any scenes in Vegas because we stayed there
for 2 weeks and I didn't sleep for the time we were there

JimLin75: Jerry, what is the last movie (Other than Tomcats!) that
you've been to? How about the last concert?

p6_jerry_oconnell: The last concert was STeely Dan in Los Angeles

goodbikitty: i study astrology and was wondering what sign u r
p6_jerry_oconnell: aquarius

JimLin75: Jerry, can you tell us more about the project of yours and
Charlie's coming out in the fall?

p6_jerry_oconnell: "The New Guy"
p6_jerry_oconnell: Funny movie, also from Revolution studios who
brought you Tomcats

babykarret: You've mentioned that you want to get back to
writing--any idea what yet?

p6_jerry_oconnell: Not yet. Let me finish filming "Down and Under" here
in Australia and then I'll use my computer for something other than

browneyedgirl2002au: what has been the biggest influence on your
career so far?

p6_jerry_oconnell: Going to NYU fiilm school, walking into class and
having my teacher analyze "Stand By Me"

p6_jerry_oconnell: That was pretty cool

syeknomvuli: is it hard to date people not in show biz, it must be hard
to meet genuine people

p6_jerry_oconnell: No, I think like all businesses, there are funny people
and real people in show biz

naughty_genie_in_a_bottle_2001: Which actor and actress would you
like to act with?

p6_jerry_oconnell: Working with Estella Warren currently is pretty much
as exciting as it gets for me

mytimbers: what was it like working with such hotties?
p6_jerry_oconnell: Rather exciting. YOu find yourself getting to work on
time everyday.

sliderlynn: what will your next project when your done filming this

p6_jerry_oconnell: Don't know yet. We have to get rid of the strike first

losing_memories: What were your feelings when Sliders got

p6_jerry_oconnell: I was a little bummed out, but you got to get another

krystie_79: Jerry, tell us what your new movie "Tom Cats" is about
p6_jerry_oconnell: Basically, 6 guys make a bet.
p6_jerry_oconnell: Last bachelor standing wins
p6_jerry_oconnell: I use the very lovely Shannon Elizabeth to win
p6_jerry_oconnell: Then I fall for her and the wackiness ensues

welovejoc: What's the coolest thing a fan has ever done for you?
p6_jerry_oconnell: Somebody asked me to sign a "Stand By ME" poster
that was signed by Rob Reiner and the rest of the cast

p6_jerry_oconnell: It was pretty cool
p6_jerry_oconnell: I felt like the missing link

millennium_chick_28: what do you like to do in your free time? when
you get some that is!

p6_jerry_oconnell: I love golf. I love going to Vegas and giving them all my
money and I love going to the beach

JONATHON_DAVIS_KORNFAN2000: How did you feel about
your character Derrick being killed at the end of SCREAM 2, and
what was your opinion about the original script when you was one of
the killers?

p6_jerry_oconnell: It was fun working on Scream 2 becasue we didn't get
the ending of the script until a few days before we shot it

p6_jerry_oconnell: As far as getting killed off, I was a little upset becasue
it meant I would no longer be portraying Neve Campbell's boyfriend

krystie_79: Is from Australia, how are you liking it here down under?
p6_jerry_oconnell: I love it. THese people are crazy!
p6_jerry_oconnell: They love to party and I'm working on sneaking onto
the Survivor set.

goodbikitty: the character you played in "The Sixties" was is easy or
difficult and would you play a similar role in another film

p6_jerry_oconnell: It was rather difficult because I have to play a guy who
went from 18 to 28 and got into a few emotional spells

p6_jerry_oconnell: yes I would like to play a character similar but I have
too much fun with the comedies

ferris_bueller_ca: DID YOU REALLY TRY OUT FOR THE

p6_jerry_oconnell: No
p6_jerry_oconnell: Yes, I wanted to get the part but I accidently took the
blue pill

chris300tx: From television and movies, what is your favorite part
you have played?

p6_jerry_oconnell: Definitley the one I am doing in Australia
p6_jerry_oconnell: I get to be crazy funny
p6_jerry_oconnell: and do crazy Bruckheimer action


p6_jerry_oconnell: Space Moountain
p6_jerry_oconnell: I'm old school

karebear.geo: What do you think would be different now if you had
taken the role of Bailey on "Party of Five"

p6_jerry_oconnell: I don't know
p6_jerry_oconnell: You can't really think like that
p6_jerry_oconnell: I take it one project at a time

boner_stabone_78: If you were a porn star what would your name

p6_jerry_oconnell: Jerry the Irish/Italian/Polish stallion

babykarret: Do you have a lot of fun stunts on Down and Under?

p6_jerry_oconnell: Yea, it's Bruckheimer so everyday they have me
running around, jumping onto and dodging something else

velvet7698: what is your favorite sport?
p6_jerry_oconnell: To watch, probably football although while living down
in Australia, I'm really trying to get into Cricket

ferris_bueller_ca: HAVE YOU EVER GONE TO A BAR AND

p6_jerry_oconnell: I've been in a bar fight. I didn't start it.

babykarret: What ever happened to that cartoon on UPN that you
were supposed to be in, "Hormone High"?

p6_jerry_oconnell: I don't know. It never panned out.

viper1165: do you miss river phoenix?

p6_jerry_oconnell: HIs death was a shock to everyone. NOt only was it a
loss to his family and friends but I think anyone who was touched by his

millennium_chick_28: What do you sleep in??

p6_jerry_oconnell: I am a brief guy and I have to wear underwear when I
go to sleep

p6_jerry_oconnell: Some people find that weird but being that I'm from
New York, you might be jumping out of bed and chasing somebody at any
given time

lil_darlin_001: Jerry, if you had to pick a song to describe you, what
would it be?

p6_jerry_oconnell: "I want to sex you up" by Color Me Badd

velvet7698: who is your favorite peanuts charachter?

p6_jerry_oconnell: I often felt bad for Charlie Brown. I like Snoopy cause
he rarely spoke.

freak1320: Jerry what's your favorite book?
p6_jerry_oconnell: The Great Gatsby
p6_jerry_oconnell: and call me cheesy, but lately I've been reading a lot of
Nelson de Mille
p6_jerry_oconnell: It's a great read

boner_stabone_78: Is Jake Busey as scary as his dad?

p6_jerry_oconnell: You have not lived until you have partied with one of
the Busey's

poisionivy333: how do you feel about the strike

p6_jerry_oconnell: We'll see how it gets resolved
p6_jerry_oconnell: NObody likes a strike

nsync_girl0128: If you could be on a game show,which game show
would you be on?

p6_jerry_oconnell: The price is right and I'm winning both prizes in the
showcase showdown

aeryn_isnt_my_name: Do you have a favorite day of the week?
p6_jerry_oconnell: I think everybody says Friday don't they

chris300tx: Do you watch WWF?
p6_jerry_oconnell: Yea, big fan of the Rock

lil_darlin_001: So Jerry, what's the one thing that most people don't
know about you?

p6_jerry_oconnell: That I set my alarm every Saturday morning to watch

ragemmi: Have you heard anything about a Scream 4?
p6_jerry_oconnell: No

millennium_chick_28: What is the most romantic thing you have ever
done for a girl?

p6_jerry_oconnell: Flowers I suppose

lil_darlin_001: Jerry, how do you feel about the critics calling
"Tomcats" misogynistic? If you could respond to them, what would
you say?

p6_jerry_oconnell: I don't ever read reviews

crazymiles: Jerry, i heard that Eliza Dushku was going to be in "New
Guy" is that true?

p6_jerry_oconnell: Ya, she's a cutie pie

treva0: Do you have any pets, my cat wants to know
p6_jerry_oconnell: No, I do have a brother though

yoursweettalker: would you rather be on a prime time television show
or just do movies for the rest of your career?

p6_jerry_oconnell: I like the pace of TV, but I like the amount of time
you're given in refining your characters in film

megafone: Great work in Body Shots... do you feel that the roles you
take in movies are varried enough to not get stereotyped into the
same character?

p6_jerry_oconnell: I try to do that. But I think I'm really going to stick with
the comedy these days.

p6_jerry_oconnell: It's just way too much fun.
p6_jerry_oconnell: Thank you guys
p6_jerry_oconnell: I'm getting back to work on "Down and Under"
p6_jerry_oconnell: I'll see you soon